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26 June 2017


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Sorry for dropping this in here and please feel free to not post it if it is to off topic. But there is a recent happening in Israel that I think could be even more important.

The population in Israel skews much more Orthodox than does the Jewish population in the US. The Orthodox are the driving power of the right in Israel where as the reform Liberals in the US have most of the juice. The Orthodox have always looked on the reform Jews as not being real Jews. This has caused schisms between the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the US. That has been a growing trend for years.


What is new is Netanyahu just decided to make it law that reform Jews aren't allowed to pray at the Western Wall because they aren't Jewish enough.


Enjoy the picture of Donald praying at the wall because that is no longer possible along with Ivanka and the Kushner clan and most American Jews. Will this spell the end of the special relationship? No, that is actually driven more by certain Christian groups than it is by Jews these days. But it will definitely weaken groups like AIPAC while strengthening groups like J Street.

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