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20 August 2017


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Bill H

Not all Navy officers are qualified to stand watch as Officer of the Deck. They must serve for some time assisting the OOD to learn the role before receiving qualification. Officers in engineering roles may or may not ever go through that process, but are still in the line of command.


Judging from the latest news you got that one wrong.

Among other things...


Same. I spent lots of time as the helmsman, lookout etc while serving aboard the USS Richard E Byrd DDG-23, during the early 70's. The only thing I would differ on is that I was told to mind my helm, in other words, keep my eyes on the helm and ears open to the command of the officer running things.

Eric Newhill

It could be decided that the internet is a public commodity, or it could be decided that there is a legitimate reason to go through with anti-trust actions. When groups of people cannot do business w/ Paypal,can't advertise on social media and via google hits, etc because of de-platforming, either course of action becomes more likely, especially under a POTUS Trump.

I'm thinking of going short on Amazon if things keep progressing as they are.


So Neumayr has graduated from Obama, Pelosi and Pope Francis to No True Scotsman.

to "no true Scotsman"? I love riddles. Thus would like to know what's on your mind here.

Fellow Traveler,

having watched the US for a while I am not sure if Bannon needs to give Neumayr a microphone. But yes, what puzzled me beyond my no doubt "nitwit" capacities, was when one of the members of the SST community seemed seriously surprised that Bannon could well be an pro-Israel hawk.

That said, I wouldn't mind to share a couple of beers with Bannon, if a former Goldman Sachs employee doesn't prefer whine. We are close in age after all. Only from different continents trying to make sense of present times.

Bill H

No argument, but I was able to mind my helm, keep my mouth shut, and still observe and learn from what was happening around me. Often, after a tricky situation, I would get together with the Chief Quartermaster after the watch and pick his brain. Chiefs love to explain things if one is asking for the right reason.


MSM is seemingly not interested in the greatest breach in the US national scyberecurity, which has been unraveling thanks to the alternative media. Perhaps MSM is interested because no Russians are involved in that case und thus the case is not sexy.
And where were the pompous warriors of Morell-Mueller kind when the Imran Awan et al. made a raid on the US Congress? Nobody made a peep. Looks like a special sensitivity for the ethnicity of Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Meanwhile, her brother is in charge of the investigation of both the Awan affair AND the murder of the Seth Rich, a DNC staffer involved with Wikileaks. http://theduran.com/exposed-democrat-party-lawmakers-quietly-write-off-120000-linked-to-awan-family/


The USS McCain incident is another of the continuous Fubars that seems to be occurring in the US Navy over recent years. They certainly have gone through a number of CO's and XO's also in the past five years for various infractions. Thus with due respect to all those who have served honorably in the US Navy it's time for a radical change as the U.S. Taxpayer cannot accept their monies being given to a service that is incurring these mishaps never mind the families entrusting their young.......

1st-The investigations of these incidents belongs under the leadership of the NTSB, USCG and Transportation professionals.
2nd-Only seasoned Officers and Warrants should command the 2400 to 0800 watches aboard seagoing vesels for the next year.
3rd-A reduction in manpower on the bridge needs to occur rapidly so communications are direct and fully understood.

The above is a start and the Navy should learn from their stand-down and other items already tossed out to the public as remidiation courses of action.
The McCain was transmitting a very-very busy shipping lane that morning without utilizing its AIS (transponder) while the other twelve vessels that passed it within 30 minutes prior to the incident had theirs operating. As to the cause of the incident what is out their is pure speculation but the purported hacking or spoofing is garbage, those kids on the bow, bridge wings and stern have eyes. CNN is reporting a steering failure occurred just prior to the incident but steering was regained just after the incident. That is a common excuse in similar incidents but could be the cause. I will wait till the investigation is over and all should before placing responsibility on the Captain, XO and Bridgestanders. This is a top down problem not a bottom up one.


There are some powerful persons above the US government that have been protecting the Awans family: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-22/former-us-attorney-awan-indictment-there-something-very-strange-going-here
"... here is the peculiar thing about the Justice Department’s indictment of Imran Awan and Hina Alvi, the alleged fraudster couple who doubled as IT wizzes for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many other congressional Democrats: There’s not a word in it about flight to Pakistan. There is no press release about the indictment on the office’s website, though U.S. attorneys’ offices routinely issue press releases and make charging documents available in cases of far less national prominence. ... Then there is the case of Imran's wife, Hina Alvi. Why did the FBI allow Alvi to flee? Before she boarded her March 5 flight to Qatar (en route to Pakistan), agents briefly detained her. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents had already searched her baggage and found $12,400 in cash. By the time Alvi fled, the Awans had been under investigation by various federal agencies for at least three months. The FBI was sufficiently attuned to the Awans’ criminality that its agents went to the trouble of chasing Alvi to the airport."

This is more than just incompetence.
"The current Director of the FBI is Christopher A. Wray, who assumed the role on August 2, 2017 after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, taking over from acting Director Andrew McCabe after the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey"


Nazi, neo-Nazi, geopolitics, and the Pentagon brass: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-22/pentagon-denounces-american-nazis-while-arming-ukrainian-nazis
"Modern-day regiments under the control of the Kiev regime, such as the Azov Battalion, publicly self-identify with Nazi-collaborating descendants and former pro-Nazi Ukrainian leaders like Stefan Bandera. This Neo-Nazi ideology of the Kiev-run military is a central impetus in why these forces have waged a three-year war on the ethnic Russian population of the breakaway Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine. The latter refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the Kiev regime which seized power in February 2014 in a coup d’état against an elected government.
The American military support for the Kiev regime and its Neo-Nazi death squads attacking the people of Donbas is a monumental contradiction to what the US Joint Chiefs of Staff were declaring last week about extremists on American soil. All five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard – issued public condemnations of the violence perpetrated by assorted white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in the state of Virginia."


At what point will the media pass into being passe (along with convoluted conspiracy plots) regarding the hazing of the prez, and his wounds (hazed & otherwise) be considered self-inflicted?



" those kids on the bow, bridge wings and stern have eyes"
The USN does not employee children. The prior CIC made sure all the officers knew what was important was that the crew be up to date on their diversity training. On a bright note CICPAC canned the 7th Fleet CO. Guess the new 50 star guy didn't think much of the 3 star guy.



LMAO, conspiracies gets really, really complicated:
purported "pee tape" to have been manufactured to be later debunked such as to defuse other accusations about Trump


Don't remind me of poor Dan Rather. That was interesting though.


What we are seeing is the ravaging of American civilization by Cultural Marxists. CM is a revolutionary ideology which began in the Frankfurt School and has spread to all levels of society, where it is most obvious in the propagandizing of the MSM and childish displays of anarchy in our colleges. CM's ultimate goal is to replace capitalism with a Marxist utopia.

Here is a short essay on the growth of CM and potential remedy.




"poor Dan Rather?" He told me in a TV interview that he refused to believe that Bush 43's team had fabricated the argument for invasion of Iraq. pl



He cancelled the show because he would have had to admit error. I asked his producer why he did that and that is what she said. pl

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