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10 July 2017


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Part of what Putin described recently as "political schizophrenia" afflicting the body politic of the USA.
Life in general involves choices and we "can't have it both ways", but we keep trying.



If Mukhtar Trump fails to deliver a tangible political result to the Saudis, how much of a mukhtar is he, or alternatively, how useful is he as mukhtar?

If the Saudis waited until they had greased Trump's palm to make a move on Qatar, they must have thought they needed the heft of the US behind them. All they got was @Potus twitter support. Thus, either the Saudis miscalculated, Trump betrayed them, or the deep state refused to permit Trump to take decisive anti-Qatar action.


Unfortunately this will be buried and forgotten just as fast as the Saudi Cables were. Lots of governments have dirty hands when it comes to AQ and nobody wants to explain it in front of the voting public. If the government won't write the story for them the news outlets won't carry it.

In the immortal words of David Lee Roth. "Here today, gone later today."



Yes, this could be a lot of fun, if both sides start leaking documents that show the extent of backing AQ have received in both financial and material terms. If that leak war could directly implicate Brennan it would be even better.

I'd love to see the cognitive dissonance in the Borg media.


How likely are the documents are genuine and if so is the content supported by public source corroborating information and context?

Of course, everyone knows that Saudis are up to their noses in this crap, for a long time, and everywhere, but I would like to know who knows all of this and who does not want it come out in any meaningful, undeniable way? I of course know the answers, because I read it mostly here. And cross check mostly to the best of my ability. What do the gray beards think?



All I learned in life and continue to learn about the Gulfies supports the opinion that the documents are genuine. The Egyptian press is officially and thoroughly censored. Someone must have influenced Sisi to let this newspaper publish these documents. IMO a dissident group in the WH did this. They have tried to tell DJT that he has thrown in his lot with the major sponsors of the AQ jihadis. These princelings live in the ultimate bubble and have a massive over-estimate of themselves and their ability to manage ordinary people. They often make mistake. Look at the mess in Yemen. pl


I thought so, the dark side again. I have been here long enough to know who the terms in detail, princelings, the ultimate bubble and all the rest of he special code that is used here. I am a little confused about the anti AQ bench and why would they out such info, in cohorts with Sisi to straighten up Trump. This would be a righteous choice, to let the American people know that Trump is buddying up to major terror supporters and perhaps the people behind 9/11. Wouldn't this be in direct opposition to the neocons ideology, which I presume to be the Borg and the princeling's aims, which I understand to be to keep the chaos in ME going perpetually? In which the strategic aims of Saudis and the Zionists converge? And Sisi being their buddy, why would he let let out such info, effectively cutting down the Saudis, his major supporter?

So, did Trump really throw his lot with the major supporters of the AQ supporters for decades, or just made a few good deals hawking toys, morality notwithstanding?

Or, am I confusing the princelings with the Borg? Oh well, I will post it, someone will straighten me out, I am sure.

Babak Makkinejad

German trade with Qatar was about 3 billion Euros - for 330,000 Qataris and 2 million foreign servants.

German trade with Iran was about 2.9 billion Euros - for a country of 80 million people.

Put another way, Germany has no problems with paying customers - regardless of their jihadi connections.


IMO, and most usually, if the docs are genuine or not, they will be denied their authenticity or ignored, not discussed altogether. And if the policy of the western better than us ( you read Borg) is to ignore it, it will be ignored by the western MSM, which makes it all easier for the KSA and Egyptian governments to deny it's authenticity. Nevertheless like Colonel Lang says it's not all real, clean, clear out there especially in this kind of work. As colonel said, I wonder how did this pass by Sisi' government, and allowed to be published?
Unless Sisi is asking for more (money) before he allow more to be printed. It's all fun to read.



Trump does not understand the ME. There is a contest within the WH for his attention. It is between those who have actual knowledge that the "princelings" (the rich emirs in the Gulf) who are not really our friends and never have been and the US foreign policy establishment (the Borg)who want to think that the princelings can be a useful set of assets for US FP and that they can use them rather than be used. A third payer in this is the bloc of Zionist political activists (AIPAC, etc. who want the US to support a Saudi/Israeli rapprochement. pl



Have you missed the fact that the "docs" are being discussed here? pl

FB Ali

I think you have it right. However, I am puzzled by Sisi's actions/role. You have suggested that it was a dissident group in the WH who nudged him into this. There could perhaps be other possibilities.

One is that he is not 'all-powerful', and some other generals don't support his pro-princelings stance. Another is that he doesn't want to foreclose all other options, and is preparing the ground in case he has to make a switch.


Colonel Lang, sorry if not clear, by Docs. I was referring to this new Qatari documents published in Egyptian
paper, which connects the CP Salman and CP Zayed to Al Q' supporters. I think their authenticity will be denied or ignored by concerned states. I also wonder, how this (publishing) passed Sisi' censors, unless he is switching sides or asking for more Money?



Sisi is an opportunist who sees that he needs the support of the military faction in the WH as well as Mattis. what is difficult to understand about that? pl


Iran has on several occasions indicated that it has documents showing GCC countries supporting terrorists. Likely source is Qatar, but Iran has threatened to release these documents on prior occasions.

Bill Hearn

Thanks for not retiring from the field. I was dismayed when I thought I would see less of your knowledge and experience in light of today's world.

Bill Hearn

Babak Makkinejad

Then why do you care about jihadists or what they do?


Thank you sir, I was not focused on Sisi' pleasing the American side, that was an angel i didn't see.

dilbert dogbert

Could the Qatar thing be push back by the Trump family for the failure to get this loan from a rich Qatari?

The ME is a hall of distorting mirrors:



There is nothing unusual about Sisi. I have had much exposure to senior Egyptian officers. Sisi is like them all. They are political creatures of little or no military talent who play every side against every other side. pl

The Porkchop Express

Hahahahaha. Miyye bi miyye, ya aqeed! Bas sahab el haq al sultan, ma hek?


Porkchop Express

Yes, they all think they know more than they really do and are surprised when you see through them. pl

The Porkchop Express

I don't think that's exclusive to just Arab military, though--something of a cultural trait from pols, to military, to zaim, to cabbies, and everything in between. You're an ajneb! You aren't supposed to know their game ! Heaven help you if you play Saddam's game better than them. I forgot your expression, "got them on all axis of their spleen" or something to that effect?

Also, I recall reading a study somewhere that said that in almost every Arab military (save a few--I don't remember the exclusions as this was years ago) an O6 is only capable of exercising authority that is essentially equivalent to an E5 in a western military. All decisions must be routed, basically, up to the highest levels. If I can find it, I'll post it. Does that sound in line with your experience?

The Porkchop Express

I guess it wasn't a study, more of an observation. And not E5, E7:

"All of which has led American trainers to develop a rule of thumb: a sergeant first class in the U.S. Army has as much authority as a colonel in an Arab army."



Practical or utilitarian, concerns, particularly ones well founded, are one thing. Moral, and/or concerns of hypocrisy, are entirely different things. I believe Iran itself has on occasion 'engaged' with AQ.....we all do it.

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