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20 July 2017


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Isn't Mr Trump just doing what would be expected from what he said before the election? It has taken him a bit longer and some expensive theatre at Shaytat to overcome the Russia Collusion type problems that have stood in his way.


If you assume that he accidentally turned a loan from his father into a real estate empire in one of the toughest markets in the world, accidentally crushed the two leading political dynasties in the same race during a neophyte campaign, and accidentally talked the MSM into setting itself and its credibility on fire then sure you can assume that this is accidental as well.

Or, perhaps, the man is a canny operator beyond what people want to give him credit for. I'd say his political instincts are up there with Bill Clinton in his prime.


Given Trump's non-existent geopolitical skills and weak grasp of history, my money is on his personal risk factor. Trump greenlighted a special forces raid in to Yemen early in his presidency and one ops died. Putin probably told Trump that American forces in Syria would be taking more casualties and Trump decided he didn't start any of the ME wars and he sure didn't want to have American dead hanging round his neck. Bad PR images.


Evidently Trump refused to have American staff formally record his conversations with Putin. It was bare bones Trump-Tillerson demarche. Trump probably wanted to prevent leaks, and that suggests he intended to discuss issues seriously and in good faith with Putin. This thesis is also buttressed firstly by the McMasters faction back home going on record to state their objections to Trump's 'embrace' of Russia. Trump made damn sure he excluded everyone who was liable to throw a wrench in the gears. Secondly, the sharp public opposition to the ceasefire agreed upon at the G20 by Israel also indicates Trump went against the grain. Thirdly, Trump pulls the plug on the CIA's stable of terrorists in Syria.

As I said in a poast after the Poland visit, Trump appears to have crested a hill of sorts. He has cleared a space in which he can manevour pro-actively. The Russian narrative has failed to stick, the GOP cucks are being excoriated by Trump on healthcare, and Trump has achieved a concrete success in Syria without appearing to cave in to Russia.

Col Lang and others have rightly pointed out on here Trump's seemingly erratic and whimsical style of policy implementation. However, we're gradually starting to see a reassertion of the America First position he adopted on the campaign trail. If Trump is fighting the deep state with a small band of compatriots, this pattern would make sense. When circumstances or successful moves by Trump deposit more political capital in his hands, Trump begins to enact the platform he was elected on. When the deep state gains the upper hand, the white house 'bends with the wind.'

I offer this as a tentative explanation, or as some of us younger ones like to say, a 'white-pill' reading of the situation.


"Given Trump's non-existent geopolitical skills..."

The man just concluded a successful ceasefire with Syria and Russia, and buttressed a key ally in Europe against his enemies further West and the EU.

Trump may not have encyclopedic knowledge of the world, but when left to own devices he has good instincts.

The debacle in SA is a notable exception, and I suppose you could choose to see it in a defining light. On the other hand, it could simply be the low point of his presidency.


Thanks TTG for the summary.

The Trump approach seems to be toss S--t at the all and see what sticks, then beat the opposition over the head with it (low energy, etc.). In this regards, he gave the Saudi's some rope with Qatar. In this regards it matches what I have heard about his corporate philosophy, which has intense competition amongst rising executives.

I still have no idea what the man thinks, and whether he is smarter than the media suggests (probably since they set the bar very low) or not (as his actions seem to indicate), so call it an empirical predictive Trump model.

If true, expect lots more major reversals - probably in Asia.

Turkey is rapidly re-aligning, which really changes the ME dynamic. Will Egypt dump the Saudi's for a R+7 coalition, soon? Those entities participating in the R+ coalition are certainly cementing long-term relationships and effective military coordination.


I agree. I met Trump in 2009 and chatted with him one-on-one for about 20 minutes. He seemed to be able to assimilate facts and situations effortlessly and didn't need elaboration. During the Presidential campaign he sized up the neocon stupidity perfectly. There is no reason to think he abandoned this common sense view once in office. I think he realized that he had to entertain and placate the powerful neocon amen corner for a bit while his strategy always remained the same. I'm very happy I voted for Trump.



Publius Tacitus wrote this, not TTG. pl


I am interested in how you see the ceasefire to be a success for Trump.
Isn't the treaty official American recognition of Assad as the head of Syria? What exactly did we get? There are far more bad entities on the ground in Syria who were not signatories to this treaty.


And I would add that he clearly loves a good scrap and goes out of his way to get it sometimes. As you point out, he has had some success.

Not as dumb as a lot of his opponents think that's for sure.

Sam Peralta


If this "cease & desist" order to the CIA is correct, then, IMO, the decision is a good one irrespective if it was accidental or intentional.

Trump instead of demonizing Putin is talking to him and attempting to reduce tensions with Russia. He recognized early on in the primary that Russia could be a partner rather than an adversary and the trillions spent on "regime change" and "nation building" were shortchanging investments here at home. That was very appealing to those of us who want a more non-interventionist foreign policy with the concomitant reduction of our military footprint overseas.

IMO, this Russia hysteria that the neocon & liberal alliance is promoting along with the MSM to attack Trump is not having the intended effect, as they may have hoped it would. At some point many people are going to get tired of this hysteria. The fact is that the neocon/liberal alliance are the forces that have perpetuated the groupthink of "enlightened" interventions which continue to have poor outcomes for the US including draining resources from domestic investments. After a year of hysteria all that seems to have been accomplished is the Mueller self-licking ice cream cone. Wouldn't it be ironic if it turns out that the Don, Jr meeting was a set-up by Democrat operatives like FusionGPS behind the Steele "dossier"?


apologies, Thanks Publicus Tacitus. The morning cup of coffee clearly was insufficient. On my second now.

Eric Newhill

I voted for Trump b/c I believe him to be a highly capable and practical man with a good sense of our country needs at this time. He proved himself by soundly defeating all of the Borg zombies that were offered up to the voters. I knew that such a man would have no time or resources for the fantasies of unaccountable think tank crowd.

It has merely taken him a few months to get his bearings on both the domestic and FP situations.True, his presentation is a bit off by normal DC standards, but look where normal DC standards have got us. What he has just done is Syria is exactly what he said he'd do during the election cycle. I also believe that Trump will stick to his promises far more than any other candidate would.

All else is just the pathetic attacks of a wounded and thrashing Borg and the gullibility of people that are at least partially assimilated whether they realize it or not; or that are leftist moles and the enemy within.


Short answer: we manage to disentangle ourselves *before* we got in any deeper.

If we actually manage to do this, it will be a major success.

Eric Newhill

Not to be insensitive, but it is an interesting synchronicity that Trump's pulling the plug on the moderate head choppers comes at the same time as arch head chopper supporting neocon and anti-Trump gang leader, McCain, departs into the political sunset with brain cancer ( a condition I have suspected he has suffered from for some time now).


Now, let's see if the CIA actually follows orders, or if we see one or more of the following:

1. CIA starts funneling cash and arms through some gulfie despotate ("We gave the Saudis these nifty TOW rockets and then oopsies! they just somehow wound up in the hands of some unsanctioned headchoppers. I guess we'll never ever know what happened!")

2. False flag ("How awful poor baby children and a chocolate lab puppy no time for questions now now we gotta go to war against Syria right away quick quick hurry not a minute to lose!")

3. CIA simply ignores its orders and does what it wants. They'd have plenty of backing in DC, both covert and overt, both in and out of the Deep State or the Borg or whatever you want to call it. For that matter, most of DC would treat them as martyrs.

4. Steps up flow of "leaks" and "revelations" to get rid of Trump. Didn't Chuck Schumer hint at something like this happening when fighting the Borg?


Not accidentally. His father was very well politically connected. The same father who helped bail him out financially. (In the NYC real estate market (New Jersey also. What a corrupt state!) good political connections trump everything. Very unlikely he survived his casino days and the multiple bankruptcies absent those connections.) That said, he is a marketing genius.



It appears that Trump can play the fool to great effect. I'm beginning to wonder if whole Mukhtar affair was some elaborate ruse to discombobulate the entire ME chessboard to his benefit.

The Twisted Genius

Publius Tacitus,

Like you and most others here, I'm happy about Trump's shutting down the covert program to arm and train the "moderate" jihadists. I don't think it was by accident. Most of us saw this as a loser program. The R+6 have changed conditions enough now for more and more people to see that this was a loser program. I'm sure Trump could see this as well. This covert program was bankrupt and, as a businessman, Trump clearly saw it was bankrupt. Additionally, it was an Obama program so it was easy for Trump to sign another finding to end another Obama program.

I still see his doubling down in his alignment with the Saudis and increasing tensions with Iran as terrible policy. Add to that the increasing military involvement in Afghanistan and the seemingly move to stay in northern Syria and shape the YPG/SDF into the new new anti-Assad rebels is doubly troubling. This all looks like jiggering US Mideast policy rather than changing it.


I totally agree with all the above commentators. He is way too smart for the NeoCons, Borg Etc. He throws in the (ineffective militarily but very effective politically), tomahawk missile attack to have the MSM and the rest of the crowd say he became their president with that one shot. He is very adept at their games and he plays them to perfection. I think Putin met his match in this game.

Arioch The

One my old comment follows.

Also there later were interesting news, Qatar promised to bail Kushner's real estate business out for half a billion, then they stepped away. Trump could be punishing Qatar, forcing them into much higher losses than they were initially demanded to pay to Kushner. So, this "kill two birds with one stone" could be very compelling to him.


June 7, 2017 at https://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2017/06/07/donald-trumps-middle-east-foreign-policy-is-a-disaster-waiting-to-happen/

Trump is trickster. Lacking representation in MSM, he makes media to discuss topics he want by baiting them.

1) Trump makes Saudi pay fortunes to American military-industrial-congressional complex. Binding them together.
2) Trump also inspires Saudi to slash Qatar.
3) StateDept and USArmy immediately back Qatar.

Outside US: does not matter
Inside US: behemoths of MIC-C are now making standoff against behemoths of StateDept and Pentagon

In best for Trump development, Saudi and Qatar would really exchange some sensible blows, and mirroring those tails wagging would be underdogs of USA hidden state.

Making MIC-C and SD+P bruise one another Trump might regain some freedom of decision making and try to balance on top of their fight, avoiding Clinton’s impeachment.

The rest of the world? Trump could not care less.


Very well said. He just threw the chess board away. Saudi's and their billions in lobbying and PR in US is just a waste.



USS Liberty was a US navy vessel that had been converted into a SIGINT collection platform from previous duty as a freight carrier. Perhaps you don't understand that we do not call members of the US Navy "soldiers." They are sailors or naval officers, not "soldiers." The ship was armed with only a few machine guns because such ships rely on the freedom of the seas for protection because the US, like other countries does not wish to provoke a reaction to their presence. The ship was in international waters when attacked.
What "larger rule?" pl

Arioch The

btw, what "r+6" stands for ?
is here some glossary ?


On the foreign policy front, this is a long needed realignment of policy with respect to Syria. It goes along with a more coherent strategy on the ground. Good riddance: aiding the unicorns.

I'm skeptical (and biased,) yet I will wait to see if Trump will actually try to bolster and revive the manufacturing sector.

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