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27 July 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

The wars made it a Shia Revival, in my opinion.

Babak Makkinejad

We need to wait out this period until the Seljuk pattern reasserts itself between Turkey and Iran; in my opinion.

FB Ali

"....India vis a vis Sunni Pakistan...."

I presume you mean "India instead of Sunni Pakistan". I would suggest that this might be an overly simple view of the situation. The reason is China, and its planned Belt and Road Initiative.

Once this Initiative matures (it has already started) it will be China that will determine tactical alliances for these countries, including Iran. Pakistan is an important part of this Initiative (the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the first major project of BRI), whereas India believes it is China's rival for Asian dominance.

China will ensure that Iran works with Pakistan rather than India.


The Silk Road Initiative is paramount for Iran's future and this was stated in my post. I may not have been clear with respect to India vis a vis Pakistan. China's silk road goes through Pakistan but it is politically unstable ( see latest political consequence of Panama papers). Iran has vital Energy supply arrangements for India in exchange for gold plus the Persian culture has influenced India and vice versa.

Another geostrategic or gropolitical goal shared by Iran, Russia and China is the total and utter defeat of ISIS and AQ and this means not only in Syria and Iraq but includes their defeat in Yemen and throughout Africa.


An example is the Five Eyes an unwritten alliance?

Kooshy, unwritten sounds very, very unlikely concerning the Five Eyes.

But I have not much time. Store the link though.

Babak Makkinejad

I agree. And Indian governments have demonstrated that they do not have the mojo to work with Iran; projects are announced but are never started. 2006 was the year that India lost Iran - US diplomats went to Dehli, flashed their eyes and accomplished that without incurring any cost to US. Now, that is diplomacy.

Babak Makkinejad

Iran-India bonhommie is over, it is dead, kaput. It was India's decision.

different clue


So, when they killed the ex-Czar's wife and five children; those were not murders either? Those were executions too?


I see that you in no rush to answer my question: "what do you understand by the term "Rule of Law"?". I'll add to it: "what is murder?" and expect to get comprehensive answers this time.

Do you think throughout the history women and children were not executed? Till early 19 c. in the good ol' Britain children as old as 12 could be sentenced to the loss of arm for stealing more than 5 shillings. In 1800 a boy of 10 was hanged, in 1801 - a boy of 13 (and that's just for breaking into a house and stealing a spoon!). In 1808 in Lynn two sisters were hanged for theft (one aged 11, another one - 8). In 1831 a 9 y.o. was hanged in Chelmsford for setting house on fire. Go and google more.

Trying to apply modern era set of morals (subjective as they are) to the past is meaningless. As for why it is still an execution - re-read what I've wrote about Uralsoviet possessing at the time the complete power on the local level.

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