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16 August 2017


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We all wish it were not so...

But I am afraid that, in the current year, this piece is horse-hockey.

This is about power, and who rules.

Demographics is now driving ideology.

For white Americans to forego waging identity politics at this point is tantamount to unilateral disarmament. Putting some abstract 18th Century principle from the European Enlightenment above actually existing reality is suicide.


"In multiracial societies, you don't vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion."

Lee Kuan Yew was right, and the luxury of pretending otherwise will die with failed Boomer Conservatism.

And not a moment too soon.

Bill H

Perhaps I did not see the entirety of Trump's remarks, but I did not hear any "defense of white supremacists," a charge that I have read and heard in more than one place. I did hear him accuse the left of being violent, and it seems to me that if nothing else their choice to engage in proximate confrontation was a move which incited violence regardless of who threw the first punch.

The removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee displays a degree of ignorance of history. Perhaps no one man did as much to bring the civil war to a close, rejecting the idea that the troops should take to the woods and continue guerrilla warfare after Appamattox, and commanding enough respect from his troops that they followed his orders.


You like to paint with broad brush don't you and claim moral superiority while doing it?

And EVEN if someone is "a nazi" or has national socialism agenda/idea/whatever WTF are you to silence him as far as i know modern civilization (likes to pretend it is but i digress...) has something called basic human rights and liberties and one of them is voicing whatever opinion one might have. You're free not to like it. I wonder if you're so quick to discredit some other causes which "might be" corrupted by association with "other" despicable groups or individuals like one particular Hungarian (by origin so not to insult Hungarians) jew.

Trump is not loosing anything at least not in this case as what he told is utter and complete truth, only problem is that a minority (rather loud though and it appears as majority) of retards (who for themselves think they are progressives and "chosen ones") aren't able to comprehend English language anymore. Cognitive dissonance par excellence.

Green Zone Café

If there's anything that makes me laugh, it's Swedish lecturing about morality and racism. Remember the iron ore, too, and their abstention from NATO in the Cold War (although they kept their own credible armed forces).

I still don't think the current period is as bad as 1968-74 in the USA and 1968-1977 in W. Europe. Assassinations, riots, Weathermen, RAF, Brigada Rossa, "Carlos." For one thing, there are no Soviet armies in Germany and Czech.

I repeat my prediction Trump will be out before June 30, 2018. Mueller will dump on him, disgrace and discredit him. The system will purge him as a colon irritant is purged.


Many of the American troops going ashore on Normandy beaches were Southern troops who firmly believed in racial segregation. In fact, the American Army was segregated on racial lines at that time.

So I suppose, following the Iron Laws of Identity Politics, that nazis were in fact fighting nazis. On which side would an Identity Politics soldier have fought?

(As this is the Internet, I'd better point out I was being ironic in the statements above).


Identity policy is a Democratic project to keep the plebs away from thinking about alternatives to the neoliberal polices imposed on them.

Steven Bannon, Trumps "ideologue", in a recent interview said this:
“The Democrats,” he said, “the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

Bannon is right. Still, the DNC, the Hillary "resistance" and the various Democratic Senators will stick to their program. They will blame Putin, the pope, or the stupid voters when they lose again.


We already know that multi ethnic societies are highly unstable, we are simply seeing the consequences of a shift from a 90% European society to a 60% European society. Throw in economic and social decay and it is surprising things have held together. Trump was right more jobs will help but that then leaves open the question of what next when the economy inevitably turns down. Of course if you want to encourage communal violence then a good approach is to destroy a community's symbols etc., but I don't think they have the self awareness to understand this.

The interesting added twist is the seeming use of elements the US has used in hybrid warfare to destabilise foreign countries like the Ukraine, no question the likes of Soros is very much involved. This is an attempted coordinated color revolution applied domestically. I recall that article I linked to recently that sanctimoniously lectured the Russians that you can only destablilise a country where a section of the populace is discontented with their government, sorry but the US looks like a prime candidate for this. Like Lebanon, Yugoslavia, the Ukraine etc. you guys look like, with the right push, ready to blow.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

I dare not to say that these events are Fort Sumter, but I am almost sure that they equal Harper's Ferry.


President Trump has method in his madness in that he is just doubling down every time his enemies try to take him down. So far no one has managed to call his bluff. His enemies hate him for this since he is merely using their tactics against them. For the left in the US, has no morality, no sense of limits, and no decency. Their method are like that of the Israeli troublemakers: create the maximal amount of chaos, since in their utter amorality, they aim to benefit from it. Trump knows their game, and he will play as long as he is at the table. For all Israeli-firsters, who we see coming out flailing, Trump for all the sweet noises he makes on Israel is a problem, since he will not stay on message and makes up his own mind. Anyone whom the Jewish lobby suspects of being wobbly over Israel is a target. This has been the story of American Presidencies as far back as I can remember. It does not matter how much Bible thumbing they do, how many yarmulkes they wear at the Wailing Wall, if he is not one hundred percent on board on 'the greatest ally' myth, he is a liability.


Balint Somkuti Ph.D

IMO "Kansas" is starting to bleed. pl


Doesn't re-enacting the Nuremberg and Berlin torch rallies while chanting the same chants the Nazis chanted tell you who they are, or who they want to be? Shouldn't they revery own actions be used to tell us who they support?



Carl Bernstein on Wednesday's "AC360:" "I think there's considerable evidence that there is a consensus developing in the military; at the highest levels in the intelligence community; among Republicans in Congress; including the leaders in the business community" that President Trump "is unfit to be the President of the United States."



I agree that he is unlikely to finish his term, but I think that event may well be the Ft. Sumter moment. pl



I am surprised that you would assert that the SCV membership shares common attitudes with the other groups. pl



"I doubt if Pat will post this, but then again I hope he does." It is typical of you to make a supercilious and gratuitous attempt at bullying of that sort. pl


I think it is safe to assume that there were people protesting the statues being removed who were not neo-Nazis or the KKK. But it is a fact that such protesters were ok with marching with such virulent scumbags in that they did indeed march with them. They may not agree with the neo-nazis or KK but there were willing to be part of a rally that prominently featured and were dominated by such an ilk. This is big statement for me and it makes me question the either the judgment or actual beliefs of people who were "just" protesting the removal of a statue of a confereate icon. I have been many protests where virulent protesters (like the Sparticus Youth League "SYL" in the 80's) were separated from those of us who were peaceful. We went to great lengths to separate ourselves and in fact the police often created such barriers. Not any more for the police employing that tactic it seems...



Is there evidence that the SCV or UDC were represented in the demonstration? pl


Col, Not sure what's up with the editor, if this is a dupe pls scrub.

Richmond will be telling. As long as he has been in Virginia, Levar has been profoundly conflict averse. He has not been advocating removal. It may be that as a black mayor he will have some maneuvering room, like Nixon going to China. Or, that may box him in.

C'ville is smelling more like a set up as more information dribbles out. A NYT article featuring pictures of antifa men and women armed with 'assault rifles' has not gotten much attention. The Times picture of antifa blocking Market street so people could not get to the rally at the park and causing a riot is very low profile too.

The police chief's statement that his men were in regular uniforms so had to leave the riot to get their riot gear was jaw dropping. That conflict was apparently what inspired the cancellation of the park demonstration permit.

Later, failure to do crowd control around the Water St. parking lots where many on both sides left their cars is equally inexplicable. It set the stage for murder.



"'Nazis' today are often nothing more than pre WWII social democrats who believed in representative elections, the common good, ethnically defined political entities, and the legitimacy of politics uniformly embodying the values of culture, race, ethnos, and language."

Really!! Then why call themselves a "nazi"?!! Have you spent time hanging out with such Nazis or reading what they write? For many of us with Jewish heritage the fact that anyone would characterize themselves as a "nazi" says very much about their true horrific beliefs. One can believe in all the stuff that you refer to without calling themselves a nazi. You make lots of statement here that I disagree with but this one is frankly beyond the pale for someone like me who lost whatever remained at the time of my european family at the hands of the nazis.


Came to here to post that link myself. The other Bannon quote that stood out was:

  • "There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

Virginia Slim

We live in the most prosperous age of the freest, most prosperous nation in history, yet despite this, it's undeniable that our youth are rapidly becoming a lost generation. Reality is, for them, an elusive thing. They play Call of Duty 40 hours/week, exchange e-mails and texts with fellow devotees, are are easily cultivated and organized into chanting mobs of torch-carrying stooges.

What do we really know about the people behind the Charlottesville rally? Well, it seems at least one, Jason Kessler, was a dedicated leftist (Occupy Wall Street, Obama supporter) as recently as NOV 2016. That's rather curious timing, isn't it? Perhaps his conversion was an earnest one. Perhaps it was something else. One thing we do know is that, shortly after the Reichstag Fire, the Comintern shifted its propagandistic focus from peace and pacifism to, you guessed it, anti-fascism. With it they caught a netful of Western intellectuals and infiltrated our governments and intelligence apparatus.

In any case, the rapidity with which the public was exhorted to both condemn the White Supremacists (no problem there) and acknowledge the legitimacy of Antifa (Whoa, Trigger) was a bit too convenient for this cynic's taste.


Can anyone explain Steve Bannon's interview with Kuttner?
Isn't this exactly the sort of leak that Trump and Sessions pledged to stop just last week?


Col, Bowling has cancelled the 9/16 rally in Richmond. Looks like a good choice, but a loss for the 1st amendment.


William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang and other citizens of The Commonwealth,

I would ask, where are the Virginians as their history and heritage are being dismantled? Is there a groundswell of opinion opposed to turning R.E. Lee into a non-person? If there is, I've seen no evidence in the news.



Don't surprised that when you call--by analogy--people "dogs", they wind up biting you.

As to which side I am on...? I'm on the side of the Constitution. I'm on the side of laws that prohibit violence by ANY group.

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