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22 June 2017


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"They would rather screech insults at the other side while implying publicly that the Republicans would be Democrats if they were not so ignorant and deplorably Southern."

A lengthy article which delves into this point: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/the-blathering-superego-at-the-end-of-history/


"BTW the Salman action making his young son crown prince may seem like a good idea now but there will be intense resentment withing the royal family over this violation of the principle that established the idea that the most able in the family should rule."

I think there are good odds that little Salman gets whacked by the growing crowd of unhappy Saudi Mafia family members. Or perhaps by a commoner; they are aware of the growing friendship of the dictatorship with Israel and they don't like it.


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