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20 July 2017


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I don't recall our requiring Syrian assistance. The problem with disentanglement lies in DC. And if we are now so solicitous of the Kurds' fate, why were we going after relatively tolerant Syria and not Turkey?

Arioch The

Budget may mean a lot.
Would France send troops to Africa time and again, or no more?
Would France boost NATO tax, as Trump demands, or not?
Would France co-create non-NATO EU Army or not?

Those all are budget issues among other.

Arioch The

> One wonders if the US does or does not have a plan to deal with that situation without resorting to WWIII.

Which USA ? Clinton's one or Trump's one?

Clinton's plan would include attacking Russian Army, getting harmed by returned fire, throwing a tantrum of Russian aggression and impeaching Trump.

Whether US soldiers in Syria would survive it or not she would care exactly as much as she cared for US guardians of embassy in Benghazi.


I think you watch too much House or Cards


Tyler, I thought you knew me. I thought you thought me above that kind of bullshit. Louise Mensch?!! Do I strike you as that naive and dumb? But I guess we are both wrong....

You think I WANT this kind of thing, welcome what is coming, for the President of my Nation? I am calling it as a lawyer who has worked on investigations. Period. If I get it wrong...I will be the first to celebrate. I do not want to see, once more, as if the we have not seen it enough, the leadership paralysis by this bullshit.

But you are, to my genuine surprise, and disappointment, a one trick pony...ad hominem attacks. So...have at it alone. Done with this discussion.


I would not imagine that "probable cause" will be hard to come up with. Just a guess, not based on any access to the 'facts' as they stand now. But if past is prologue, they will get their probable cause predicated on financial transactions. It is not a big hurdle to overcome. It has nothing, or little, to do with whether it is justified or not.



France is the only other NATO member with any force projection capability. That's why they could succeed in Operation Serval. Had they not done so ISIS would have a base of for operation and growth in Africa.



Trump should have issued wholesale presidential pardons months ago to nip the witch hunt against him in the bud. Very few people can withstand a multi million dollar federal investigation. Same as the Whitewater (an Arkansas land deal) evolved into impeaching Clinton for a consensual blow job, the ongoing Russian investigation will find something on Trump.

Babak Makkinejad

At one time, I read, 40% of the US military's hardware was in Iraq - heavy tanks, light tanks, artillery pieces, humvees, APCs, lorries and so on.

If one were to believe your scenario, US would have to transport into that theatre about the same amount of materiale or more. And were would the embarkation point be, in Aqaba? That is a 7-hour drive, may be longer to Damascus.

I remain unpersuaded.



I've read that it's probably money laundering. As jonst said right above, this type of investigation will spread out, from possible collusion to individual financial dealings. We've seen this many times before.



So they'll search the financial transactions then use them expost facto to create the probable cause to begin with? Somehow that doesn't surprise me. The State of New York, home of many of Trumps enemies, has had years to do just that with no effect. Second question, who is the next politician the establishment will be doing this too?



What a wonderful precident. Get elected, pardon everybody up front.

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