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10 July 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

"...dark side again..."

Good Zoroastrian way of looking at it.


dilbert dogbert,

From the website you linked too: (note the all caps is the Intercepts)
“THE KUSHNERS’ PURCHASE of 666 Fifth Avenue .... in 2007 was a capstone to an era marked by high prices and reckless amounts of debt.”….
"When the financial crisis hit, rents went down, vacancies went up,…”

The era was marked by high prices? I wonder who else bought NYC real estate in 2007? And to think that was a decade before everyone "knew" the market would collapse and Barack would bail them out. If only we had a time machine.

"Ben Walsh is a freelance writer. He was previously the chief business reporter for The Huffington Post. Ryan Grim is The Intercept’s D.C. bureau chief. He was previously the Washington bureau chief for HuffPost"

Two hacks formerly with the Huffington Post threw out some recycled campaign material. Why do you think that is in any way related or is the Clinton network now changing its tune and since Qatar stiffed poor little Jared he not only went out and got Russian money but now a little pay back due to "The Art of the Deal"?


porkchop express

With the possible exception of the Jordanians (in the old days) Arab officers have very little authority compared to western NCOs and officers. pl


Dear Colonel,

I also wonder if there could be turbulence in the house of Saud, also feeding in. The Saudi dominance cannot continue for long if they continue to lose in Yemnen while oil sits at $40/bbl. The Trump admin has some of the best intel on true Saudi oil field capabilities (everyone's friend, Goldman Sachs), and we could be seeing political hedging by Egypt.

In any case, it will be fun if tit-for-tat docs continue to be released - in a S- Storm, no one leaves the party smelling like roses.........

Babak Makkinejad

"engage", in this context, usually means meetings between intelligence agents of one or other government with this or that group. It does not encompass any form of commercial relationship; e.g. unlike Turkey's commercial relationship with ISIS - another NATO state, like Germany.

I will make my point clear: NATO states have adjudicated among Muslim sects and chose the most primitive and least civilized as their bosom buddies - the rest, as they say, is history.

dilbert dogbert

I note the Trump Family reacts strongly to negative actions. Fits.


Dilbert Dogbert

"Fits" what? pl


dilbert dogbert,

You mean when somebody pulls some dog pile off the pavement and smears them with it they don't respond with a shrug and a smile? No kidding. It took CNN less than a day to find the creator of a wrestling meme Trump tweeted. We are now on month 7 of Russia, Russia, Russia and the evidence we have has gone all the way down the food chain to a foreign lawyer of dubious credentials met with the son of the man who won the election.

At least we get music with CNN memes:

The Beaver


The independent Egyptian Newspaper published that article back in April before the new Pharaoh put it under his thumb ( Guess he does not want to offend his bankers) as per this:


The nine-page document was published by Egyptian newspaper al-Badil in April - before the outlet was banned by Cairo - accusing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi's Mohammed bin Zayed of providing aid to the two extremists.

The Beaver

@ Brig. Ali

or may be because of this relationship:
Mujtahidd tweets about main Saudi figures in Saudi-Israeli relations

Mujtahidd is the twitter a/c who has published the following , translated by this site:


“Since Al-Jubeir had no religious or national commitments, he was the perfect man to approach and work harmoniously with AIPAC, and consequently facilitate Bandar’s mission of earning Congress’ backing. One of the results of this harmony was the establishment of direct relations with Israeli officials, the earning of Israel’s trust, and the coordination of the positions from behind the scenes in regard to regional affairs. This relationship thus affected the Kingdom’s position towards the Palestinian cause, the Madrid and Oslo conferences, Lebanon, the Palestinian resistance in it, Iraq and Iran among others. When King Abdullah reached the throne, [Khalid] At-Tuwaijri [then Chief of the Royal Court] who believed in Israel’s greatness, managed to convince the King to appoint Al-Jubeir as Ambassador to America, to facilitate his direct coordination with them [the Israelis].

“And when Salman reached the throne, his son Mohammed was adamant to convince Israel that the Kingdom’s policy was in line with its own, which is why he appointed Al-Jubeir as Foreign Minister upon Saud al-Faisal’s death. By then, Al-Jubeir had become a star among the Zionists, who were calling him the Michael Jordan of Saudi Arabia…


Colonel, I'll just say it, though the idea hasn't had much traction, but I'd be interested in your reaction, as someone who knows the peninsula.

My guess is that what is really behind the Saudi-Qatari "spat" is that the Qataris may have been helping internal opposition within Saudi Arabia. MbS must be generating opposition. The Shi'a of the Eastern Province are one thing, but it is unlikely that the Qataris were helping them. The loyalty of the Hijazis is pretty light, having the Najdis imposed on them, according to what I saw when I was last there. The Qatari tribes have close relations with their relatives the other side of the border. The problem must be there, or perhaps directly in the royal family.

Of course, we know very little about the internal politics of Saudi Arabia, so anything one suggests is bound to be a guess. But the Saudis have never bothered to make the effort to combine the country into a single nation. People accept because they're paid. Bound to be grumbles, when the current prince goes to extremes.


Fyi, in case people missed it:

Exclusive: The secret documents that help explain the Qatar crisis http://cnn.it/2tAw4Av translation here http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2017/images/07/10/trans

Worth taking the time to read the documents.

Also Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain issue formal statement verifying the authenticity of the Qatar agreements leaked by CNN.

(h/t Hassan Hassan‏ who tweets at @hxhassan for this material.)



that could be but IMO it is linked to a general desire on the part of the Saudis to be the neighborhood sheriff and DJT's encouragement of a belief that this is attainable. pl

Razor Edge

Is this the article you're looking for?



I don't think you will ever see any majority sunni Arab country stand up for shia, that's a proven fact.
Last week in London a sunni Afghani cab driver from Kunduz was telling me that Iranians are the main supplier of arms to Taliban, I told him he and SOD Mattis must have received the same intelligence, last time hassan the cabby had visited afghanistan to get married was 15 years ago . for some reason westerners love to stick, connect attach the shia ( you read iranians) to their own creation meaning Sunni arab takfiri extremists. Jal al khalegh.

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