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23 August 2017


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'who is basically a paid (often easily recognizable) foreign mercenary-" Not true. You cannot pay men enough to die willingly the way they do. soldiers (including mercenaries) take risks but they are not suicidal. The Japanese in WW2 were willing to die for their emperor because their code of Bushido required it but they would have preferred to live, pl

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HTS and ISIS are coordinating, again. I'm sure this won't stop some from continuing to claim they don't coordinate with one another unfortunately.


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It is a very unusual thing for them to coordinate between them. pl


Colonel -

After checking Professor Hugh Kennedy's book on the Abbasids, it seems I mis-spoke. It was Abbasid caliph al Mansur that captured that part of Syria.

But Harun, Mansur's grandson is the one that set up his capital in Raqqa and also frequented the Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharki hunting palace.


I don't want to bother with the issues of Qasr al-Hayr. Both, Gharbi and Sharqi, were built in the reign of Hisham (724-743). There's no evidence of their being used as a princely residence under the Abbasids.

Never mind. What I wanted to tell you is that my Syrian visitor this afternoon, daughter of a major rebel, is quite clear that Asad has won. It's no longer an issue in the eyes of the Syrians.

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