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30 June 2017


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David E Solomon

Yes, of course, women and men are the same. I hadn't noticed that. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I recall one time the Shah of Iran quoting a poem: "the moon shines as the dog barks".

My great aunt of ours was offended: "He is the Shah, he should show more decorum and not use that kind of language" - she asserted.

May she be well wherever she might be now.


Should we also not condone the vile remarks made by that other MSNBC hostess (Rachel Maddow).....



"condone?" I condone no "vile remarks." pl


As the saying goes, common sense is not so common.


You have to view it in HTML mode...


My father passed away over 35 years ago. But he would rise out of the grave and thrash my back to ribbons if I ever failed to tip my hat to or open the door for a woman, or spoke rudely of her. No exceptions for harridans or whores or the hideous. All were to be treated like ladies.

I too have had an ass-chewing for holding a door for a 'modern' woman. And I get the strangest looks when doffing my hat to a woman on the street. Only a very few nowadays acknowledge it with a smile. Most ignore it. But why should I stop? Perhaps it will set a trend.


I grew tired of Madow's mindless partisanship last year and stopped watching her. I never watched her that much, but don't recall ever hearing her say something gross in the way Trump does. She is in my opinion a destructive influence on our political culture like most TV hosts-- you just don't see much intelligent conversation anywhere. But I am confused about the claim that she is vile if you mean the sort of nastiness Trump engages in.
Didn't seem like her style. Shallow partisan silliness is her schtick.


When Clinton called me a deplorable it only hardened my resolve to vote otherwise. When a CNN associate producer says, "the voters are stupid as "sh$t" and "Trump is a clown", I just laugh because it only recalls my delight in watching Wolf Blitzer squirm uncomfortably on election night.

My opinion is that the MSM started the feud and Trump will finish it. I guess they could call a truce, no? The whole country is vulgar now and younger women seem to be leading the charge with strange colored hair, piercings, and tats.

steve g

To mangle a Forrest Gumpism
"Repulsive is as Repulsive does"
When Jesse "the body" V assumed
the governorship most thought he
would lose the feather boa wrestling
persona and get down to do the people's
work. Well that didn't quite work out
because like Potus his skin was micro
thin even labeling the journalists covering
him "media jackels " even though he was
a product of the media. Circus Maximas!


Chivalry and Trump's lack of empathy basic manners are two totally separate topics.



I am here as a gadfly, a Diogenes the Cynic character. I will continue to remind of what people ought to be. pl

Babak Makkinejad

You cannot be serious:

"Your new dress is very becoming; its color matches your lovely eyes."


I am neither, only amused at the reference

different clue


The so-called " #TheResistance" was a very early-on pre-emptive move by the Clintonite forces to get out ahead of the disappointment parade and corral all the unhappy-with-Trump people into supporting a Clinton Restoration . . . to place Her Imperious Herness upon the "throne" which she and they still feel to be rightfully hers.

In reply to which I have offered a few possible Twitter-launchable hashtags here and there in case anyone wants to use them and see if they can start trending bigly. And they are . . .


Dante Alighieri

I'm so shocked. Donald Trump is not a gentleman. Changes my whole opinion about ihm. Sad!

Eric Newhill

My father was the same and would do the same.

I find that generally even power women up the corporate food chain are pleasantly surprised when I open and hold an office door or open the car door. Once in a while I encounter a hard case feminist that gets insulted. I just reply that I didn't mean to offend and it's just a habit I can't break. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't. If they can't handle it, it's their problem. But mostly, I find that old fashioned gentlemanly manner are appreciative. Sometimes they even become flattered and think my behavior is the result of being attracted to them. They seem to like that a lot. Puts a smile on their faces. Which brightens my day too.

And you're right, IMO. It doesn't matter if she's a tattooed stripper, a tom boy type, the cleaning woman, a lawyer or executive.

I don't do the hat thing though. I always kind of liked the way it looks when done with the subdued flourish, but I just don't wear hats enough for it to have become a habit. And when I do, I usually have terrible hat hair.

The most difficult gentleman manner to accomplish these day is assisting a woman to be seated at a table by pulling the chair back for her and then nudging back in place once she is seated. I always attempt to do that for my wife, but I guess it's so rarely done anymore that the wait staff thinks I'm trying to seat myself instead and they get all discombobulated and menus, etc start getting rearranged in confused fashion before the move can be fully executed.

different clue

Bill Herschel,

Most of the Congress would prefer a President Pence. Most of the Democrats in Congress would prefer a President Pence. He is one of them.
He is their kind.

Pence is an Interventionist Borgite in the Clintonite mold except for some important cultural policy attitude differences.

I would prefer keeping Trump right there for his whole term than getting a President Pence.



The real question is how in the world did this nincompoop ever get elected President? It is never mention in the media. It is discussed here, thank god. To my mind, all of the reasons boil down to two; the never ending wars that now include Russia as an enemy and austerity.


IOW we can be sure that Trump will seek to lower himself to the level of anyone who criticizes him. That stuff said by people we have never heard of before (associate producer? Really?) will justify anything he says. Not good leadership.


Keith Harbaugh

Personally, I absolutely deplore Trump's comments about Mika.
His comments were in response to some of hers and her colleague,
but that does not justify his response.
He really should learn to leave it to others to answer such comments as theirs.

But it is worth noting how important the MSM considers the issue.
It is at this moment the lead story at the WaPo website
and the number two story (I believe a moment ago it was number one) at the NYT:


keith Harbaugh

He will never grow up. He is defective. pl



"Not good leadership. Steve" Profound. You must be European. pl



My dad was an ex-enlisted horse cavalryman. He was a troop first sergeant in the 26th regiment in PI. He eventually retired as a LTC but he had a lot of aphorisms about women that TTG will find familiar from "hanging" with SOG types: 1. Most women look better with some clothes on.(I never agreed with that) 2. If you are interested in a woman pay some attention to her and then ignore her. It drives them nuts. 3. A gentleman never refuses a lady. (I liked that one) pl

Nancy K

My husband always opens doors for me and I am very appreciative. I think most women appreciate a gentleman and if they don't, they deserve what they end up with. I don't believe Trump is a gentleman when it comes to women in general.

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