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28 June 2017


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different clue

I do not have Facebook and do not know how it works. I know that many ordinary people have Facebook and will continue to have it.

If people who have Facebook and also read SST were to post on their Facebook site about SST, would those posts get through? If they included Sic Semper Tyrannis as a spelled-out name without any links or addresses which could be blacked out? And if they said the reason they include no links or addresses is because Facebook is censoring the links and addresses? And encourage their Facebook reader/followers to look up SST by hand? And keep posting and posting and posting?

Would that keep getting the word out and spreading? And if hundreds of thousands of people did this for days and weeks and months, would that humiliate Facebook out of trying to censor such hand-typed posts as well?



You don't understand. If the government wants to shut me up they will go after me legally for something simple minded like espionage. They have all the lawyers in the world and there would be little or no liability in doing that. pl


Col, At the bottom is a link to a ZDNET article (they're a good tech rag if you're not familiar with them) on Facebook's automated algorithms to detect "terrorism". While the article is about the intrusive access the "moderators" get when that happens it gives insight into their process that may be germane. It would not be surprising to find that the discussions here trip a simple minded algorithm or that an equally simple minded moderator does something equally stupid.

OTOH, if there is a Typepad Facebook muck up it could be that simple. FWIW, SST comes up #3 for me when I ask the Google, after only the state of Virginia flag and the Wikipedia entry. That's pretty good placement.



They won't set the lawyers on you. They don't want to make you a martyr or give you publicity. They don't want to be seen to be denying you your right to free expression... they just want that others don't get to hear you.


Others have gotten around this by posting a brief synopsis in the post but placing the link in the comments field. That seems to work.

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