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24 June 2017


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Excellent article, a hard truth for Americans.



I guess I wasn't clear enough.

The dollar-to-dollar comparison is misleading, because it underestimates the pickle the U.S. is in. Yes, the U.S. is spending more on the military. And yes, this spending is ineffective. But that's not the whole story. The U.S. has also sanctioned a country that should've been left alone or given a place at the adult table. Now Russia has turned the devaluation of the Ruble into an asset, lowering the life cycle cost of its weapons systems even more.


Publius Tacitus --

Would you consider starting a 15-20 minute show on YouTube? Call it the "Intelligence Corner" or something like that. You could interview people like Colonel Lang and Dr Postol. Analyze a piece of big defense news from the viewpoint of problems in the American military/ intelligence communities and how they could be fixed.

Keep the setting and tone very informal and 'approachable' -- Just old pros jawing with each other, maybe around a kitchen table with coffee and donuts.

I think the show would get quite a following and you could then expand it to a half hour if you had the time.

Publius Tacitus

Tempting, but I'm trying to avoid publicity and remain in the shadows. I'm flattered by your suggestion.


What are you reading? In the article here I read, "An op-ed this past week in the Wall Street Journal by former V.P Dick Cheney and his daughter, who insisted that we need to spend more on defense, typifies the dishonest shilling that infects Washington." Emphasis added. "Shilling" in this context is not the obsolete English coin, but the gerund form of the verb, "to shill." Just the opposite of what you say you saw.


Pity Westmoreland ignored that. I still can't believe that the holdovers from JFK's government, "the Best and the Brightest," fell for his concept of waging a war of attrition at the end of an 8,000 mile supply line in an Asian country. Also, too, the reconquest of Vietnam (as a French colony) was emphatically not a major U.S. interest, whereas reuniting their country free from foreign invaders was a vital interest of the Vietnamese.


Given how bad reporting is in the U.S. I am not clear about exactly what Trump conceded to the Pentagon. It seems fairly clear that he basically told Mattis he could send however many troops he liked to Afghanistan. I think he probably is bored by military decision-making, but it's not clear to me that he actually told Mattis, "Do whatever you want, I'm outta here. Going to Mar a Lago for the weekend."

Vicky Davis

The article says.. "we continue to live like kings". Who is "we"? I don't know who you are talking about. What I see is a country that is being cannibalized including the people in the various sectors of the economy in a rotation - rather like the swirling that occurs with the flush of the toilet.


An audio only podcast perhaps then?

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