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12 July 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

Please see here - especially the last paragraph



100000000% correct...

Babak Makkinejad

Yup; 50 Muslim statesmen (irony alert) gather in Jeddah to meet-and-greet the new US President, pledging themselves to contain Iran - the source of their civilization - and nary a peep out of any of them regarding those poor Muslims in Yemen - I guess they do not count as human beings since so many of them belong to the Party of Ali.

I wonder how much longer that Ilham Aliyev (of Ali) government in Azerbaijan can endure; ruling over a Shia population and yet siding with the enemies of the Party of Ali.



Looks like the general, multi-pronged offensive has begun everywhere, eastern Suweida, east of Palmyra and the armored force headed from SW of Rusafa for the hinge behind Sukhna. Reminds of Grant's Overland Campaign. Someone asked where I learned to do this kind of analysis. I went through the Army school system all the way to the War College and was a designated operational planner for the JCS for seven or eight years while serving as the head man in DIA for the ME and South Asia. worked on a lot of campaign and contingency plans for the US and allies. pl


Colonel I understand sir, this the oath we took "I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic"


Azerbaijan is run by alliance of russian oligarch mafia, and western oil companies. They will keep him there till a religious revolt from bottom up which Iran has to support since it will be Shia based and supported by Qom and Najaf. Once the revolt get supported by Hozeh , like in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain it will not stop.


Western Iraq is mostly under control of PMU.

Peter in Toronto

I really wish Carlson was more savvy on Syrian conflict, and not yield so easily on some of those slanderous talking points like Russia "bombing bakeries" or other such nonsense.


Here is one Intresting debate on Syria



the story has been well covered in US msm.

Here is WaPo on the 11th




Several other US outlets as well -- see Google News and Bing if you have access to them where you are. Now as to how much the story has been on TV, I don't know. With the exception of my little research project last year to watch RT, I haven't watched TV since 2013. But check if there's a video report accompanying the CNN report; that would indicate it made it onto a CNN TV news report.


I can't take it at face value. It's Fox throwing red meat to the great unwashed. They pay the rent with those acrimonious dust-ups. Having said that, I would have to say that Tucker made far more sense were a choice imposed.

Putin believes he's next in the series of US depositions commencing with Sadaam. Critical to understand that in any appraisal of him, his policies and actions.

Comparisons with Hitler are hysterical, absurd -- way over the top. Beyond absurd.

Russia continues to struggle with its massive logistical problems and harsh climate. They've made immense achievements though. Last year they led the world in grain production, marginally edging out the US and EU.

Russia continues, as it has for centuries, to be plagued by epic corruption endemic to a sparcely populated country of 11 time zones and severe winters. Russians are no more inherently corrupt or brutal than any other people. It's a great pity people in the US are not better educated about their situation. The demonization borders on criminal insanity.

Eric Newhill

I did see that interview. Boot came off like a madman. I also saw the interview that English Outsider refers to. Another madman revealing himself.

My wife, who was watching with me, thought Boot was just some crazy guy that Carlson found in a shady bar somewhere and set up as a straw man. I was glad to be able to respond, "No, he is the borg that Col Lang speaks of".


Eric Newhill

Max Boot is a senior fellow at the CFR in New York and the ultimate Borgist. I was on a panel at NYU with him at the beginning of the Iraq War and he shrank from me like Dracula from the sun. pl


If the Syrian Army and their allies are taking advantage of the Southern Front ceasefire to launch a general offensive in eastern Syria, which largely focuses on territory held by the Islamic State, good for them.

I suspect, as a result of the meeting between Pres. Putin and Pres. Trump an understanding was reached on zones of influence (or if you prefer responsibility) in eastern Syria, while both sides focused on eradicating the Islamic State. If that meant the Russian side had to take territory in the south east, outside of the cease fire zone, presently controlled by forces fighting the Syrian Government, so be it. The only caveat? Do not threaten US forces or forces being directly supported by US forces in the fight against the Islamic State, because if you do, we will defend ourselves.

Could be wrong, but that is my sense of what is going on.



We all like Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden. The US Army had seven or eight resort hotels at the two places for a long time and a ice show restaurant complete with sliding roof. It was the "Casa Carioca." I spent two weeks at Garmisch one Christmas. New Subject: I was an underage infantry private in the National Guard in 1955. I was careful not to speak to officers unless spoken to. pl



The ceasefire covers SW Syria, not SE Syria. Except for Suweida Province (SW)the area the big offensive in the east is going into is all OUTSIDE the ceasefire zone. pl


"Armies through the ages..." But what about that old RMA piece, non-lethal weapons, the arming of gangs and the like, cyber war and information technology, and the use of space weaponry?



Largely bullshit. Bean bag guns do not win the Battle of the Bulge or the recent Battle of Mosul. Seen any space weapons lately? When you do they will be just another kind of artillery. pl


SWMBO tells me that I have deceived you. She says that I was equally obnoxious in high school when I was carrying a rifle in the National Guard. When I came in the regular army after college I had been exposed to a good humanities education and was even more difficult. pl


At Pundita:
Thank you very much for the feedback. I thought this story of China establishing and publicizing the base of operations so close to the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea - is very important in the geopolitical sense, a "game changer" if you will, and possibly a nod to USA that they would be there in case of unpredictable developments in ME.


I believe that cholera is non-preferential of religion. In the Yemen it is in both the east and the west, infecting both the Party of Ali, and the Salafists, but mostly the very young who are not yet in either camp.



Nerf warfare. That's like adults asking, "Why can't we all just get along?" and not knowing why.

different clue

Peter in Toronto,

I have seen very little of Tucker Carlson over the years . . . but he seems to have matured and gained quality since his tenure on Crossfire with Paul Boogaloo ( or whatever that name was).

He still needs some practice dealing with the super-fast shout-talking style of people like Peters. But he will get that practice by talking to more of them on his show. He was already able to resist rising to some of Peters' baited hooks and he may reach the point of rising to zero of them . . from Peters or from anyone else.

The fast-talking constant-interruption style of these political shows (pioneered by Chris Matthews I think) is part of the problem. Talking reeeeaaaaalllll sssslllloooowwwww . . . to force the filibustering guest to also slow down . . . would be considered bad television, and would get Tucker Carlson a nasty reprimand from his superiors. Their priority is ratings-gaining entertainment after all, so there is only so much actual education and discovery that Carlson or anyone else would be permitted to pursue on this or any other TV channel.

Peters knew what he was doing. He was playing the "passionate advocate" for Freedomization and Democrafication overseas. One hopes Tucker Carlson is able to watch these shows after the fact the way a football team watches the game it just played . . . to really study how Peters diddit. And to study how all the Peterses do it. So he can be readier and readier to force them off their game and make them play his game his way.

different clue

Peter in Toronto,

Having watched the Carlson interview with Max Boot, I must say Carlson handled Boot very well. He gave Boot chance after chance after chance for Boot to step on Boot's own . . . tongue . . . which Boot did every time.

Boot was clearly more unhingedly emotional than Peters and Carlson gave the audience a chance to see the Boot reality. If the viewers at home were to put their noses up close to the screen, they could almost smell the Boot.

Álvaro Aragão Athayde

For some time now I have been reading this blog and I have already shared some of the publications. I'll share this one.

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