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22 July 2017


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"An editor and 20 reporters left to form Meduza in Riga, Latvia after the editor was fired in a takeover by the Russian government."

That's only part of the story, TTG. Then editor of Lenta did not comply with the Russian legislation by conducting an interview with the member of the banned on the territory of Russia Ukrainian "Right Sector" and were cheeky about that. Also, Kremlin did not appoint their own person to run Lenta.ru - the current chief Editor is a longtime resident journalist. The vast majority of the team reamained. I'd be more careful in the use of such words as "governmental takeover".

As for Meduza - for a time being they were funded by Khodorkovsky, but ran afoul of him for refusing to shill for his "Open Russia". Currently their financial problems are keeping mounting. Looks like without democratic grants to "promote the freedom of speech" issued by this or that NGO or Western state they won't last too long. The fact they are based in the capitol of the apartheid sate of Latvia is, surely, a bonus point to receive one.

I'd be extremely careful with anything published by Meduza. They have their own agenda, biases and tendency for sensationalism. Although seeing the catfights of Meduza vs whatever fringe "liberal" oppos in Russia are entertaining.



You have been banned here, Don't you know that? I only occasionally let somthing of yours through. pl



"a FSB troll?" What? pl


The situation in Russia would be a bit different.

Actual hackers go after foreign things on their own dime/time, if they hit paydirt they transfer this information in return for money, concrete removal of a criminal investigation (dont go to jail card), removing an associate from custody (get out of jail card, more expensive than dont go to jail card).

It is a fairly diffuse process. At no point does any Russian agency do a darkweb posting and write "He, she or it who hacks the target X in timeframe Y getting us Data Z gets one get out of jail card, only applies to Russia".
I do not believe that such persons even have formal "informant" status, and from my understanding, they may well be proud that they dont.

You could also see such hackers as their own operatives, who simply award the respective Russian agencies with "first buying rights" regarding the fruits of their exploits. I have seen no evidence whatsorever that Russian agencies actually bought any of Guccifers produce. If Guccifer was leaking things to wikileaks, it implies the opposite.

Their capabilities are not on nation state level, but certainly sufficient to hack the DNC (which was far away from being Fort Cyber Knox).


"But funny someone outed you as a FSB troll. ;)"

"Outed"? Me?! Why not claim that I'm also Vladimir Putin while we are at it? ;)

"Have you read it at all?"

I suggest you to play a drinking game with that Meduza article. Take a shot of strong spirits of your choice every time they mention "anonymous source close to [X]", "our [unnamed] source/specialist says" or other indication that they got this super hush-hush kind of information. I will even make a prediction, that if you won't cheat in that game the article will SUDDENLY make sense to you.

Because I read and, once again, got confirmation that "Meduza" is an apt name for them. Only they are not of the Gorgon kind - they are the jelly looking one with no brain, only instincts and feeding tract.


""a FSB troll?" What?"

Sir, I've been called worse. The reasoning goes that because I'm Russian and I post pro-Russian stuff, I must be "bought" by the regime. And who represents the "Regime" best in the minds of the Westerners? Why, FSB, of course! I once got banned in 2015 on one historical forum for , and I quote, "pushing pro-Russian agenda", while everything that I did there amounted to just one argument with Ukro-Canadian about the roots of the Ukrainian statehood, and another one about late 1980s - early 90s Russian dissidents.



It was LeaNder's description of you, not mine. pl



--->Your head, LeaNder.

Do you really think that I was "outed" by yalensis, of all people? Encylopedia Dramatica (btw - it was me, who sent that link to him) is TOTALLY serious source of information. It was sarcasm, if you didn't get that.

I actually welcome anyone to go and prove that I'm somehow a paid troll working for FSB/KGB/Mossad/Nibiru/Whatever. Otherwise, LeaNder, I can also make baseless claims - this time, about you.


"There is a larger Russian speaking community in Riga and Latvia too?"

Yes. The biggest concenration of Russophones in Latvia is in Riga. It's mayor is ethnic Russian - Niels Ushakov.

Why are you puzzled by thetrust in Ramzan Kadyrov?



"May I suggest that if I post something at length that directly addresses an issue under discussion and which in my view - and hopefully yours - contributes some relevant facts to the discussion that you let it through.' Suggest whatever you like, but this is not a democracy. nor is it the public square and if I or in that case TTG feel like it we will block your comments. pl


Can't say that we met before. Is "LeaNder" your usual handle on other sites as well?

And, yes, the accusations of those who dare to voice their opinion contrary to the #Resistance of them being Putin's agents is a thing. A new normal, in fact. From your tone I couldn't deduce whether you were accusing me of the same thing. Olive branch accepted.

Yes, I'm an "old hand" of the Russia watching, only from the other side – I'm a Russian who watches Russia watchers.

"But also the blog of the scholar on Russian history. Were you show interest in her transcription of spelling in historical Russian documents."

What blog you are talking about?


"You could have simply drawn my attention. Probably here. Not recently though, it feels."

I do post here occasionally. Not regularly, though. The world of Russia-watchers is rather small one, so, inevitably, both the authors and commenters get to know each other via "crossing over" in other blogs. Several of commenters in this thread I've met regularly elsewhere.

"Let's see, not her blog, she is only one of the authors."

Nice, tidy blog. It has its own glaring biases and went into a meltdown mode after Trump's election. But, thankfully, its a collective effort done by professionals, so, at least, I have common ground of basic facts to argue/talk with them.

Sorry to hear abut your troubles while trying to learn Russian. There are several blogs and courses on-line dedicated to improving/learning Russian, one of the most interesting ones is this one: (https://www.streetrussian.com/blog/). Check it out if you are interested.

"I can see that Russia appreciates stability in Chechnya, I am simply not so fond of family dynasties. How do Russians like the man in Belarus?"

Ordinary Russians kinda like bat'ka Lukashenko. He is sly and wily and often cartoonish, but he does deliver. I was in Belarus, have some distantly related relatives here. The country is perfect for your retirement. But if you are younger - well, you might find it rather boring. Also - a definite lack of diversity in the stores, mostly few local brands.

Dynasty or not, the chief trait required from the ruler remains the same - ability to maintain stability.

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