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30 June 2017


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I can confirm that is indeed the best way :)


Recently I was in a hospital elevator and a lady came in, stand in the door of the elevator and started to wildly lament and accuse ...

* The house owner was a criminal ...
* the house was rotten
* the elector was 'totally kaputt' ...
* the renters and the hospital were horrible ...
* they were bad people who knew nothing and didn't do anything against that ...
* also ... evil cats ... were part of the conspiracy ...

... and so on and so on it went for about three minutes. The part about the cats was hilarious. And, almost spitefully, the elevator didn't start moving.

Clearly, the poor lady lived in a horrible world and was bored since, after the lamentation, she adressed me and demanded to hear my view on this, since I hadn't said anything all the time she had lamented.

I told her that I didn't know anything and had no views about the house, the house owner, his conspiracy with evil cats or the hospital staff, but that, for starters, it would probably be a good idea if she would leave the door and get out of the safety light barrier.

She reacted angry and moved up to me as if she wanted to beat me but - a miracle - once she left the door the elevator quickly started to move and brought her to whatever place she REALLY wanted to get to.

So, surprise, it wasn't a wicked house owner, a rotten house, conspiratorial and evil cats and/or the wicked renters - it was just her being too dumb to use an elevator. Good I kept quiet about that since, after all, it was always someone elses fault all the time, so she might have ... concluded ... that I was part of ... the wicked conspiracy.

All that said, Lord T's recent nasty babble about Mika Brzezinski was callous, primitive and vindictive behaviour and the world could have easily got on without it. If days are so bad for him, can't he just go and play some golf?

iowa steve

His lack of manners in this recent incident indicates an impulsiveness and immaturity--call it a temper tantrum--that I consider disturbing for an individual who has his hands on the nuclear codes and commands the whole array of US military power.



Once again, I am doing this work to give witness to how things should be. I detest Jean Jacques Rousseau and have done so since I worked my way through his oeuvre some 50 years ago. His BS is responsible for many of the degeneracies that you cite. pl



I could attempt a witticism if I knew if you are male or female. pl



I presume that you are the usual anti-American Indian leftist. In that context it is not surprising that you find praiseworthy HC's condemnation of middle class and rural Americans as "deplorables." OTOH India has cultural features rarely seen in the US. Wife killing for lack of fertility is rare as are gang rapes on public buses of women so foolhardy as to travel alone on (and sometimes not alone) public transportation. pl

Cold War Zoomie

"Oh, yes, he said the best way to learn a language was to get a 'long haired dictionary.'"

Definitely! But that has led to some pretty funny looks in Spain when this 6'3" blond haired, blue eyed Gringo speaks Spanish like a semi-literate Honduran farmer!


Winston Churchill to Lady Astor:

When accused by one of them of being 'disgustingly drunk' the Conservative Prime Minister responded: 'My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.'




The MSM focused on this to avoid talking about the retractions and the investigations (of people not named Trump) as well as the ongoing collapse of Obamacare and the Borg project in Syria. :
NYT: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/06/29/nyt-finally-retracts-russia-gate-canard/
CNN Firing: http://money.cnn.com/2017/06/26/media/cnn-announcement-retracted-article/index.html
Susan Rice testimony: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/29/rice-to-testify-ex-national-security-adviser-to-go-under-oath-about-unmasking.html
AG Lynch: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/senators-are-investigating-former-ag-loretta-lynch-for-political-interference/

Trump, as the Col. points out, is a boor. He's his own worst enemy. He doesn't live in NYC anymore and should start acting like it. Perhaps he should point out the monopoly power of some of those institutions of "news" - or of their owners - and start using the anti-trust laws on the books to break up the monopolies.

ex-PFC Chuck

re Degringolade: "Last one I would give that title to was Pappy Bush."

If Roger Stone is to be believed that was all a false front.


ex-PFC Chuck

A case can be made that he is exhibiting symptoms of cognitive decline.




I approve of Trump's domestic agenda. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Evidently that must have been the motivation for Bahram V to marry seven princesses from seven different countries.

It was good to be the King.

Eric Newhill

My SWMBO agrees with you. She remains a staunch Trumps supporter. She hates smug Hollyweird and MSM personalities and their leftist preaching. She thinks Mika had it coming (women can be terrible when insulting each other) and she thinks Trump is issuing a warning that he has some serious dirt on those two that, shameless as they are, they would not want made public.


If you look at what actually occurs versus what he says, things have turned out pretty mildly. The 69 missiles did little damage. We dialed back at at-Tanf. In his speech in KSA Trump only dinged Iran, he did not go for the jugular.

Here's neat little article that TTG linked in his last post that thinks the Syrian War is wrapping up, and assesses each country or faction's status. Most are getting something out of it.

Excerpt: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is enjoining today an advanced position in the Middle East, expanding its influence in Mesopotamia and in Bilad al-sham. Iran brought Moscow to Syria in 2015 and thousands of militants to protect its “axis of resistance” (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah): the supply line to Hezbollah in Lebanon that crosses from Damascus to Lebanon.

Iran spent over $25 billion in Syria to sustain the Syrian government, supplying it with oil and paying salaries to its civilian and military institutions. Iranian cuisines established in different parts of Syria are feeding tens of thousands of soldiers and militants daily and succeeding in keeping Assad in power.

Iran disregarded the red lines with the US forces on al-Tanaf borders and pushed forces north of al-Tanaf to close the road on the US towards the north and prevented the US plan to control the entire north east of Syria.

Also, the failure of the ISIS experience in Syria (and Iraq) led to the increase of the Iranian influence because the grievances that led to the rise of ISIS in the first place are no longer standing today. Iran brought thousands of militants in Syria but also established a Syrian-like Hezbollah that will remain for long after the end of the war.

Iran has become part of any political settlement in Syria: its protection of Assad led it into all future negotiations to end the war and managed to win over regional countries (i.e. Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and Turkey). Iran is today Saudi Arabia’s sworn enemy, particularly since the Saudis clearly have no effective means to destabilise Iran, even with the help of its favourite ally, the US."



i have said it before- I left my loyalty to India the I swore to protect the US by joining the Army.I am unabashedly socialist that by definition means class solidarity with the proletariat- i draw the line at racism, homophobia etc. I thought HC was out of touch but she never attacked people for their social class only for their views.

Swamp Yankee

Rakesh, I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree with your last line. When HRC characterized Sanders supporters as basement-dwelling baristas* -- attacking people for where they live and what they do for a living while speaking to her wealthy donors -- that was a directly class-based attack to my way of thinking, to say nothing of its political stupidity (n.b. I am not a Trump supporter).

* not even remotely true, by the way.

different clue


I am one of the "other few people" who voted for Trump to do my best to keep Clinton from getting elected.

My reasons were-
#1: to prevent her from using the Presidency to topple Assad and help the Global Axis of Jihad create an Islamic Emirate of Jihadistan in Syria.

#2: to prevent her from being able to cause World War Three with Russia. ( And to enable Trump to pursue the re-normalization of relations with Russia which he gave every sign of wanting to pursue).

#3: to abort and derail any further pursuit of Free Trade Treason Agreements in line with the DLC Wall Street Clintonite service to the World Corporate Globalonial Plantation agenda.

I also wanted revenge on the Clintocratic Party for rigging the primary process against Sanders. The Democrats wouldn't let me have my Sanders? Fine. I wouldn't let them have their Clinton. And I will never let them have their Clinton. Never ever.
Every time they nominate another Clinton figure, I will vote for Trump all over again.

My desire for the Democratic Party is this . . . either we bernie it up or we burn it down.

Babak Makkinejad

I find the figure of 25 bllion USD rather incredible.
Algeria also helped SAR.

Babak Makkinejad

Yup, propogandized also in fiction and in movies.

Babak Makkinejad

You need to go to Detroit and see the real proletariat up and close.


I voted for Trump. Of course, I knew he wasn't a 'gentleman."

But I have to admit, I didn't dream that he would be as crude with his utterances.

My advice would be for him to tone it down and as hard as it obviously would be for him to do, act a little more humble and a whole lot less spiteful- end result, aim to be more "presidential."


It must be the American in me, but that seems reasonable.


Winning at birth lottery, what's looking like his only attribute.

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