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12 July 2017


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I know little about Boot, don't know him personally, but I have a rather clear idea about the man. I read what he writes, and it speaks for itself.

Sadly, or fortunately, I own some few (fortunately second hands) books written by Boot, in particular "An End To Evil", a notable piece he in fact didn't write alone but the help of ... the incomparable Richard Perle.

By reading it it became pretty quickly clear that this was a shovel filled with "clear propaganda & pro more wars" goodness from the two, without logic but a lot of assumptions and allegations, emeshed in more nonsense, and with global ambitions.

It was barely readable, and on a lowly-low sub-subterranean niveau one is only used from the average utterly nutter folks, with the difference that for the latter it's just annoying nonsense. With Boot and Perle as authors it is not just usual nonsense but dangerous nonsense.


Sadly, I know the Berchtesgaden-ish area only from exercises I had during my military service. The thing that really amused me was that in the baraques, as usual in bavaria, for dinner you were always, and without being asked, given a large beer as a bonus.

Why? Well, in bavaria, beer is food, and, well, they fed us well. Nice people there, good beer, good food and it's wonderful landscape too.

English Outsider

Difficult to say how nice because there's a wide range of reports and stories. Some say it's pretty well normal there. One hears "crisis" from other sources. This is a report from the middle of the range:-



Yes, the cease fire is in south western Syria. However, my understanding is that the current offensive in Suweida Province is also outside of the ceasefire zone.

July 10 - Syrian army launches new campaign today just east of southern ceasefire zone, takes "strategic points, hills." http://bit.ly/2u0ix6w

My point? Irrespective of what others may want or wish both within and outside of the administration, I believe the President's primary focus is on defeating and destroying the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

As to the civil war, will the cease fire in south western Syria hold, or will it fall apart? If it holds, can it be used as a precedent to settle the fighting in other parts of western Syria?

Have opponents of the Syrian Government led by Bashir al-Assad lost the fight to overthrow him by force?

While Secretary Tillerson has made statements about Bashir al-Assad and the al-Assad family ultimately giving up power, the President is not interested in using force to push him or the family out of power. He has made that quite clear.

It is apparent from the public statements made by the French President at yesterday's press conference, that the French Government is willing to work with the Russians to find a political solution. But, what about the Gulf States?

Needless to say, those within the United States who have long sought the removal of Mr. al-Assad from office, by force if necessary, will be unhappy with these developments. We are already hearing cries that the Trump administration has capitulated to Russia and Mr. Putin.



Just so you can keep up with the action - https://southfront.org/syrian-war-report-july-14-2017-race-to-deir-ezzor/ pl


"But, what about the Gulf States?"

Have you not noticed that they are in the beginnings of a long drawn out contentious conflict? I wonder what the odds are for the Kingdom of Sadui Arabia to be the first country of the Middle East to splinter, especially with those survivors of the Islamic State returning home to see their mothers?


For those who are interested, earlier this week, the representatives of the global coalition to defeat ISIS met at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

For those interested, two videos:

Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS: Remarks at Small Group Session https://youtu.be/Oib2zmE-LeA

Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk delivers opening remarks with Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Iraq Dr. Naufel Al Hassan at the Department of State on July 13, 2017. A transcript is available at https://www.state.gov/s/seci/2017remarks/272588.htm

Special Presidential Envoy McGurk Briefs Press on Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty0w02LF8eQ

Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk holds a press briefing at the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Small Group Meeting at Department of State on July 13, 2017. A transcript is available at https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2017/07/272601.htm

Also, from last week:

July 8 - Press Conference by Special Presidential Envoy McGurk in Baghdad, Iraq

In addition from the Defense Department:

ISIS Dealt Significant Blow After Iraq Retakes Mosul, Official Says

People can watch the video at:

Inherent Resolve Spokesman, Iraqi Security Forces Spokesmen Brief Reporters https://www.defense.gov/Videos/videoid/537951/?videoid=537951#.WWknsz0hQko.twitter

As well, a transcript at:

Department of Defense Press Briefing by Colonel Dillon and Iraqi Spokesmen in the Pentagon Press Briefing Room

Babak Makkinejad

There is no political solution; either Sunni factions fighting SAR are going to win and massacare their opponents or they themselved are going to be killed. Marcon is asking Russia to supply a face-saving settlement for the Western Fortress; there is none - in my opinion.

Babak Makkinejad

I really liked Sonthofen.


Thanks for the reply (optimaxl too...). But you missed the point, which is my fault because I failed to ask the question)s) in more meaningful and detailed ways. I'll write it up in good time and re-present it as a set piece in some way. I'm doing some research and ran across a good and lengthy description, and I will find that. The answers may be the same, but I'll know more because I asked the question more throughly. Be patient.

As noted, I find SST and its discussions more valid and informed than most.


Thank you.

Since following the situation on a map can help people visualize what is taking place, (at least I do), individuals may also find Syrian Civil War Map - https://t.co/QeXZATbIdy of value.

The twitter feed is Syrian Civil War Map @CivilWarMap

especially with those survivors of the Islamic State returning home to see their mothers

Based on various public announcements, it seems that like the Russians, the International Coalition do not plan on showing any mercy to the foreign fighters currently in Syria and Iraq. The plan is to annihilate them.

Defeating and destroying the Islamic State in places like Raqqaa in eastern Syria is just the first step. What happens afterwards?

In that regard, how are the Syrian Kurds seeking to position themselves?

Analysis: Shift in Rhetoric Among Kurdish Politicians in Syria
Kurdish political officials in Syria are taking an increasingly anti-Iranian and pro-Saudi Arabia stance amid the rising tensions between Washington, Tehran and their proxies, and the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, writes journalist Wladimir van Wilgenburg.


"In that regard, how are the Syrian Kurds seeking to position themselves?"

Well considering the threats from Erdogan, the Kurdish Politicians are taking the Saudi side in the Gulf Conflict since Turkey stands with Qatar. Nothing new under the Sun.



You call on the Israeli response to the ceasefire negotiated in syria was spot on:


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