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30 June 2017


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Chris in South Jersey

I think that fact was established early on. He has finally (?) hit a low so low that even his supporters are crying foul.


Sorry to say but the person responsible for the offending remarks did not run as a "gentleman." Indeed, I would go so far as to say that he ran as an "anti-gentleman." Somehow, he won the contest. Crassness has been temporarily enshrined at the top.
Personally, if I had been caught doing something similar, Mom would have given me the "back of her hand," and then handed me over to Dad.


I would hope that by now no one is surprised by these eruptions. That is not to condone them in any way. But I do have pity for the Democrats and their 'Resistance', thinking that this makes any difference to his supporters and/or strengthens their chances in the 2018 elections.



It has been a while since I have seen someone in the White House who I would consider a true gentleman. Last one I would give that title to was Pappy Bush.

I don't think even Trump considers himself a gentleman.


71 years old and nothing to show for it other than a rather long list of regrettable habits.
Rich? Yes, but does wealth make the Powerball winner a genius?

David E. Solomon

Ah, but who would describe Trump as a gentleman?

Eric Newhill

Couldn't agree more.

Now we have to define "woman",Rosie O'Donnell? Caitlyn Jenner?

Bill Herschel

The subsequent post is so important that a comment here seems ridiculously irrelevant, but, quickly.

He doesn't drink. He lives in a world in which drugs are everywhere. All the uppers especially and including antidepressants (SSRI's) are addictive, reduce libido (his misogyny betrays a lack of libido), and disinhibiting. If he is using adderall or cocaine, he's going to be disabled before his term ends and Congress will have to decide a path better than his being dragged out of the White House in strait jacket, drooling and incoherent, to promote the Vice President. Good luck.


'a gentleman'

yep. there, indeed, lies the problem :) ...

Hood Canal Gardner

Come on Pat, the guy has a toilet mouth/was raised/dropped that way. Women one day, foreigners the next, neighbors the third. Folks best not be distracted by his chirping..keep their hands on their nuts at this point forward.

Old Gun Pilot

The man is not well.


Truly, barely even can be called a man.


Sir, chivalry is long dead and women killed it. The USA does not need a gentleman, but a forceful man to take care of the mess Washington has become. Seems too many people are more worried about manners and appearances, even when the stakes are so high. Trump was not elected to be gentle, but to be forceful. Also, nobody is talking about the Trump-Putin meeting that was announced on the same day, or about healthcare. To me it seems like Trump is a master at diverting attention. I could not care less about that demon-spawn Mika being insulted about her appearance. I thought she was a feminist of some sort. Women either have equality or special treatment, you can´t have it both ways.

Le Renard Subtil

Good point and I do not disagree, but has not the code of chivalry changed over the past five decades?


A gentleman never speaks publicly and adversely about a woman's appearance.

Fixed it for you.



What was wrong with it before and how did you "fix it?" pl



Perhaps we should drag women around by the hair and operate by grabbing their crotches. Trump likes that approach. Some of you people remind me of all the managerial women who have chewed my ass over the years for holding a door or chair for them. Chivalry? Chivalry? Do you even understand the word? This is not about chivalry. It is about common norms of decency by which people can live with each other without resorting to violence and brute strength. Many of you have been corrupted by the debased culture of 21st Century America. You remind me of the European fools who voted in the dictators of the 20th Century. They, too, wanted a "strong man" to solve their problems. As for Mika and Joe, they are as repulsive in their own NY City political culture as is Trump. And yes, I consider Truman to have been a gentleman. pl l

Master Slacker

Suggest you show this thread to SWMBO and discover her thoughts on the "fix."


Ah, yes, feminism.
Therein lies the 'plaint.
When women are aggressive, "empowered" and masculine, men, even gentlemen may feel the need to be even more aggressive to defend their manhood.

For Mary, "Son, they have no wine" got the job done without a display of female testosterone.


Master Slacker

I have lived with her for 54 years. She thinks he is unfit for office. Both of us think that. We have been driven to that position by his utterances. pl



Only weak men feel threatened by women. pl

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang,
I have always held doors open for women and quite often for men. Now that I am old and more decrepit and on crutches full time, all sorts of people hold doors open for me. A little civility on the part of everyone would go a long way toward solving our myriad national problems.




"SWMBO"..love it

Eric Newhill

I am with Col. Lang on this. Trump is a complete boor and, even though I still prefer him to the other options that were available, I wish he was not as he is.

If a woman has entered what used to be a man's world and is acting poorly herself, then go after her on substantial points. No need to delve into the ugliness and be a total juvenile jackass.



You must be very new here if that is surprising to you. pl

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