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29 July 2017


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Sir - I "win" against you??... I cannot believe it. :)



Kelly did the right thing. He made The Mooch's removal a pre-condition to his taking the job. bravo General Kelly! pl



What is it you think you won? If it is the Kelly thing, he pre-empted the problem, exactly the right thing to do. pl


Sir, I have predicted the erection of Berlin Wall in the weeks before August 13, 1961 , I also predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in 1986 (this one I have recorded on my old tape) - both predictions against the judgment of my old man who thought I am naive - and now, I have ´won´ against another admirable person. My wife said to my bragging `you are not in the same league with your Colonel ´ ...(she is right)



I guess you mean Kelly's victory. Felicitations! pl


well, that didn't take long... some people fail upward in a rush.

Mark Logan


Or an immediate post-hiring condition. "Wanna fire me in the first week, Big Fella? Make my effing day." He preempted a cubic butt-load of BS right there. Bravo!


I'm going to think that Moochi was brought in for the sole purpose of getting rid of Spicer and Preibus. Moochi was just too much of a caricature and I found his wife's sudden request for a divorce on the grounds of "unbridled political ambition" a bit out there. Now, if his wife proceeds with the divorce, I'm willing to eat crow. I think the establishments been played NY Post style.



OK We will see how long the Trump/Kelly honeymoon lasts. pl



Makes me think GEN Kelly and Bannon are in tandem.

Those celebrating this as some sort of victory for the Left have the planning capability of a fruit fly.

GEN Kelly brings GEN Mattis. If they get a commo director on message that's quite the bastion for populism.


Colonel, apparently Mooch told General Kelly "I don't have to report to you", after that conversation with the new sheriff in town, mooch found out he no longer need to report to anybody, except to himself. A good day it is indeed.


whatever it is, it's a sad sorrow entertainment on our expense.


Proposition 13 cap the property tax revenue, property tax in CA equals approx. 1.25% of purchase price but average price of property in Ca is higher than most states. Howard Jarvis’ proposition 13 passed in 1978
during first term and first run of Jerry Brown governorship.



As I said, "well, solja-boy." But, the prolem for Kelly is that DJT will also be willing to throw him under the bus when he starts trying to discipline him. pl


Good call


Quite so! Ironic for many of us.


How subcontractors hated him. He bankrupted many.



You mean Barrack was a mass incarcerator - aided by two black attorney generals in a row.



Plus he stopped funding ISIS in Syria. I hope their Saudi and Israeli allies are next. I can dream.

Sam Peralta

"Those celebrating this as some sort of victory for the Left..."

Tyler, could it be a victory for the GOP establishment & the neocons? The likes of McCain & his office wife. Will be interesting to see what influence Kelly, McMaster & Mattis bring to WH policy and if they'll be lock step with each other. We'll have to see if the CIA program to fund & arm the jihadis in Syria actually ends. Pompeo seems another nutty interventionist.

As a betting man, would you take the over/under that Kelly lasts more than a year?

Philippe T.

Fantomas, sometimes, the way of reasoning leading to a prediction is more interesting than the prediction itself. And sometimes, the prediction is wrong but the way of reasoning remains valid. Nowadays, who cares about the Nostradamus prophecies, which were pure illuminations with no deductions...
Best regards. PhT


It wasn't hyperbole at all, ked.

That said, the people Trump likes to call "my generals" are probably the only points of sanity in the Administration. Kelly and Mattis are said to have agreed very early on that one of them would be in the country at all times to deal with anything coming out of the White House.

It would not at all surprise me if eventually Trump is surrounded by only family and military, and the outward resemblance to a banana republic will be complete when Trump starts designing his own uniforms.

Mark Logan


Humor alert:


Raises a question of Borowitz authoring DPRK tweets, which would explain much.

Nancy K

The young will move to middle America such as those living in the Midwest moved to CA during the Depression. Both sides of my family came from Kansas and Oklahoma for that reason.

Nancy K

So you are saying people are willing to pay a fortune for a house and for rent because it is a failed state. That really makes little sense.

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