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20 July 2017


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Arioch The

> Melania was seated next to Putin. Did she learn Russian in school? Likely.

even if she did it was so far ago.
i'd rather think about German

wiki: When she began working as a model, she changed the Slovene form of her last name Knavs to the German Knauss

Arioch The

you speak Putin is Trump's adversary, but if you believe in Borg, than the men are allies and tomahawk story hints at it


Arioch the

Go look in the archive. pl


Less than Washington deserves: a good horse whipping and war crime charges.


on which date?
There is 12 years without one month of everyday posts.
It is hardly feasible to reread them all just for one abbreviation


russia plus
palestinian factions
shia militias from iraq, afg, pak


sid Finster,

Trumps decision either 1. Shuts the program down (I think so - who wants to take career risks on a losing program), or 2. makes it much less effective (and its effectiveness was near zero).

Why do the Saudi's need our weapons and money to funnel? They can and do get weapons from all over the place. If we funnel or not, the Saudi's will continue to double down on their failing policy as fast as they can find committed jihadis to take the weapons. At least until the Yemen debacle leads to a palace coup or worse.

False flag - done that - no effect. why would next one be more effective? Again, why take a career risk on a losing option.

I presume the leaks are occurring at the maximum rate the DC media can ingest them. So far no effect.



So Trumps dad was rich and Donald turned his starting money into a $billion. His political opponent did not have rich parents or a spouse with rich parents. How did they get so wealthy? "good political connections trump everything". That seems to work for far too many of our politicians.


I am glad to see that a few people are waking up to the fact that Trump is anything but a buffon, but rather is five moves ahead of his clumsy and to lazy to think blind mice opponents (or victims?).


So we now require the formal assistance of Syria and Russia to "disentangle" ourselves? Maybe we wanted to secure some guarantees for the safety of our Kurdish friends? Are the guarantees in the peace agreement and did Turkey sign it?
And who on the American side was responsible for agreeing with the idea of Russian police keeping the peace on the southern border? Since the armed forces of Syria and Russia are having the devil's own job of clearing the head-choppers, not sure what security the Russian police will provide to the Israelis, who, of course after reading the fine print are now rejecting the whole peace plan.
So, if by "we manage to disentangle" you mean "a Trump face-saving measure", I would agree.


His political instincts, and his instincts for self defense are about to put to the supreme test. The jumping of the Firewall, referenced by Trump today in his Times' interview, i.e. the move to investigate FINANCIAL transactions conducted in many cases before he ran for President, is HUGE, HUGE, trouble. People on the lower level are gonna start flipping. Manafort first in line. But bank types, M&A guys, Real Estate Lawyers, careers are gonna be on the line. The prosecutors will be like Red Ants.

And unlike Nixon, or, even Reagan, if it came to it in IranContra, Trump can't walk away from this,as the price to end the investigation. Because they are coming after his family too. They are ALL gonna be tied up defending themselves. We've all seen this game before. Bank accounts will be frozen. Tax returns double checked...who the hell is confident he or she could come out clean in this kind of proctology examine? This is going to sideline all other issues.



Russia "hacking the election" will be long forgotten as Mueller justifies his growing team of prosecutors. I think you're right the investigation will likely be about financial transactions well before he was a candidate for president.

Arioch The

Mayb it would be interesting to moderators of this blog, that mobile (for phones and tablets verison of thsi blog does not allow to log in with Google account

Arioch The

Thanks, LG

(alignment joke skipped)

Arioch The

> ...by Trump today in his Times' interview, i.e. the move to investigate FINANCIAL transactions conducted in many cases before he ran for President

It would be international, not USA-domestic though

See here: http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=86411

Imagine Kremlin would say something like that: US Government stole Russian dyplomatic real estate, because US finances are in so desperate state that even as shameful and little profit as those houses is crucial. And then would follow, that all Bill Clinton tenure time purchases of Russian property by American power players is from this day considered fraudulent and are summarilly rolled back, until new owners would prove legal cleanless of those deals.

Clintons attack Trump, Clintons attack Russia.
Well, that very collusion would become a self-fulfilling prophecy in the end.

Eric Newhill

Re; The "firewall". I don't think it will get to that point. Everyone in Congress has a lot of dirty financial dealings. Trump is no doubt aware of details of at least some of these. He liked to mention during the debates how the other candidates used to come beg him for money. I saw that as a warning as much as anything else. He has contempt for these people because he knows their extracurricular business.

He has also begun to heat things up on the Clinton front. He'll go after them ("Lock her up"). Trump will go nuclear if he thinks he's going down. While he still has the power and the access, he will take the whole establishment down with him. Certainly, no one wants that.

If they want to get rid of Trump, they'd better start looking for a wacko that can be programmed to be "a lone gunman", a mechanic that can cause a tragic crash of Air Force 1, a cook that can introduce botulism into the taco bowl, etc. They probably began that search in earnest early in November.



Did you get this from Louise Mensch? Did Steve Bannon nearly end up executed by the Marshall of SCOTUS?



Yeah, that's all it was. Not a move that aligned the neocons, the Dems, and the media (but I repeat myself thrice) behind him, even if temporarily. Not a move that underlined to China something had to be done.

Yeah, you keep playing those checkers.



"Political connections" LMBO right.

He was certainly less connected than scion of the Deep State Barack Obama. Any port in a storm tho.


Nothing brilliant happened, he just saw what any average Joe could see but the Borg apparently can't. In the land of the blind (Borg) the one-eyed man (Trump) is king. But the Borg is adept at presenting their blindness as some special insight until they do something with unavoidably bad consequences such as the Iraq War or their little dance with Al Qaeda throughout MENA descending into uncontrollable chaos. The big test for Trump would be whether he can see through Borgist manipulation enough foresee the consequences of their machinations and head them off, rather than recognize them after they've already hit everybody over the head. I would be impressed, but his stances towards Israel, KSA, and Iran do not make me optimistic.


Israel's concern over the ceasefire is not security against the headchoppers. Israel sees the headchoppers as the agents of their own interests.



"Their bank accounts will be frozen?" "Tax returns double checked"

What is the probable cause for investigating all those financial transactions? What evidence does the FBI have after 7 months? Now they'll do all this because Mueller says so?

Did you notice we have heard a word about Huma Abedi, her crooked sexual predator husband or any of the Clinton staffers who recieved immunity? "Russia, Russia, Russia" sure seems to have done the trick.


Trump gets to start 'resolving' a crisis his ineffective predecessor never could.

The borg considers this an unmitigated disaster, but not the American public.



It seems President Macron accepted the resignation of the General Pierre de Villiers, Général d'armée of the French Army. Any idea if there is more to this than the public dispute over the budget?


The left by definition believes in a notion of progress which sets up an opposition between an abstract notion of the good and the historical foundations of the West. Therefore it follows the left is the enemy within.

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