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15 July 2017


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Margaret Steinfels

Thank you!


I'm pleased that you're continuing your work. It is valuable to people like me and I applaud any policy that "discriminates" against comments that are non contributory provocations. The seemingly rudderless blundering of our foreign affairs establishment
could use some reasoned criticism.


Although the circumstances are unfortunate, thank you! Your insights are already missed!


Whatever else: thanks a lot for continuing this blog. You are doing a great service to the world. I hope people in Washington read your blog. I don´t know how much you must interfere to keep the comments interesting and relevant but to my mind SST has about the best and most informed comments anywhere. Usually I don´t read comments on blogs but on SST I very often do. I find it also amazing how much dissens you tolerate as long as it is well argued and constructive.


Whatever is required to keep this forum open works for me!
Thank you pat.

James F

Thank you, Sir!



The vital perspective you provide here is a service to the country and those who seek to know the truth behind the lying of the mainstream media.


Yes, thank you!

Sherry Long De Mandel

Colonel Lang,

Very welcome news to so many of us who have followed you for so many years.

I would like to second Tom's comment about reading comments. Thank you for the most lively and informative blog. I hope the new rules reduce your burden.

Sherry De Mandel


Illegitimi non carborundum

Martin Oline


Thank you.

I place a very high value on the information and opinions that I have found on your site. I seldom comment as I have little unique information to share with the visitors here.

I would encourage those who frequent this site and enjoy its content to contribute what they can to support its operation.

Lloyd D. Herod, Jr.

Just made a Paypal donation, not much, but something. Most appreciative of your work and thankful of your return. Will you be addressing the shootdown of the Syrian fighter by US forces?
Lloyd Herod, Jr.


Thank you. Excellent guidelines.


Thank you for continuing.....


Thank you very much for your service. It is quite important.


Ditto, and I look forward to your analysis of the Syrian jet shootdown.

Enrico Malatesta

Thank you for keeping this valuable web resource going, hopefully commentors can learn from the articles, and learn to agree/disagree with respect in the comments.


Thanks, Pat. Like others, I have missed your insights and observations. And thanks to TTG for his contributions as well.


Yeah! Thanks

Larry M.

Col. Lang,

thank you so much for continuing SST, my favourite website for more than ten years.


We are all very grateful, Col. Lang. Without SST we have been feeling as rudderless as the government in Washington which seems incapable of navigating a path that will keep us out of a disastrous confrontation with Russia in Syria.

ancient archer

Thank you!
This site is a tremendous resource for people across the world looking for truth. In any other time perhaps this would not have been as necessary as it is currently in this age of constant, vociferous and directed propaganda from the MSM.
I believe I speak for a lot of people in saying that it's not only the postings but also the extremely knowledgeable comments on this site that has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the actual going-ons in the world.
Thanks again. And looking forward to the usual high level of involved discussion on posts.


I'm glad that you are "sailing to the sound of the guns." Solid insight is in very short supply today. I promise to "lurk" and not kibitz.


Thank you very much, Col. Lang, for getting this up earlier than promised. The latest escalation of the situation in Syria with the downing of the Syrian Air Force bomber by an American F/A-18 calls for knowledgeable, expert opinion. That is something you, many authors, and some commenters here provide.


I just checked the NYT and saw the alarming news that the Russians appear to be altering their relations with American forces. The risks of misunderstandings, miscalculations, and dreadful errors appears to be escalating.

All the more reason to be grateful the blog will continue, with guidelines focused on leveraging the best insights from the most informed commenters.

Many thanks, Col.

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