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08 July 2017


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Keith Harbaugh

Colonel Lang, do you have any opinion on whether an independent Kurdistan,
formed of the areas where the Kurds are in the majority,
would make for a more stable and just (in some sense) Middle East?
Many Kurds certainly seem to want their own state.

Maybe this would be a good topic for a stand-alone post?

BTW, I tried googling "Kurdistan site:turcopolier.typepad.com"
to see if you had addressed this already, and the hits didn't look promising as providing an answer
The closest was
(found by using your website's search feature).


Keith Harbaugh

IMO the Turks will never accept the existence of an independent Kurdish country. We will have responsibility to defend such a country if we sponsor it. pl

Ralph Anske

Babak -- thanks for the additional information. It's been argued that later manifestations of Judaism (still pre-"Common Era") were greatly influenced by the Persian experience. To me, at least, this reinforces the scenario of modern Jewish hatred regarding the Persian and Babylonian sojourns.
Don't recall if Koestler noted a comparable idea in The 13th Tribe, regarding the "hostile takeover" of the faith by the Khazars, 'bout a thousand years back.

Phil Cattar

It was interesting to hear Katrina Vanden Heuvel remarks on one of the Sunday talk shows today.She is married to the Russian "expert" Stephen Cohen and the editor of The Nation magazine.She is half Jewish and was born and raised in NYC.She was positive about the Trump/Putin meeting.

Babak Makkinejad


You may find this worth reading:


The author is not Western.

Babak Makkinejad

If you want another South Sudan, then go ahead, cobble together a "Kurdish" country from different and disparate pieces and watch it go up in smoke - but not before Rapine & Carnage have had their fair share.

In 3000 years a Kurdish state has not existed, and for good reasons - namely that Kurds are not a nation-building people; just like Silkhs, Gurkhas and many many such other people.


I agree. It's simply a fact of life that the Borg has members that happen to be Jewish than the other way around.



Natanyahu announced today (17 July) that Israel is completely opposed to the SW ceasefire because it is Israel's intent to destroy Hizbullah and Iranian interest in Syria and this ceasefire does not contribute to that. ITYS (I told you so) pl



He'll have to cross the Potomac first. It'll be easier than crossing the Litani.

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