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20 August 2017


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Well, the chattering classes seem to have coalesced around the notion that Trump is unfit. With that as a given, everything they write about interprets Trump in the most malign way possible. On the rare occasion, some reporter or commentator will notice, mention it, but encounter immediate resistance. After all, given their belief that DJT is evil incarnate, pretty much anything goes in attacking him. Intent to instigate violence from the Left is ignored because that would give Trump supporters solace. So everything Trump does now is searched high and low for some sign of an underlying, evil, motivation. This kind of thing has happened before and no good ensues. Unlike Nixon, I don't see Trump resigning in response to Republican pressure or advice. Trump is an outsider and probably considers, not inaccurately, Republicans only slightly better than Democrats. So it will be interesting. Democrats are, and will continue, to use this to attack Republicans as the political Game of Thrones between the parties is the only constant in DC.


This guy can write!

And in related news:

Jeh Johnson: Removal of Confederate Statues a Matter of ‘Homeland Security’


Fellow Traveler

So Neumayr has graduated from Obama, Pelosi and Pope Francis to No True Scotsman.

Bannon should give him a microphone as his ops center ramps up for the Civil War against the Ivanka-Jared-Soros-McMaster-Kelly wing.

Karl Kolchak

Let's not forget CNN and MSDNC's role in helping to get Trump elected because hyping him up back in 2015 before he had the poll numbers to be considered a serious candidate was both good for ratings and what the Clinton campaign wanted them to do.


BTW, both of the CNN commentators have significant ties to Miami.

Navarro was raised and lives there.

Wallace married into a well-known, and highly connected family there.

And Wallace is quite close to the Bush family.


The media has been a biased and dishonest collection of Democrat activists since at least the Vietnam war.
The better ones (Cronkite comes to mind) were somewhat able to disguise their biases, but those days are long gone.
Now, they're flat out partisan, hating Trump and his "yahoo" supporters "out there" and providing cover to Democrats (Wasserman-Schultz for one) while hiding inside the First Amendment.
Any day that a news media outlet downsizes or goes out and puts a bunch of "journalists" out of work is a good day.



I am shocked to discover that the man I voted for twice, Barack Obama, betrayed his oath to defend the Republic by leaving these statues up for eight years. If only he had ordered Jeh Johnson to take them down there would not have been 4,767 shootings in Chicago in 2016. I hope that jurors throughput the land will accept a "the statue made me do it" defense. It's not like adults have free will or individual responsibility after 8 years of hope and change.



I am having a hard time digesting events due to the speed at which they are occurring.

There was a local piece published about the Alt-right bona rides of Jason Kessler, who organized the Unite The Right march in Charlottesville. He was a Clinton supporter until November 2016.

I have my own theory of what Kessler was up to. The vice-mayor of Charlottesville was an embarrassment to the progressive City Council, and it would be in their interest to see him publicly excoriated. Kessler came in handy that way.


Reply to #6 TV:
There is no comparison between the two, During the 60's most mainstream reporters did a much better job holding the government to account. Particularly in regards to the war. I'm not saying they were perfect On balance, I believe they were just as tough on Johnson as they were Nixon.


In reply to @6
We are seeing Soviet Union class disinformation against an elected leader.


Contrariwise, no administration official was willing to go on any of the Sunday talk shows to express their take on the matter. Not even on Trump's safe space, Fox News:



As a 1st impression, Kessler strikes me as an opportunist with no loyalty or principal



In the deregulated unfair media, there is one overriding purpose; make the six owners richer and more powerful. Contempt, derision and craziness are subplots. Getting rid of sovereign nation states and taxes plus transforming the middle class into debt-serfs is the final frontier.

Donald Trump is a target. He is not one of the global elite Jet-Set. He is a NYC connected reality TV personality that they found out, too late, they cannot fire.


Wasn't Bannon actually correct in saying that "The media is the enemy of the American people"??
Or is that putting it too strongly?

It works for me.

Fellow Traveler

Since no one is appearing on TV to grease the skids for a new surge tomorrow, I think our War President has decided he doesn't have enough enemies and will go with Erik Prince.

The Economic Determinists will finally be right.


Here I thought the conspiracy bucket was filled. Maybe all the Trump apologists need to consider that their hero is indeed unfit for the office? The reality is that about 65% of the population disapprove of him, and that has been growing now for 7 months.

The question now is: How do we fix this with the least amount of damage to the nation? The reality is that the Trumptanic has encountered a lot of damage and is sinking fast. Many are trying to leave, but they are running out of lifeboats. Now there is hope resting with 3 generals and that historically is not a good solution either.

John Rowan

Peter Beinart, CNN contributor and former New Republic editor and NYT writer:

"Yesterday my 9 year old saw some footage from Charlottesville. Then she asked me if there would be a second Holocaust."


Ingolf Eide

A bit of incisive light relief in the midst of this ridiculous drama: (h/t Grieved @ MoA)



OT, ...BUT...

How in the hell does the navy crash two ships within 90 days? They have more radar and sonar than a man can shake a stick at - yet they cannot avoid collisions with slow moving VLCC's and ore carriers??

A) The navy has promoted idiots into positions of authority?
B) They allow video gaming on the bridge?
C) The Russian subs can hugga-bugga their electronics from beneath?
D) Overflights by Russian aircraft or invisible drones are doing hugga-bugga on electronics?

I'm searching for another reason...???


I don't understand the distress over infotainment media providing value laden commentary. Trump has done a bang up job elevating the industry to center stage with him for a spectacularly cheesy battle where he can bully individuals and networks then whine in tweets and to captive crowds how unfair it all is, it's so unfair. It's not like Trump is going to bring out the best in institutions that he has declared an enemy.

Here's a simple article about a real issue that doesn't trash the POTUS.


Bill H

Both destroyers had damage on the port side, indicating that in both cases they were the "privileged vessel," meaning that they had the right of way. That vessel is required to hold their course and speed so as not to confuse the other, "burdened" vessel as they maneuver to keep clear.

That being said, once things deteriorate, even the privileged vessel must maneuver to avoid collision. That means that initially things are easier for the privileged bridge crew, but once the situation deteriorates the bridge crew must be alert, knowledgeable, and able to think clearly and rapidly to a higher degree than is the case on the burdened vessel.

The difficulty on the privileged vessel once it is clear that the burdened vessel is not taking proper action is extreme and requires great skill. Ships, for instance, do not turn like a car does. There is a delay between the time the helm is put over and the ship's course begins to change, and the bow does not move - the stern does, pushing the ship onto the new course rather than the case of a car where the front wheels are leading it to the new course. The ships are moving much faster than changes in course can occur.


Bill H

Is it not clear that the bridge watch bears a heavy responsibility for this casualty to the McCain? pl



"Google, which by the way was created by the CIA -" Any basis for that or does the idea just make you feel good? pl



Did he tell her Ivanka was going to be the first Jew in the gas chamber or that she was getting Sophie's choice?


I am afraid you remember wrong. HRC never polled that high. Her polling essentially reflected her national vote and it was pretty accurate. These poll numbers are reflecting current views and are based on the same questions asked over a very long time. The main change is that the number of people identifying as Republicans have shrunk and that is somewhat skewing the internal data. Overall, it is rather reliable.

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