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11 July 2017


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When will the magic 3 be referred to Mueller who have a growing number of prosecutors on the taxpayer payroll?? Nah! That ain't gonna happen. Is the NY Times arguing that all presidential candidate oppo researchers should be investigated for meetings with any individuals who may have alleged links to foreign governments?

Does the media campaign and Mueller's special counsel office spell "witchhunt"?

Ishmael Zechariah

Yet one more attempt to delegitimize Trump, and I think this, too, will fizzle. However the mud smear campaign is becoming tedious. Do you think the Borg has something significantly bigger she is holding in reserve? How do you see this thing ending?
Ishmael Zechariah


I agree with your take.

I am astonished that the anti-Trump campaign now tries to build something from such dreck.

Some lobbyist offered dirt on Clinton in exchange for a meeting. Lobbyist ad no dirt but took the chance to peddle the cause she was paid for (nice trick). The cause had something to do with businesses related to some private Russian persons.

Meanwhile Clinton associates hired a (former) MI6 agent to actively bribe (former) Russian intelligence people and "Kremlin sources" to invent dirt stories about Trump. The Clinton campaign then actively peddled these fairy tales all over Washington DC.

Which of those cases stinks of collusion with shady Russians?



Although not encrypted by other than commercial means, this piece of traffic would have been considered so sensitive politically that the number of recipient people would have very small and well memorialized. It should be very easy to discern the identities. pl


From https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/09/us/politics/trump-russia-kushner-manafort.html:
"three advisers to the White House briefed on the meeting and two others with knowledge of it."
This seems to have come from within the WH.



Probably in the Obama Administration. Do you think they are keeping something like this around in the Trump WH? The two outside the WH were probably very high in the IC. pl



I see it as another part of the assault on the constitutional order. If they can't get impeachment they will delay all legislation and regulatory action possible and continue to inflame portions of the public in an effort to support such actions. The probability of another assassination attempt like the one made on Congressman Scalise and other members of congress a few weeks ago is going to continue to increase.

dilbert dogbert

Could this be true, or is it Fake?


dilbert dogbert

Just found this on the NYT website:



no use arguing about facts. Either this was leaked by advisors to the Obama WH or advisors to the Trump WH. Given the history of backbiting and backstabbing in the Trump WH, both are possible. Hopefully the NYT will clarify the vague statement.



IMO the chance of someone in the Trump WH having leaked this is just about zero. pl


dilbert Dogbert
Don't just send me a bunch of links. Tell me what they say. pl

dilbert dogbert

Trump Jr. Just published the Emails.


Dilbert Dogbert

And? pl


Yes I do. These were Trump campaign emails where Manafort and Kushner were CCed. I am sure many others have copies. I have a much harder time believing that three individuals from the previous WH somehow copied these files and now are spending their days, six months later, not moving on with their lives and careers, but on meetings with NYT and WaPo.


Yes I agree that this is where things are headed. The Jewish globalist elites see the Trump inspired populist movement as an existential threat and will do anything to stop him, even if it means triggering a civil war in the US. These people are going all in and they don't care about the consequences. The whole thing is pretty surreal.



I have now read he DJT Jr. e-mails and you are right. It is "dreck." and a demonstration of the desperation of the left/Borg here in its efforts to destroy Trumpismo. As you know there is nothing illegal or immoral about collecting opposition information on your political opponents. Both the Republicans and Democrats do it. It is not a crime to receive oppo research and it does not matter from whom you get it. anti-trumpers are tryng to sell the ideas that the meeting was important. It was not, and that the NY Times "dreck" was leaked from the Obama WH. Th is intended to cause fear and loathing among the trump people. both of these things are ridiculous. The real story is the one I pointed to. Someone with the right clearance and access gave this info to the NY Times. We should find them and they should be prosecuted. pl



You believe tat because you desperately want to believe it. Why would anyone in the Trump WH givea damn about this. There is zero criminality involved and the meeting was not improper. your Democratic buddies do similar things all the time. If you think that bigwigs in the Obama Administration would not remember this e-mail you really are totally blind. Keep this nonsense up. you will lose even worse in 2018 if you do, pl


"Meanwhile Clinton associates hired a (former) MI6 agent to actively bribe (former) Russian intelligence people and "Kremlin sources" to invent dirt stories about Trump."

Yes, in this case the "Clinton associates", happen to be the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the CIA along with someone high up in MI6.

And now we are supposed to believe the "consensus of the 17 IC agencies" and of course that Team Mueller is completely impartial.

Sometimes I wonder who are trying to fool whom?


The question is why are the three amigos so confident that they will not face prosecution for their actions.

I noticed in the Project Veritas CNN expose that one of the CNN people said the orders to keep on with the Trump Russia meme was coming from that Zucker fella. A purely commercial decision or is someone giving him an order?


It's the Jooz!!!!! Surreal isn't the word for what you are spreading.


I think the emails are garbage that prove nothing BUT there are parts of the emails that could be a problem for Trump, for example, in the first email, Rob Goldstone says:

"The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.
This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump"

The email sounds like Trump Jr is being asked to collude with a "Russian prosecutor" who has access to "official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary".

Does that constitute "collusion"??

I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect this is the case they will make.


The NYT was not only told about the Trump junior emails, it was given their content.

The NYT then threatened to publish them. Trump junior preempted that buy publishing them himself.

From the latest NYT piece:
After being told that The Times was about to publish the content of the emails, instead of responding to a request for comment, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out images of them himself on Tuesday.

So who gave the NYT the full emails of Trump junior who was then as now a private person with no government function?


As Pat Lang has noted, this story involving Donald Trump Jr. is a total nothing burger (paraphrasing), although it is 'fascinating' that the news broke just as we began learning about Mr. Comey and his problems with leaking classified information.

For those who have not read them, follows are links to the statement by Mr. Trump, Jr. and the email chain.


- and -


Follows is a bit of a rant.

As to the 'outrage' over this 'story' what about the Russian operatives with alleged ties to the Kremlin feeding allegations to a former British spy who was being paid by Mr. Trump's opponents?

Oh right, since the allegations in the Steele dossier could have hurt Mr. Trump, we are okay with that sort of activity. Those are the 'good' Russians. (/sarc)

More to the point, in light of the claims made by the publicist in his email about the Kremlin having evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Mrs. Clinton, will the FBI now get in touch with the Russian Government to ascertain whether there is any truth to these claims and seek to obtain the details?

When will the Democratic party and their media allies accept the election results?

How much longer will Obama loyalists within and outside of the administration leak classified administration for their own political purposes, so causing harm to the national security interests of the United States of America?

Why should the American people give any thought to electing Democratic representatives, given their obvious refusal to accept the will of the people and the peaceful transfer of power?

Okay, end of rant.


Please ask yourself what you would be saying and writing if it was Hillary Clinton meeting a Russian lawyer with links to Putin, about dirt on Trump. Please be completely honest with yourself; I'm not asking you to provide an answer here.

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