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22 August 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

Any organization that contains China, India, and Pakistan would be incapable of coming to a common agreement on anything; even the proverbial shape of the conference room.

Babak Makkinejad

They are all pederasts - a custom older than a millennia. US soldiers have reported hearing cries of young boys being raped in the next room at night - by US Afghan allies.


Col, I have always been polite and appreciate your wealth of experience and insight. I must apologize for my outburst. Please forgive my foolishness.


Babak -


Keith Harbaugh

Anybody have any comments on this?:
"The Man [Scott Guggenheim] Who Thought He Could Fix Afghanistan"
by May Jeong
Politico, 2017-10-27

Guggenheim is not a household name, but anyone who knows anything about international development, or Ghani, or the makings of the modern Afghan state will have heard of him, or have worked with him, and might be a little surprised that he didn’t have an Afghan passport already. His title is modest—senior adviser—but his imprimatur is on many major government policies that have come out of the Gul Khanna. If Ghani, a former academic whose lifelong passion has been studying how to fix broken countries, is Afghanistan’s development expert in chief, then Guggenheim is his American alter ego—Ghani’s Ghani.

Keith Harbaugh

"The generals rolled him, as they rolled Obama ..."

Colonel, I believe that radically misstates the reasons for Trump's decision.
To explain why, let me recall some facts which I believe are indisputable:

  1. The MSM looks for any excuse to criticize Trump.
  2. As an example from the past of how the MSM works,
    recall how the MSM (and the Dems) blamed GWB for the suffering resulting from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
    It was all GWB's fault!
    And opinion polls showed such blaming had a significant effect on the public's opinion of GWB.
    (BTW, an interesting comparison is how the MSM
    let BHO off the hook for the Chinese hacking of the OPM, even though
    the line of culpability for that incident led more directly to BHO
    than the Katrina problems did to GWB.)
  3. Let us also note how major parts of the MSM, certainly WaPo,
    have consistently claimed that our continued war in Afghanistan is necessary (so they say) to prevent further terrorist attacks on the U.S.
  4. Let us also note that over the past few years,
    when terrorism has struck the U.S. (the Boston marathon, the Fort Hood shooting, the Santa Barbara shooting, the various knifing attacks accompanied by a shout of "Allahu Akbar", and so on),
    the MSM has not tried to link this to Afghanistan.
let us suppose that DJT had made the decision to pull out of Afghanistan,
and to let forces other than the U.S. military
determine its future.

(Which is, BTW, my preferred Afghan policy.)
Thereafter, just as the MSM laid all the problems of Katrina at the doorstep of GWB,
they would blame all future incidents of terrorism on Trump, and his decision to pull out of Afghanistan.
You can easily imagine the words that would flow:
"Trump didn't do enough to protect the U.S."
And if, by some chance, a major attack was made on the U.S.,
how easy it would be for them to suggest that our pullout from Afghanistan was a significant factor.
And just how, Colonel, could Trump protect himself from such attacks?

Well, anyhow, that's how I read the current situation and what would happen if Trump had pulled out.
And I think all that is sufficiently obvious that Trump sees the same thing.
So he made his decision simply to forestall those problems.

If that was his reasoning, he could hardly come out and explain it publicly.
So he said all the things he did, essentially as a cover story.

And as to WaPo? They surely don't want to be blamed for all the negative consequences of our remaining in Afghanistan forever.
So they happily play the blame game, and blame the generals for the decision.
That's my theory, anyhow.



Men like BHO and DJT are easy to recruit. All you have to do is appeal to their ego and act worshipful. If you do that they will jump into your arms. pl

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