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29 July 2017


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Eric Newhill

I agree with your analysis. I too like Trump for his policies. His style is not good, but I will take content over style if he can get it done.

However, this Scaramucchi guy is a real loose cannon and a nut job. He's better suited for a reality show (who will be voted off the Island? The Mooch versus Kelly. See it all go down tonight at 10:00!)than an important post on POTUS' team. Sure, Trump needs a war time consigliere as I think Tyler is correct about what Trump is going to try to execute, but not a hot head junk yard dog. Things didn't work out well for Sonny Corleone, who suffered the same affliction.

He and Kelly will definitely get into it. IMO, the one that survives will be the one that has done the most to further Trump. IMO, Trump is smart enough to look at that it way. Kelly, as you say, will have to be unwavering in his commitment to sacrifice for the good of the country in order to hang in there on this one.

David E. Solomon

Colonel if you are a pessimist than there is probably no term to accurately describe me.



To think that we are not witnessing DJT's nature and character is rather naive. I doubt that Gen. Kelly, no matter how skilled, will bring this White House under control since most of the dysfunction comes from the top and DJT is unable to be who he is not.

Some here seem to think this is a kind of Western move with a showdown. It may make a good movie, but there are guard rails established over the last two centuries and you keep hitting them at your peril. It is more likely that DJT gets thwarted by a thousand cuts. John McCain just outsmarted the GOP, and probably did them a favor, by allowing the healthcare bill to come to the Senate floor and then kill it. Now there will not be any more attempts this fiscal year.

There will be others using rules that DJT does not even know that they exist.



"How could a young person ever build equity there? Likewise in Brooklyn."

As the bad joke goes in South Florida. "live like a Mexican". The "something" that is giving way is working class allegience to the Democratic party. That is why the elites of the DNC have been doubling down on importing a replacement demographic.


David E. Solomon

IMO the US is heading toward change into something unrecognizable. IMO Trump is not taking us there. Optimists of the utopian SJW stripe are doing that. That doesn't mean I like him. pl


So, he built his buildings in manhattan by sitting at the Four Seasons having lunch?



He is a deal closer and developer hustler. pl

Mark Logan

Phil Cattar,

Just for giggles I'm going to put my nickel (maximum...the other ninety five cents stays in my pocket) on that roulette square too. Based on a theory the chaos is beginning to take a toll on the Big Man, and Kelly will soon be viewed as indispensable. The Mooch? All hat no cattle.

I feel working for a malignant narcissist is one of the most challenging things one can be faced with in normal life. Kelly has all but certainly had to deal with this before somewhere along the line.

David E. Solomon


We will see what happens.

I don't like him either, but I rarely like any politician.

Maybe we should both become pessimists on hold (or temporary optimists)?



David E. Solomon

You can adopt whatever attitude you please but my function is to tell the truth as I understand it. pl


Mark Logan

IMO Scaramucchi is Trump's Trump. Kelly had had to deal with people like that but none of them were president. pl


Yesterday on CNN a retired General, who is friends with General John Kelly(ret),
said he told John he'd be safer parachuting into Raqqa alone then working in this
White House. It got a laugh out of me.

David E. Solomon

Which is why your readers are loyal.


Seamus Padraig

I would actually prefer that to what I think we're going to get: an eventual sell-out. How can long can Trump hold out against the onslaught against him? He will be sorely tempted to make them a deal if this goes on too much longer. Even if Russiagate remains a nothing-burger, they can use it to sandbag him, force him to make concessions. And the more concessions he makes, the weaker he becomes. Don't get me wrong: I'm still glad Hellary lost. But Trump needs to go the offensive at some point; he needs to be more of a fighter. He can't just sit back and let them gnaw away at him like a school of famished piranhas. But I know that asking a lot from him ... and that's what makes me worry.


I think many if you are projecting forms of faith that Trump is somehow going to get things turned around, if only as a by-product of his lousy attitude. Others think he's really going to re-make the USA into some ass-kicking utopia (knly the ass-kicking happens on the domestic front... just wonderful.
Here's a quote I read that takes Col Lang's observation a bit further.

"Everything Trump is doing right now has the single goal of keeping himself in office. That’s it. Full stop. Every tweet. Every campaign-style unhinged speech. Every move he makes that appears to be attached to any kind of policy at all, whether it’s health care or immigration or law and order or who gets the right to serve in our military and who doesn’t. He doesn’t draw a breath without thinking of what he can do every single minute to keep himself from being run out of office for whatever illegality you can think of, whether it’s colluding with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton or laundering their money or profiting from the presidency or anything else. Doesn’t matter. He’s going to push the envelope. He’s going to say whatever he needs to say, do whatever he needs to do, fire whoever he needs to fire, sacrifice whoever he needs to sacrifice in order to save himself."

Col Lang used to critique a narcissistic personality style of among "perfumed prices of the pentagon". In these generals who are surrounding Trump out of duty & love-of-country, I see people who are blind to the fact they are propping up a sociopathic criminal who is a prsent danger to the Constitution. Thanks guys!

dilbert dogbert

I got interested in your last paragraph about liking Trumps policies. So I went to The Google to see what policies he proposed during the campaign. I don't pay attention to campaign policy statements as I think the old saying: "The President Proposes and the Congress Disposes" is correct.
Here I found 146 statements.
I expect you agree with the Foreign Policy statements.
I scanned the 146 for one on LGBTQ but did not find one. I did however, notice in my wanderings on the internet that Trump on the stump seemed to be interested in their problems.
I think your analysis of Mr Trump is spot on.

dilbert dogbert

Those house prices show the disaster caused by the election of a one party, Democratic, state government. The only thing that will bring those prices down is a good solid Republican government.



IMO DJT is posing as a counter-revolutionary. I am the real thing with the exception of laws concerning race. Other than that I rather liked the 50s as a teen. pl



Maggie H something from the NYT? Actually Mike Cernovich had the scoop two hours before the MSM and she tried to claim credit from him. Until it went down she was saying GEN Kelly was a floater and not a serious choice.



Concur. Still not a fan of GEN McMaster.


Elaine -

Kelly is no stranger to political infighting. In 94/95 he was the USMC Liaison to the House of Representatives. Ten years later he returned to HQMC in Washington as the Legislative Assistant to the Commandant.

The Twisted Genius

Yes, Trump and the Mooch are two of a kind... a couple of NYC conmen and bullshit artists. It has all the makings of a classic buddy film. I wonder where Kelly will focus his efforts. Will he focus on getting some control and meaningful cooperation in Congress? He does have some experience in that field. Will he be tasked with instilling some discipline into that clown show that the White House staff has become? Good luck working with the Mooch and the mad tweeter.

No matter how much I dislike him, Trump has expressed support for a number of admirable policies, better relations with Russia, better health care for all, secure borders, infrastructure investment and I'm sure there's others. The problem is that he doesn't have any real policies, just desired outcomes. A policy should include a proposed roadmap to reach those outcomes. Trump doesn't have a clue how to reach most of those outcomes and his primary reason for supporting those outcomes is to increase his popularity. He just wants to be loved. It's all part of the con.


True. And made his money by licensing his name to Arabs, Japanese (80s), Sheiks, and various Russians who couldn’t get their building projects approved otherwise without an extreme federal legal hassle. That’s why he kept his name in the public all the time. It wasn't grandiosity. It was a business decision that paid big bucks. Trump gave a lecture at Wharton in the early 80s to students to explain what he was doing. One of my best friends was a graduate student there and explained it to me.

HOWEVER. He also built buildings and a major hotel renovation (major and under budget, the Grand Hyatt on 42 St) in Manhattan that were his alone, and when I lived in Manhattan, it was not unusual to see photos of Trump over the weekend in The Post and Daily News on site with his workers and schmoozing his union boys checking up on things. He worked 7 days a week. He was completely hands-on. His workers loved him, and he loved them back.

You ask anyone who worked for him long-time. ANYONE. [There’s a retired couple at my local bar who worked for him for 18 years--both of them--and they have nothing but gratitude for Trump and especially his generous retirement program. She was an accountant. I don’t know what he did.] Especially women; he paid them the same as men for the same work, and women in his organization actually had more executive positions than men which was highly unusual at the time. They loved the guy. He was fair, incredibly demanding, and generous. There were only two things that he demanded in return: (#1) loyalty (2) hard work. This wasn’t unknown to NYC-ers who knew his business.

The Twisted Genius


I think the best of the 50s in America was due to an education system in the schools, the communities, the churches and the families that drilled self-discipline, responsibility, courtesy and a magic mixture of pride and humility into our malleable young heads. The presence of strong labor unions and out undisputed status as a world hegemon didn't hurt, either.


Where he got into trouble was giving his first wife responsibility for his NJ casinos and businesses. She completely fucked them up. He never trashed her in public. Not once. She was the mother of his children. It’s a long story.

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