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28 July 2017


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All of the NSC members who were fired were essentially people Flynn brought in or had been aligned with. Why is McMaster now on a roll removing Flynn holdovers? Why is he keeping Obama people?


weasel is the true characterization of DH...I first crossed paths with him in 1993 when we attended the Military Intelligence Officer Transition Course at Ft. Huachuca. He was a Major at the time attending a course filled with relatively new Captains who either in the Branch Detail program or branch transferring from another branch in to MI. It was odd to have a Major in this course but he was there with a couple of other Majors so we all just accepted it as par for the course. It didn't take long though to realize that he was a total asshole...and while I have no evidence to back it up but I'm pretty certain he was involved in a plagiarism incident while he was in the MIOTC...as best I can remember DH bluffed and bullied his way out of the incident. After MIOTC and the MIOAC I was assigned to USFK and to my surprise DJ was also assigned there a few months after me. It was here while working with DH on the USFK staff that I realized how much of an asshole he truly is...I could tell story after story of his back stabbing and self promotion...but as you imply in your comment he appeared to be made of teflon and nothing negative ever stuck to him...he always deflected mistakes or other problems onto the others working around him. I crossed paths with DH many times over the years and it never ceased to amaze me when I would hear about his many promotions...he is just a rump snorkler and apparently he cultivated many patrons over the years.



When he tried to hang around my offices in the Pentagon it was clear that he knew nothing of intelligence work. I guess he had finagled a transfer to MI without training and an assignment to DIA on an equally unqualified way. "Rump snorkler?" Undoubtedly. pl

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