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11 July 2017


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Ishmael Zechariah


What do you (all) think will happen if "Trump will be gone within the year.... because American elites, managers, and the GOP itself can't tolerate the turmoil Trump creat" Do you think the deplorables will take this subversion of the US Constitution w/ out protest? This is not a rhetorical question. I am wondering what the end game here can be, and how different scenarios might play out.

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

Your idiomatic English has regressed; back to German eh? You must be fully recovering.

Sam Peralta


The only way "Trump will be gone within the year" as GZC forecasts is either he resigns or he is impeached.

Impeachment is low probability, because it requires a two-third majority vote in the Senate to convict, which would imply many Republicans joining the Democrats. This would be a sure fire way for the GOP to implode as the backlash from the "Deplorables" will be fierce. The Mueller team of prosecutors will have to first find a substantial crime that Trump knowingly committed before any significant numbers of Republican senators jump ship to convict in an impeachment trial. Bill Clinton was not convicted even after he knowingly committed perjury. A senate conviction is a tough threshold in this particularly partisan environment.

The other option is for Trump to resign. As he's shown throughout both the primary and general election campaign and now after the concerted and constant attacks on his legitimacy as POTUS, he is no pushover. He's shown he fights back the way he knows by directly rallying his supporters.

IMO, he will serve out his full term and I am willing to wager that he will win a second term. BTW, this is opinion as analysis and not advocacy.

Sam Peralta


While Jeremy Corbyn and Ron Paul are on opposite sides on economic and financial matters, they seem aligned in the position that the US foreign policy of meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, which Britain is an active participant in, has a significant role to play in global instability.

Ron is ridiculed by the Borgist politicians with precisely the argument used by James Forsyth.

I find this argument not only used by the neocons but also the R2Pers. In fact the R2Pers argue even more strenuously that the US has a moral imperative to intervene around the world. IMO, they are unwilling to accept that our interventions to eject "tyrants" and "dictators" have actually caused much more death, destruction and deprivation than those "dictators".

I believe the elites do see the groundswell of discontent with their hegemonic policies, but are so firmly ensconced in their groupthink and have have a fear of ostracism and subsequent removal from the current gravy train that they are unwilling to act to change.

Hood Canal Gardner

Not to be a spoil sport but my time "chasing" news or what is offered as news is in a steep decline. Is there news and considered thought out there? Surely. But given the present overload of words & on-line text my "worthy news trap lines" are close to empty..only a few grasshoppers and a one legged cricket that was barely moving.


More by Mercouris: "Russian lawyer pictured with Obama’s Ambassador [the foul Michael McFaul) to Russia after meeting Trump Jr." http://theduran.com/breaking-russian-lawyer-pictured-with-obamas-ambassador-to-russia-days-after-meeting-trump-jr/
"Veselnitskaya was also connected to Fusion GPS, the DNC opposition research firm that produced the fraudulent and discredited Trump Dossier. " Splendid.

David Habakkuk


I agree with all of that.

But there is still something that baffles me.

The underlying premise of the thinking of our ‘élites’, in Britain as in the United States, is that they represent the forces of ‘enlightenment’, ‘progress’, ‘the ‘future’, against those of retrograde barbarism – the ‘deplorables.’

In fact, this is almost completely wrong.

Certainly in the UK, there are an enormous amount of people who are, as it were, ‘caught in the middle.’ It is very easy, for example, to be generally well-disposed to immigrants, but to think that when 41% of inner London’s population have been born outside the UK, and 45% of Britain’s mosques, and nearly all the UK-based training of Islamic scholars are controlled by the Deobandi, we have a major crisis on our hands.

In fact, the ‘mainstream’ consensus over the past decades in Britain has involved:

1. an open-door policy towards immigration, including massive immigration from for instance the Pakistani countryside;

2. blowing secular ‘nationalist’ governments in the Middle East to bits, in part in pursuit of fatuous Zionist dreams that ‘modernising’ the Middle East by military force will solve the – inherently intractable – security problems of a Jewish settler state in the Middle East;

3. collaborating with the Wahhabist ‘régime’ in Saudi Arabia, representing that strand of Islam most incapable of finding any kind of reconciliation with ‘modernity’, in using jihadists against those conceived of as our common enemies, in the breezy confidence that there is no risk of ‘blowback’.

What could conceivably go wrong?

When the discontents such policies produce find no spokesmen in the ‘mainstream’, unsurprisingly they end up being articulated by figures like Trump and Corbyn.

And rather than actually returning to reality, the ‘élites’ head off into full Joe McCarthy mode.
In this country, the ‘ruling classes’ used to have a reasonable capacity for ‘rational fear’ – imagining what might happen, if you pissed off too many of the people too much of the time.

When I see the breezy insouciance with which key elements in the United States, and Britain, are attempting to destabilise Trump, I think they have gone crazy. They seem to me to how no understanding whatsoever of how unpleasant this could all get.


I feel like a kid again. Should I begin digging a bomb shelter? Should I encourage the schools to build them also and then have parents send their kids' stashes of pillows and blankets to be stored in the shelters, as my parents had to do?

One day the younger Democrats may no longer be able to find "mentors" who remember the good old days of the flower power movement, the sex, drugs, and rock and roll movement, and the protests at the '68 Democratic convention. Oh, and don't forget the anti-Vietnam movement. If that occurs, they may have to calm down and learn how to think logically.

At the same time, the Republicans will have to see that there are people out here in the middle who simply want something to get done in D.C. that does not cause problems for them and that does make their lives flow more smoothly.

PT knows how much I did NOT want Trump in the beginning, but at this point I can't say any of the other Republican primary candidates would be able to push back better against the Democratic tendency to find scandals everywhere, and especially scandals involving Russians.

Why am I more concerned about Arabs and other ethnic groups who believe a God would provide glory to people who decapitate and torture other people? Or those that can't figure out how to rid themselves of extremely corrupt governments and so have to resort to carrying drugs into our country or whatever. (I know. I am a racist. But come to think of it, since Russians might be considered more "white" than other non-American peoples that is why the Dems can so easily distrust them.) I know Russians do have a history of doing very wicked things, but it does seem that they have tried hard to move out of the first centuries after Christ's birth without having to rely on imported help.

I think the Russians are just enjoying watching so many supposedly mature American officials acting like jerky marionettes being pulled by their strings with Russian hands.

I am nobody, but this nobody has read and listened to enough now to know in my heart that PT is right on about this issue. I'm in the Middle here. Can the East Coast and the West Coast please get some calming sedatives infused into their water? And thoush I often cringe when DT speaks and uses his Twitter account, at this point I will rise up with my crazy uncle who was a DT fanatic from the beginning and do what I can to prevent his impeachment.

The Twisted Genius


I agree with Sam Peralta. I see no way the Republican Congress to going to do anything to remove Trump from office. Trump said he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and his followers would still stick with him. He is absolutely right. Even if Mueller finds Trump personally worked with Putin to throw the election his way, the Congress will not move to impeach. If Trump is found repeatedly wandering around the White House grounds with his pants around his ankles yelling at the squirrels, Congress will not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him. Since neither one of those situations is likely, I think Trump will, at least, finish his term in office.

There is no coup, just like there was no coup to remove Obama. Investigations and innuendo will continue with the purpose of obstructing Trump and the Republican agenda, just like it was under Obama.

Mark Logan


And if they had not tried to conceal that meeting there might not be a kerfuffle about it now. Can we fault people for not taking Don junior's word for it that no deal took place? All this derails whatever agenda (if any) the Trumps had.

The Trumps habit of squandered their credibility on petty lies may be unfit for public service. In that game when credibility is away the interesting questions will play...and interesting questions matter.



It looks like the Democrats want to investigate the Trump campaign digital operations out of San Antonio for collusion with the Russians. Maybe this has to do with the Russian "reflexive control" that TTG noted.




The picture in LondonBob’s post above of the Russian Lawyer sitting behind anti-Putin former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul testifying before Congress is telling. The attempted Sting of Trump Junior and Christopher Steel’s Dodgy Dossier are the only facts released publically as the basis for ramping up of the New Cold War with Russia and getting rid of Donald Trump. It is farcical except for those tragically killed and maimed so far. This is all that supports the rush to World War III. Trust is gone.

Ishmael Zechariah

Sam Peralta, TTG;
Thanks. You both voted against GZC's thesis which, based on some of his/her previously self-disclosed creds, might be based on data. I am wondering if there is a democratic party deus ex machina which will appear shortly and vanquish the Deplorables of the World.

I am interested in this issue primarily due to its implications in MENA. If GZC is correct, R+6 must clean up the key abscesses in Syria post-haste before some perfumed princess issues a challenge w/ other people's sons as her stake. The izzies are still providing CAS to liver eaters. Strange times indeed.

Here is a hypothetical question: Do you think Obama's (or Hillary's) foreign policy actions would have made the world more or less safe today had he still been president the past six months?

Ishmael Zechariah

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

If the conspiracy to overturn the election and remove Trump is successful and results in President Pence ( with Pence's choice of Vice President), then I don't know what the Deplorables will think.
It may depend on if the Deplorables decide a President Pence is doing everything they hoped a President Trump would do.

If the Never-Trump conspiracy removes Trump and then goes further and tries removing Pence, then Ryan, then whomever after all-the-way-down to trying to install Clinton or a Clinton replica, then the Deplorables will know whom to blame and whom to hate.

different clue

Sam Peralta,

If the Democrats nominate yet another Clintonite or Obamazoid, then Trump will certainly win. By that point the Bitter Berners may be bitter enough to vote against Clintonites at every level to try and purge and burn their way through the Democratic Party till it has been declintaminated at every level.

different clue

David Habakkuk,

This brings up a semi-tangential issue . . . the issue of "high IQ" and who has more of it and who has less of it and what it means and enables.

The leadership elites you write about all consider themselves very intelligent. They would all describe themselves and eachother as having high IQs. And that could be true. They could very well have on average IQs of 110-120 or higher . . . as measured by IQ tests.

To them this says that they are really really smart. To me this says that having a high IQ only means that one is skilled in doing well on the IQ test. And since IQ tests were invented by people who believed they were smart, they would of course write such tests to discover the amount in others of the kinds of smartness knowledge they take pride in having themselves. So to me, high IQ-ness or not and high intelligence or not . . . are two different things which have precisely zero to do with eachother. High IQ-ness is severely overrated.


Yes, a leak, from someone with access to DNC servers.



That's what I meant by "shoddy analysis". Not worthy of the namesake "forensicator".

Sam Peralta


IMO, there is no Democratic Party deus ex machina. The Democrats are in one sense the minority party as they hold only a third of the state legislatures. Their agitation against Trump is "normal" for an opposition party in our deeply partisan duopoly structure. The GOP would have agitated equally if Hillary were POTUS, just as they did with Obama. The big difference, IMO, in this campaign of delegitimization against Trump is the collusion of big media and former/current high officials in the intelligence agencies to create hysteria through a campaign of innuendo. This is qualitatively different. This is the deus ex machina. They are pissed that despite their best efforts during the election campaign, they were out-smarted by Trump, whose election campaign brought home the bacon at a fifth of the financial investment of Hillary. The real question is if Trump decides that it is the better part of valor to join them.

Sam Peralta


"...The underlying premise of the thinking of our ‘élites’,... is that they represent the forces of ‘enlightenment’..."

Yes. But how come there's no cognitive dissonance? They must see the results of their "enlightened" actions. Clearly, everyone else including the Deplorables see the chaos & disasters they have created.

"...41% of inner London’s population have been born outside the UK..."

This is staggering. This is a social experiment that is bound to create enormous problems. British culture cannot survive in London with this type of demographics. Only a caricature can remain.

"When I see the breezy insouciance with which key elements in the United States, and Britain, are attempting to destabilise Trump, I think they have gone crazy."

Yes, IMO, they've gone crazy because of fear. Trump's win and Brexit have shocked them. They did not expect it, considering the intensity of their effort against both. They are now pulling out all the stops to insure it does not happen again. The unfortunate part is Trump is a poor choice to champion the discontent of the Deplorables, but the reality is he's the only one who was able to survive the onslaught. Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich remained on the fringe and could never really breakout.


She seems a bit Lee Harvey Oswald, a well chosen patsy. Then again maybe not?


The United States is the most duplicitous, dangerous & rouge nation on the planet; the political elite are all neoconservatives & backed by the prestitute Mainstream Media they are in the middle of conducting a lengthy coup d'etat against a sitting President.

The double standard and hypocrisy about just about everything both domestically within the USA & abroad to do with their interactions with foreign states is disgusting (I feel the same way about my own country of origin the UK & my current country of residence Australia before anybody takes a swipe).

At least the last 4 successive Presidents have followed a Neoconservative agenda; the level of criminal culpability is so deep you get dizzy looking into the pit.

Somebody like DJT comes along & he receives enough public support to win & the establishment don't like it because he is not 'Presidential enough' If the last 4 before him were anything to measure up too then one wonders what the term 'Presidential' actually means?

Gingrich puts it succinctly ...


As does Hannity ...


Babak Makkinejad

I, too, am a nobody.

In regards to drugs; it is the proclivity of the Euro-American population for such activities that has contributed to the ruination of Mexico and not the non-European immigrants into US.


Those neocons must have the highest iq's of all- smart enough to control the last few administrations, democrat and republican.



IM experience they ARE that smart and did so by ruthless elimination of opponents and infiltration. pl

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