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28 June 2017


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Outrage Beyond

re: "Marshall apparently is a closet Zionist"

Nothing closeted about it. He's a self-declared Zionist and a rather smug, self-satisfied and arrogant one to boot. One who is also greatly lacking in knowledge of his beloved apartheid state. A reason I haven't read his site in years. Good riddance.


A year? You deserve a raise for persistence.


Your site is a great resource & I frequently link to & quote to your site in the Facebook political debate forums I'm in & they link are posted fine (I just linked/posted the Hersh post from yesterday & it's published on Facebook fine) -- it
could be that some people or malicious bot flags/reports your posts to be taken down (if a post is flagged, a Facebook bot or moderator reviews it for forbidden links such as spam or hate speech but there is also a bot algorthymn that removes/suspends posts if enough people report/flag it)

I wonder if some entity has targeted your account with a bot program to click 'report/flag' hundreds of times whenever you post (such bot software is common & easy to purchase, usually used to generate clicks & ad revenue) to reduce your influence/reach such as perphaps some intel agency from Saudi Arabia, Israeli, or neocon faction within the CIA?


It would appear that a counter to Trump's Great Southern Wall the liberal community is building a cyber-wall around itself. I have not survived moderation on a few forums and have decided it's not worth my time as their minds are firmly fixed and unchangeable.

Which brings up a concern I've had regarding many of the sites that provide a forum for a deeper analytical discussion of events, that being the possibility that once the corporate powers gain control of the Internet, they will block anything they wish, as net neutrality is neutered. Much of the web content resides on Amazon infrastructure, and with entities such as Time Warner and Disney controlling content, how does a committee of correspondents find itself if the plug is pulled?



So the Borg stops you from reaching the public. A while ago you patiently explained the difference between the "Borg" and the "Deep State", and I think (or hope) I understood. But for all intents and purposes, does it make a difference? Maybe it does and I just don't see it.


Well, the ministry of truth felt some need for action...

Old Microbiologist

It is a vexing problem. I began using Facebook to keep in touch with my kids and it has worked okay, but not great, for that. Then I discovered I could use it to offend my libtard friends out there but most have unfriended me since. Only my conservative friends remain and my family, with the exception of those that are still in California and liberal beyond the norm. I am persona non grata for that half of the family. The liberals cannot permit any rhetoric that is not acceptable to them. Find that a chilling revelation.

My point is that Facebook is becoming a very heavily censored platform for any serious thought. The same is true for Reddit as well by the way. I don't use anything else except GAB which is completely uncensored and worth a look. You can say anything there.


If you are being banned on facebook and other news sources, then you have been recognized as one of the honorable discussion groups: those people or sites that are producing honest, hard facts and reporting, as opposed to fake news. You are now a designated enemy of the borg.

Why would anyone with half a brain use facebook for real news or honest reporting or discussion? I cannot see that you have lost a valuable audience among the lazy, distracted, predisposed non-critical-thinking masses. In your own way, you are joining the ranks of Seymour Hersh who is now banned from all US news outlets. Keep up the good work!


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. -Mahatma Gandhi

IMO, more reason to keep the name SST, a name that has them worried.



Heh, did you laugh like I did when Josh posted sone porn by accident?
Same happened to me and I no longer receive anything from TPM.


A technical(?) hiccup between Typepad and Facebook.

Current Typepad login message:
We are aware that posts are no longer being shared to Facebook. We are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, you may copy the URL of your published post and manually share it on your Facebook profile or page.


hi turcopolier

want me to have a word with mark,I seeing him monday



That could be but why have my FB posts for the last 12 months disappeared? pl



FB is a private company, not any part of the Deep State (if there were one). If the government wanted to act against me I would be facing legal action. Stand by. pl



I have been doing this for 12 years. pl



I received the following from Typepad:


Thanks for contacting Typepad support. Yesterday, we discovered that Facebook had disabled the connection to Typepad. Facebook did this without warning to Typepad and without a valid reason. We are in communication with Facebook to determine why they made these changes and how to restore sharing and connecting to Facebook from Typepad as quickly as possible.

Until the underlying problem is resolved, you will not be able to connect to Facebook or share posts to a Facebook profile or page. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We have been updating Twtiter - https://twitter.com/typepad - with information regarding our progress.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Typepad Community & Support

We would love to hear your feedback about our services!

ex-PFC Chuck

I just searched "sic semper tyrannis" on Duck Duck Go and this blog came up second (Headline: "Sic Semper Tyrannis (Col. P. Lang) - turcopolier.typepad.com"), after the Wikipedia page on the translation and history of the phrase.





Richard Ong

Climate change.



Respectfully, if the government wanted to act against you via censorship, then isn't it the government that would be facing legal action?

Alas, the media platform vouchsafed by Facebook, a private company, is not bound by the First Amendment. I think now I understand why the FTC has allowed them to monopolize digital publishing.



Given the horrific content that Facebook has allowed, as in explicit violence and perversion, the notion that they would censor academic or political discussions that appear to askew of the venue's political bias, shows them to be corrupt. By signaling that they are willing to censor ideologically their customer base could fracture. Imagine groups like the NRA and AFP blacklisting them.

Granted, they are not a utility, they are a private corporation, and surely they do what benefits them financially. The Typepad cutoff may be construed as a block of competitive platforms, but actual deletion of historical posts without reason smacks of oligarchy, or at least liberal pandering. Imagining a formal Zuckerberg+Bezos+Gates+Page+Hollywood cartel is not a stretch.


This is very disturbing to hear.

As I know many readers of SST lean libertarian, perhaps it's time to acknowledge that the private sector and government are not two separate, compartmentalized spheres.

Market power confers political power and vice versa. That the Zuckerbergs (or Bezoses, et al), against whom no one can compete, can monopolize strategic bottlenecks in our economy -- like toll booths positioned along essential functions in our daily lives -- unperturbed by any enforcement of antitrust laws is a violation of fundamental American values and jurisprudence.

This economic status quo is a political construct; the shameful censorship by a private company of an American hero exercising his constitutional right to criticize the political status quo illustrates that.



PS - Here is a link to a story re: conservative page that went askew of Facebook in 2013:


Seamus Padraig

DuckDuckGo.com is now the only search engine I use. It is better than Google because it doesn't use filter-bubbles.

different clue


I always change the URL to http://www.alltheweb.com ( which is Yahoo) and search there. I just type in Pat Lang. Sic Semper Tyrannis always comes up first or second for me. Maybe their computers detect me going to that so often that that is what their screen posts for me.

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