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15 July 2017


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Glad to have you back sir.


Bravo, thank you and best wishes.


Col, your New Rules are a fine approach to establish & maintain quality correspondence at (one hopes) a low level of pain mgmt - thanks!


Thank You.


amen....back to the good old days. approved.


Simply: Thank you. Your presence here is invaluable.


Thank you!

Old Microbiologist

Thanks and very reasonable decisions.


A big fat nice......


Excellent! It was missed while you were gone.


Totally concur with 'house rules' -

I find comments here on the whole to be intelligent and civil. And the posted writings are of a higher caliber than one finds on the net these days.

Colonel your military background along with your passion for history are a valuable resource for this reader. I prefer the comment section closed rather than you cease to write here.

A blog is like a home imho... the host does not have to contend with rude guests.

Glad you're back.


Many thanks for continuing your excellent work.

dilbert dogbert

Hola Haralambos from a long time denizen of Bill McBrides housing blog.
Your comments on Greece and things Uropian are missed. Another housing bubble is inflating here in California. Maybe you should watch for the coming exploding bubble.

Kurt Van Vlandren

You sound just like Nero Wolfe. A complement by the way


I was wondering if one of the authors would kindly compile a glossary of the acronyms used on this site. It would be a great help, especially to me.

BrotherJoe sends his blessing to anyone who undertakes this work.


Colonel Lang, for a while Borg must have been happy thinking you are about to give up your hobby this blog, thanks for keeping up, and once more proving them wrong.


Brother Joe

Not Me. You are asking for a lifetime's education. pl


Thank you. The rules and policies appear sensible and internally consistent. They should promote civilized (salon-like) education and discussion.


I will try to offer a bit of help, but, as Col. Lang replied below, it is a life-long educational process. Here are two links for acronyms that I find useful above and beyond Google:

I am 68 years old and have spent 40+ years teaching (mostly English language and literature and philosophy in Universities while living in Greece and Portugal.

Some thoughts: follow Col. Lang's site daily, and read all the posts and comments; read widely across several disciplines, across various genres and geographical areas of your interest.

One of the problems with so many acronyms is that entities, titles, and other items change.


Thank you. You have my blessing.



Thanks. You have to make a study of this. Good luck. pl


Thanks for posting this set of updated rules and policies.


Brother Joe:
google is pretty darn good.


I add my tha bus to the list and I am happy to have the further opportunity to read and contribute

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