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26 June 2017


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I don’t buy the genetic argument either. I work close to downtown Detroit so I know the area you mentioned.

“You're not going to solve …. and get the …. off the streets if the people don't want to cooperate with law enforcement and the judicial system.” That’s being turned around in the city too. It had nothing to do with BLM or other such agit-prop groups but quite a bit to do with electing different mayors, Bing then Duggan. (Putting Kwame in jail and his not getting a pardon sent a message too.) Mayor Duggan is up for re-election this year. He’ll probably win. He is, at least in name, a Democrat. Changing the make up of the city council, school board and a few other elected positions in the city are going to take a bit more work.



I don't know what I can do. The best thing for the good people and their children is to move the out of govt housing and into a decent neighborhood with good schools. Oregon, Portland in particular, is extremely liberal and their belief in equity is destroying the lives of decent people living in the hood by not separating the wheat from the chaff. To them all families deserve the same help no matter how dysfunctional.

The black community concentrates on the reforming the gang bangers, which is fine, but there seems to be little help for the good kids. I can search for groups that do and see if it's worth getting involved. At 67 I feel too old to be a Big Brothyer, which is a great program.

Babak Makkinejad

The Destruction of Detroit, in my opinion, was caused by the Collective Wills of both African-American and European-American communities.

And yes, there is a thing called "Collective Will" and you can sometimes sense it/feel it.

It was never about Left or Right - it was a visceral thing; in my opinion.

Its resolution, just as so many other instances of communal antipathies all over the world (such as the antipathy between the Western Diocletian People and Iranians) is in finding a suitable, perhaps partial, cease-fire deal.

Eric Newhill

I grew up going to school K-12 in Grosse Pointe (summers in Virginia). I was a little kid when "the riots" occurred. One of my earliest memories is my dad showing me the armored cars and tanks along the GP/Detroit border, keeping the rampaging hordes from assaulting our fair suburb.

Because I was big hockey player and boxer as teenager, I traveled all over the area and had "experiences" that the typical GP kid wouldn't. You aren't going to make it life when you decide to hate - murderously so - the people that built the culture and have the power and money. The denizens of the D doomed themselves by retreating into a mean dysfunctional counter culture based on imitation of convicts in prison and junkyard dogs. Their politicians played it up.

I hadn't been back there in a long time. Nothing changed. The trend I saw - that started with the riots and furthered by Coleman Young - when I left home in the early '80s has continued as expected. I don't know Chicago very well, but I can still see it as the same phenomenon.


The blog to go to for Chicago stats is hey jackass.com.
The blog for police reaction in secondcitycop.com.


There were more murders in Chicago in the early to mid 90s than today. There are more people shot today. In the 90s victims were usually shot from close up with a revolver, were involved in criminal enterprises, and the geographic areas were small. Today issues that might have resulted in a fist fight when I was young are resulting in the use of semi-auto pistols, often with extended magazines, fired from a distance resulting in more innocent people (babies, grandmas, toddlers) dying. Often the shooters have no remorse when they shoot the wrong target because "that was an accident, I wasn't shooting at him/her). Several years ago there were three teens shooting at one another, across a busy street, in front of a hospital and high school during dismissal. Three uniformed CPD Officers were present. The officers and the shooters were all acquainted with one another. The police were not a deterrent. Additionally more shooting victims survive due to improved emergency medicine.


The first link is above as "crimestats 2016".

There is a definite societal breakdown where disputes that would have been resolved before with a fist-fight are now fatal encounters. I believe the destruction of the family we see in some communities is a major factor in that deterioration.



4368 bangs and 11 BLaMs. Matches the data. One shooting is a tragedy, 4,379 a statistic.

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