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23 July 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

Thanks I will check it out
Living in harmony with Nature implies accepting to live with dibilating, often painful disease
I am not going to endure excruciating dental pain because either God or Nature have so willed it.
Damns the Harmony, Drill away!

Babak Makkinejad

Check the movie
Los Capitanes de Avril

The Twisted Genius


The Patawomeck tribe calls this area home. Wayne Newton grew up as part of the tribe in southern Stafford. He came out of Vegas to Richmond to speak for tribal recognition a few years ago.


Babak Makkinejad

You cannot take this seriously; post-colonial Africans destroyed what the Europeans had built; in Congo, in Ghana, in Uganda and in Zimbabwe.


"The U.S. government never hacked into Russian leaders’ emails and released them selectively to favor one side in their elections"

What evidence is there to support the allegation that the Russian government hacked into American leaders' email and released them to favor one side in their election? None that's been made public. And the Wikileaks founder and his sidekick (Craig Murray) have consistently claimed that the e-mails were leaked from within the DNC.

"flooded Russian social media with fake stories to discredit their ruling party"

What evidence is there that the Russian government flooded American social media with fake stories to discredit their ruling party? As far as I can remember, the fake news stories originated with either right-wing websites in the US or commercial operations designed to raise revenue from web ads using the fake news stories as clickbait. Perhaps you can remember other examples that were tied back to the Russian government.

There is no real evidence that Russia interfered in the election in any meaningful way whereas Americans were able to swing an election for Yeltsin that he otherwise would have lost. Furthermore, it seems to me Malinowski is just making stuff up and so is himself a source of fake news.


cool it, go to the tribes shaman/sorcerer and get hypnotized, or if that was not helping your tooth ache - he will give you some leaves or fruits to chew on, like hemp, or coca or poppy, the nature is there to help. (vis curativa naturae)


LG -

I agree. I never implied otherwise. My understanding is that the ICRC does not go parading around Yemen with a red cross emblazoned on their vehicles or their uniforms. They donate food and meds to local relief organizations (i.e. the Yemen Red Crescent Society).


After the breakup of the USSR, Russia became a hot investment for international financiers. Then the Russian economy tanked and a US hedge fund lost everything, as did most investors. Clinton bailed out the hedge fund, saving the money invested by its wealthy clients. Does anyone remember the name of the hedge fund?
For some reason I have been unable to find it on google.



Were the Patawomeck part of Powhatan's Confederacy? Maybe not as Stafford County is far from Richmond. But you would think they at least gave him tribute.

Peter AU

"personal liberty to do very much as they pleased,"

They still had a lot of laws that had to be followed.
Many concerning marriage which eliminated any inbreeding and so forth, also depending on tribe and family group, animals plants ect they could not use or kill. In some ways simple and in other ways complex.

Hood Canal Gardner

Thanks ..several 'open/non-paywall"places. I first, earlier today caught it at ICH:

As for Stockman's veracity, for me he has good and bad days..but worth a free read when it pops up/i trip over them.

As for Brennan, Rice and Powers: a trifecta of 'live' trouble.



Congress is moving rapidly to tie Trumps hands regarding his executive ability especially with regard to improving relations with Russia.

They're masking it in their latest Iran bill. The Senate has already voted 98 to 2 on it, and it's now moving to the House.


"If the Russian government were to offer grants in the United States to NGOs that promote voting rights for minority citizens, or that fight corruption in our politics, that would be the equivalent of what the United States did in Russia, and we would have no cause to complain."

No, instead you'd harras them in accordance with "FARA" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_Agents_Registration_Act), of which both Russian and Israeli legislation is a nearly carbon copy. How supposedly a learned person, who gets published in the WaPo don't know that, is beyond me.

"The U.S. government never hacked into Russian leaders’ emails and released them selectively to favor one side in their elections, or flooded Russian social media with fake stories to discredit their ruling party."

No, instead they bolstered their own puppet Yeltsin during the elections of 1996, ran a multi million $ propaganda machine, which extolled the "virtues" of Boris the Drunk, while smearing his opponent in what in other cases would be considered to be libel.

" This effort was non-partisan and it aimed to strengthen democracy for everyone in Russia, not to steer the outcome."


Oh, wait - you are serious. Let me laugh even harder! So, when the creme de la creme of the so-called Russian so-called liberal opposition came in 2011/12 to the US embassy, some of them - members of the opposition oarties and elected officials, and then called for the riots and civic distirbance, it was all in the name of "strengthening democracy for everyone"?

Hey, tell you what - how about we in Russia will finally jail Kasyanov, Gozman and the top tier of "Yabloco" party for colluding with the "hostile power"?

Btw, what is your opinion, Keith Harbaugh?


The Congressional GOP is thwarting and subverting Trump (and his voters) and not moving forward on healthcare reform, tax cuts, infrastructure spending, the Wall, etc. But they have time to move this Russian sanctions bill forward which merely advances the Democrat and NeverTrump narrative. Strangely, U.S. oil companies are opposed to this bill yet the Congressional GOP are thumbing their nose at even Big Oil to take down Trump. Truly amazing. I hate to sound like Captain Obvious here but Democracy in America is dead. Maybe it's been dead for awhile and the politicians and Establishment have kept her dead body sitting in the apartment as they cashed her welfare checks.


GOP trashes Trump’s plan to end dozens of government programs




Come now. In the 50 years since Nkuramah wrote that nice Marxist inspired piece the best known graduate of Ghana's school system, Robert Mugabe, succeeded in leading Zimbabwe to 'freedom'. He did not line his pockets by choosing to be a corrupt racist African dictator. The West made him do it.


S.720 - Israel Anti-Boycott Act

A bill that would criminalize boycotts against Israel has been signed by 45 US senators and 237 congressmen. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) says that violations would be subject to a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison. Additionally, they say that the bill would impose civil and criminal punishment on individuals solely because of their political beliefs about Israel and its policies in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Here's a list of the co-sponsors:


That's because, despite some subsides, oil and gas are actually a productive industry. However, finance, IT, and defense are self licking ice cream cones that can be used to suck the treasury dry and enrich the neo-liberals on both sides of the aisle.


"I can't believe for a minute that western intelligence agencies have not and are not posting to Russian social media to try and influence the population and by extension how they vote."

They, most likely, don't. Why should they do that, if they can outsource this to the native/recently immigrated Russians, with axe to grind against the country? Just throw some money in the guise to the "promotion of the civil society", hook up several logorrheaic demzhizoids to it and - voila! - you have extremely cheap pro-Western outlet, spouting all right talking points. The scheme is as old as mammoth's turd. Plus - semi plausible deniability.

OTOH, currently it doesn't work. Like at all. But the scheme persists, because to do otherwise would mean to "betray democracy in Russia". Meanwhile aforementioned "democrats" in Russia, knowing full well their efforts amount to the rituals in the cargo cult, embezzle/stole most of the grants, understanding, that they would never be dropped off the account by their "Western Partners". And everyone understands, that this state of affairs is better for everyone.


Since reading the post about Ritter's article in the American Conservative the old grey cells have been whirring away and might have finally clicked.
We are told how bad it is that the Russian IC interfered in the election yet with the CIA mentioning a foreign intelligence service (probably Estonian according to Ritter) as the source for the document that triggered the three-agency investigation, what about that foreign interference in the election. Surely that is as bad as the alleged Russian interference.
Two points if it was the Estonian IC:
1. Russia claimed to have captured an Estonian spy who crossed into Russia while the Estonians claim he was kidnapped in Estonia and taken across the border. Whatever it was, the Estonians messed up. Does the Estonian intelligence service appear like one that could penetrate the Kremlin? Given the obvious hostility of the Estonian IC to the Russian IC, how trustworthy is their information
2. We repeatedly hear how the Russian intelligence services intervened in the presidential election, what about the foreign (possible Estonian) intelligence interference after the event. Perhaps they read the newspaper reports of Clinton's imminent coronation and only felt the urge to intervene once Trump had won. Why was the report not handed to the CIA earlier before the election when you would expect most of the discussions in the Kremlin to have taken place? Perhaps because there was nothing to base it on and only after Trump with his intentions of better relations with Russia won did the foreign (Estonian) IC fabricate the claims.
Perhaps the CIA should reveal which foreign intelligence service did really interfere in the election after the event to discredit the winner, Trump.


"Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music originating in South Asia. ... It is part of a musical tradition that stretches back more than 700 years. Originally performed at Sufi shrines or dargahs throughout South Asia, it gained mainstream popularity and international audience in the late 20th century. Qawwali music received international exposure through the works of the late Pakistani singers Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the Sabri Brothers, ..." (Wikipedia)

Courtesy of YouTube, here are renditions of three qawwalis made famous by singers who were raised in the Sufi music tradition and stayed true to it all their lives.

"Dam Mast Qalandar Mast Mast" - sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Co.


The famous qawwali was composed in honour of Sindh's most revered Sufi saint, Shahbaz Qalandar but this one version, performed in England to welcome Nelson Mandela, is the 'blowout' one; in my view the greatest version among the many I've heard.

There seem to be copyright quarrels about the version; in any case it has disappeared from YouTube but then someone else get holds of it and posts it. Here's the Wikipedia article for the qawwali, which includes an English translation of the lyrics.


"Tajdar-e-Haram" -- written and sung by the Sabri Brothers


The enchanting lyrics for this qawwali with English translation are on the internet, and are also embedded in Coke Studio Pakistan's version, below. (Yes, Coca-Cola). Click on the "CC" caption on the screen to call up the English translation:


The Coke Studio version features Pakistani actor-singer-songwriter superstar Atif Aslam. It's his hommage to the Sabri Brothers' most famous qawwali. Atif did a great job with the qawwali even though he's not a qawwali singer -- although he did 'modernize' it for young ears. Often qawwalis begin with a slow introduction -- sometimes a VERY LONG slow introduction -- then pick up speed, but as Ustad Nusrat once told an interviewer, younger people these days want to hear music played at a faster beat.

Caveat: Qawwali singers are always improvising on the lyrics; rarely are two performances the same. So Atif's version is not necessarily the same word-for-word as the above one by the Sabri Brothers.

Anyhow, he's backed by some great Coke Studio musicians. His version became popular with many young South Asians (including Hindus and Sikhs) -- many of whom were introduced to qawwalis and other types of traditional singing and musical instruments through Coke Studio Pakistan, which is aimed at young people and mixes contemporary and traditional musical intruments.

(There's also an Indian Coke Studio and I think an African one, but Pakistan was the original, and the best in my opinion.)

"Tu Mane Ya Na Mane" by the Wadali Brothers


"A popular Sufi love song where the poet talks about how loving one's beloved is as sacred as worshipping the Almighty."

Another great offering from Coke Studio Pakistan. If you don't want the spell rudely broken by the Coke Studio jingle at the end, stop the tape when the klieg light Coke logo backdrop fades out.

There are attempts on the internet at English translations of this particular version of the qawwali. By the way such attempts are a common occurrence. People are always pleading for a translation of a qawwali then someone tries and adds 'That's the best I can do,' then someone else jumps in and writes, 'You idiot you got three of the stanzas completely wrong' and on and on it goes.

Yes it's nice to know the lyrics as sung, but for crying out loud, once you get in the swing of qawwalis you can make up your own English version of the lyrics. These songs speak the language of the heart, which isn't limited by human languages.

There are Wikipedia articles for the Sabri Brothers, Wadali Brothers, and Ustad (an honorific) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his brother, Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, who always sits next to him on stage and plays the harmonium, and who's composed many of the qawwalis sung by Ustad Nusrat & Co. And of course there are Wikipedia articles for Atif Aslam and Coke Studio.

Here's the above playlists uninterrupted by my jabberings:


All right; I'm running away from the internet for a time. Au revoir.


Meanwhile virtually unmentioned by the ever vigilant MSM, is an assault on the First Amendment by the zionists and their congressional lapdogs. Glen Greenwald reports on the so-called ‘Palestine Exception’ to free speech.

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel

“…wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine…”

“The proposed measure, called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act …“was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.” Indeed, AIPAC, in its 2017 lobbying agenda, identified passage of this bill as one of its top lobbying priorities for the year:”

(Similar measures, conflating anti-zionism with anti-semitism, have already been passed in France, Canada (Ottawa Protocol to Combat Anti-Semitism) and most recently England in order to criminalize criticism of Israel.)

Greenwald questions the essential sanity of the bill:

“In what conceivable sense is it of benefit to Americans to turn them into felons for the crime of engaging in political activism in protest of a foreign nation’s government?”

So in ‘the land of the free’, it will be perfectly legal to denigrate the President, disparage Congress and the government in general, even burn the American flag but a peep about Israel and off to the hoosegow you go. Orwell statement of “'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” is finding new relevance. Perhaps, more ominously, a statement attributed to Voltaire seems equally applicable: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize".

note: Philip Weiss on Greenwald’s article:

some related background:
Forward’ columnist and Emily’s List leader relate ‘gigantic,’ ‘shocking’ role of Jewish Democratic donors


Liberal progressives in my state, Massachusetts-- the bluest of blue states, the only state where the white vote statewide went for Hillary*-- have sought to make BDS illegal through a state bill: "An Act to Prohibit Discrimination in State Contracts” (S.1689/H.1685)**. One supporter of the bill argued that BDS originated in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

* https://bradjballard.com/2017/07/16/white-voting-2016-election/

** http://mondoweiss.net/2017/07/national-disguise-legislature/

The Twisted Genius


The Patawomeck joined the Powhatan Confederacy from time to time. They also,at times, allied with the English against Powhatan. The two definitely traded with each other.

Phil Cattar

The Donut Dollies were still around in 1963.They used to visit the First Calvary on the 38th parallel .Some troops looked forward to seeing some "American" women.Once the TV star Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) was with them.He was very nice and heavy.

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