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28 June 2017


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Your ratings have become high enough for the Borg to notice.

Dissent it permitted, but you're not allowed to arouse the in public.


This may be related: http://downdetector.com/status/facebook


Well, I just spent two days making things work (ie publishing posts to my facebook account).
Perhaps they just changed the version of the API you use to publish your posts to Facebook (or totally deprecated the old version you were still using), so you'd need some software upgrades to make it work again, or update your account to explicitly allow the blog to post things to your Facebook account.

steve g

Col Lang:
It could mean you are now viewed as
fake news and not following the chosen
meme or part of the alt-right counter
information that is also being eliminated
from many social media sites. Or are they
the same?


I just posted a link. you can see that here - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008365511638&hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf



In my mind, that is the highest praise that little gaggle of pukes could give you.

While you didn't make the cut for the original "Russian Collaborator" list, my guess is that they have relegated you to "fake news" which implies that you don't agree with their flavor of newspeak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak)

Piss on them...keep it up

different clue

Over the last few days there has been a large series of attacks against computer systems scattered all over the world. Last night from work I tried getting onto one of the websites to do with my continuing education requirements and both Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Explorer refused to link to it; branding it "compromised" and "subject to theft of information". Our IT help desk viewed my efforts remotely and said it wasn't our computer system, it was the website I was trying to get. When I asked if it might be part of this wave of attacks, she said it could be.

If other people are randomly reporting Facebook refusal to accept posts, it might be due to this attack event. If Facebook accepts your posts again after this attack event has been totally resolved and cleaned up and is not-happening-anymore all over the world, then it could have been due to that.

If Facebook continues rejecting your posts after the attack and its aftermath have all been totally stopped and cleaned up and all damage fixed, then it is probably deliberate on Facebook's part. In which case, Facebook should be targetted for long-term sustained vengeance-action. Smarter people than I could figure out how to do that effectively enough to make Facebook hurt.


Putin strikes again! You are in good company. Thank you Colonel, sir, for continuing to publish. Your site is a twice daily read for me, and I value the perspective of you and your committee.

Clonal Antibody

You might find this article relevant - The Facebook Rules

Click down to the Section "The Facebook Rules"

Facebook has used these rules to train its "content reviewers" to decide whether to delete or allow posts. Facebook says the exact wording of its rules may have changed slightly in more recent versions. ProPublica recreated the slides

Did they offer an explanation? This is something very serious.

John Minnerath

Censorship? I've been expecting to see them follow their liberal views about what they allow to show.


I found I could post the url of your latest entry on my own FB page. Not sure what that means for you but it is info, anyway.

Charlie Wilson

Consider it a godsend. Get rid of it altogether.

robt willmann

I do not use Facebook and so I do not know any of its policies, or procedures for using it. Given reports that are likely valid that Google, Facebook, etc. have a slant on things and are not neutral after all, the possibility of blacklisting could exist.


Censorship? Maybe a tech glitch on their sid?Your posts are intelligent, thought out and polite. I hope it is not censorship because censoring you is little more than censorship of opposing ideas. fthat said, I see a nice biz opportunity for free thoughts now that Google (YouTube), Facebok, etc are in the censorship game

PS: it doesn't take much. I got banned from democratic underground for defending Hezbollah during the 2006 war. I was quite polite. The red line for these sites is an intelligent challenge of their Borg programming. That is much more offensive than offensive language to them.


Try logging into your account.
You may find that that your account has been suspended due to a claim that you are not who you say you are. Or that your posts are malicious etc.
If enough influential people pressure the Facebook curators you can loose your account.



Facebook has deleted my posts for the last 12 months. pl

different clue


Deleted your posts for the last 12 months? Well, that sounds deliberate , then.

Some of the people who read Facebook are genuine searchers for information. More and more people are adopting Facebook as their default or even only go-to place for news and information. What kind of action could a collective membership take against Facebook to cause it so much pain as to force it to restore the deleted posts and unblock future posts?

Would it make sense for various commenters here to talk about what Facebook has just done on all sorts of different blogs and communities to give many people a chance to pour fire into Facebook's position from all points of the compass?

Would well-crafted twitter-hashtags on the subject trend fast and furious enough so as to humiliate Facebook in public? Is it worth the experiment on the part of people who have Twitter and a way with words and hashtags?

Clonal Antibody

That is when all the fake news coverage started in response to the anti Hillary Clinton news was happening - when it was looking that Sanders could beat her. All anti establishment news were banished. Tour blog would be considered anti-establishment - your term for it is anti-borg.



That sounds like Mark Zuckerberg's "news curators" from 2016 are still in action to enforce the narrative.


To All: https://www.reddit.com/r/AntiFacebook/


Is it possible to ask Facebook directly and ask them what is going on?



I have done that. No response as yet. pl


Colonel, they buried your site on google too.
Sometimes I google to sic semper tyrannis from my iPad and it has always been placed as the second listing under that heading. But today I had to look through two pages just to find an April posting made by one of your guest commenters
What the heck is going on????

 Ishmael Zechariah


I second this. Keeping SST going is a good answer to these dweebs. If they close the server, there are other places the site can migrate to.
Ishmael Zechariah

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