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14 July 2017


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They have nowhere else to go!


I like it just fine and I am not going anywhere unless you do. I was skeptical about SST at first. Now it is a daily essential read for me, not only for pl but also for TTG, etc. I also appreciate most of the comments, thanks to pl for keeping out the riffraff. I am of the liberal tendency and I appreciate the lack of partisan name calling here. I like it here.

Thank you pl


Col Lang, I think that you (SST) have made an impact you don't quite appreciate. You have many participants now - "newbies" that have discovered the Committee you launched years ago - who assume this blog / site is like most others... some corporate or interest group created concept ginned up to monetize & manipulate opinion. They do not understand the way you operate, SST is not crafted to make quick bucks on the cheap. It isn't all their fault... most sites are devised for high eyeball count in narrow-focused market segments.

I wonder if access to SST should require some form of Agreement...
- your site, abide by your rules,
- be civil w/ correspondents you may disagree with,
- maintain a sense of humor,
- have / get a clue about critical reasoning vs received wisdom,
- do not be a complete asshole,
- your site, abide by your rules.

Anyway, something along these lines for those who have recently stumbled-in might help filter out time-wasting irritants.
You (& those who you've invited to post topics) are to be lauded for the QC. It's gotta be a pain.
It's the burden of high standards.


I think you are doing a superlative job, sir.

Old Microbiologist

Point well taken. I must have missed something recently or it reflects commentators we aren't seeing and rightfully so. But, eakens is right, other than MoA and a few other selected sites, there is very little intelligent conversation on these kinds of issues. Your site is even unique among the others having an unbiased look. The commentators lend credence and value and are also unique. Keeping trolls out must be a real chore. I can imagine the difficulty to weed out the obvious noise versus some alternative viewpoint which is valuable. Not an easy task.

To me, the fact that both you and MoA are picked up frequently by NakedCapitalism (a site I read avidly for it's equally unbiased reportage) is a high honor and reflects the credibility of your posts.



I don't want to be very specific about comments you don't see because that points to points of sensitivity. Suffice it to say that some comments are just a joke and others malicious. And then there are those who want to change editing. I.e., I have no problem with links in posts but I don't want piece to consist solely of a link and the quoted material. pl


By all means keep up the good work....

Bill H

I love the way you run it, and am delighted that you plan to continue.

Cape Cod Skeptic

Agreed. This site and the others you mention are ones I visit daily (although rarely comment), along with ZeroHedge, The Saker and a few others. It is interesting seeing cross-fertilization occur over time. More and more people are waking up!


Cape Cod Skeptic
I don't read other blogs. pl

howard nyc

Col. Lang, I love your site and read it nearly every day. If I have ever posted before, it has only been once or twice, to thank you. The few occasions I have something to say, invariably someone else has posted the same or similar view, and phrased it better than I would have. I have made donations in the past, and I will again today because I fully support your work here, including the contribution of other authors and those who post comments. I hope you continue for a long time, and once again I thank you.

Nancy K

I'm very happy with SST. Thank you.

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