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18 July 2017


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Colonel sir, perhaps these are mice of the genus Onychomys, found in the US Southwest deserts. I've heard them, they really do howl like wolves, only the pitch is very high. They are also predacious carnivores, striking terror in their small prey. Apt analog, perhaps? https://www.wired.com/2012/02/mouse-howls-like-a-wolf-bites-like-a-tiger/

Fellow Traveler

Sharon's purge-the-clown-car-PLO effort got them Hezbollah, I'm sure Netanyahu's strategery will produce a better result?

As the kids say, Derp.


From the article: "Amidror ......“At the end of the day it is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Americans, or the Russians, to guarantee ourselves, and we will take all the measures that are needed for that,” "

Go ahead, defend yourselves. You don't need the US, you said so yourself. Thank goodness we got that cleared up.

Old Microbiologist

Netanyahu also said Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all.I am amazed he hasn't been taken out and drawn and quartered by his citizens who should be foaming at the mouth after that. Apparently, Merkel is less than pleased as well. http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.681525


Also keep in mind that there is a sizable Neocon establishment in Washington actually pushing the Israelis to cause more trouble.

I probably picked this up here but will pass it along again- a fine, detailed exposition of Lebanese history, politics, and Geopolitics- "Beware of Small States" by David Hirst

The Beaver

It didn't take long to calm the whiners. The article says the State Dept but IMHO it is the work of that Heritage Foundation pip squeaker Nikki at Turtle Bay.


The US has announced fresh sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile programme and what it says is Iran's support for terror organisations.

The US state department said 18 entities or individuals would be affected by the new measures.

It said all 18 supported Iran's ballistic missile programme or the elite Republican Guards Corp.

The Democratic members ( most probably the GOP also since for the past three years they don't publish the names of the Congress men and women) were on their free junket to Israel 4 weeks ago.


And Hamas.


They are welcome to return our money.

 Ishmael Zechariah

Izzies might not need the USA, but they definitely need your money, your weapons and your sons to dismantle Nasrallah's light infantry and artillery. Seems like the Donald is not accepting this. Hence the "threats".

This Turkish dissident deplorable gets happier each day that Hillary was not elected POTUS.

Ishmael Zechariah


Dear Colonel, if it didnt get so many people killed it would be amusing.

Apparently, Israel was party to the cease-fire talks:


So either this is pro-forma for domestic Israeli consumption, or Israel planned to sabotage the cease fire they participated in setting up to backstab the Trump administration (why not - everyone else is).

David Lentini

"What's next, a threat to launch drone attacks in DC if the US does not behave?"

Lest we forget what they did to U.S.S. Liberty. And if they did attack D.C., I'm sure we'd do nothing except perhaps apologize and pay for the drone.


I assume we can expect more Israeli support for al qaida but will the IDF attack the Russian peace keepers or even know where they are? I think they will


The recent new pole showed even today after all the Russian gates and demonzations, she is less popular then DT.


IMO, once US gets tired of spending money and life in ME, Israel and other US satrapies in the MENA wouldn't survive in their curent format. IMO that time is not too far, 10- 15 years ago conversations
like this site or even mild ones like Tucker' was rear and non-existing. Stalemate and internet connectivity is eventually overcome the fake news and PR. As the result, eventually the cost of maintaining Israel and US FO, becomes abublic debate and into US elections regardless of the PR and fake news.


Iran don't need to wipe Israel of the map, Israel is doing it herself, and a good job of that.


Why are dual-passport holders still given high level security clearance and allowed to inform American foreign policy?


It's been a race to the bottom.
Second place gets to be prez.

Phil Cattar

Unfortunately once the shooting starts the Israeli lobby in the US and the Neocons will make sure Israel will get all it needs.As a matter of fact if Hizbullah/Iran starts strong and makes some initial progress ,Israel will get even more help and quicker............Israel has long threatened to destroy Lebanon if they are attacked from Lebanon................IMO they will do major damage to Beirut and would probably love to get North of the Litani river...............The Neocons and the right wing in the US will have no trouble killing Arabs and Persians.............I'm am certainly not a military expert but I do not think Hizbullah has any answer for the Israel Air Force.............Even though many Israelis may die.I believe they have excellent civil defence programs and shelters...................The Neocons/Israeli Lobby/AIPAC are ready..........Unfortunately


from the article
"Iran's Republican Guards Corps was set up after the 1979 revolution to defend the country's Islamic system and provide a counterweight to the regular armed forces.

There is no Republican guards in Iran, so I don't think it matters or iran will care if "Republican" Guards get the sanctions. Where is the BBC' editor.?


Phil Cattar

You are right. You are not a military expert. The IAF could attack Hizbullah firing positions but they could not prevent the kind of response I described. And, if you think the Israelis want to ride out a salvo with many thousands of weapons in it on the basis of their Civil Defense you are sadly mistaken. Why do you think they have not already done so? They love Hizbullah? pl


Doesn't Israel's bragging of their bomb shelters remind you a bit of Enver Hoxha's Albania. Holes aren't the solution to political problems. Occupying the Golan Heights is a political problem and now that the Lebanese have a real military force, the sky is falling.
Israel is playing the long game, but all the eugenics and fences in the world aren't going to save their demographics. They're going to end up assimilated into the local milieu like nearly every other Levantine out-group before them.


Pat - You are 100% correct. I have relatives in both the IAF and IDF. In the last Israeli incursion into Lebanon, the IAF was bombing the crap out of empty fields because they did not have good intelligence on the location of Hezballah fighters. When the IDF followed in, they were constantly surprised at the number and location of Hezballah fighters popping up. In addition, the IDF had no idea Hezballah had anti-tank missiles. After a couple Merkava tanks were lost, the IDF retreated to safer positions.

No one in the IDF wants to fight Hezballah ever again. As my nephew who is a captain in the Golani Brigade says he would rather fight Hamas in the streets of Gaza than Hezballah. In addition, one of the biggest problems with the IDF is their reluctance to take casualties. In Israel the IDF is the peoples army and Jewish casualties are abhorred. It makes their ground forces very timid in their attacks, something that artillery and aerial bombing cannot overcome.

Lastly, everyone in Israel knows that Hezballah rockets will be delivered in huge waves which will totally overwhelm the Iron Dome system and deliver significant personal and economic damage to Israel.


Phil Cattar

Have you spent a lot of time in Israel? pl


Koooshy, the problem is a lot of people just use the internet to watch the latest Beyonce or cat videos.

Remember how Huxley imagined a society where they didn't need a law against reading 'illicit materials', because no one wanted to read?

A more likely scenario is the demographic swing toward non-white majority in America leading to the ascendant coalition of colour siding with the Palestinians against a group they perceive as another white oppressor.


"gets happier each day that Hillary was not elected"

Amen to that particularly now the Clintonist alleged foreign policy experts are joining up with the neo-cons to form a new Borg foreign policy group. What could possibly go wrong?

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