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27 June 2017


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Charlie Wilson

Pat Lang's Maydan. Means the same thing in many languages.


Yes, of course, or anything else that is NOT in common use (as exemplified by my email address you know...)

Yeah, Right

Pat Lang's Paddock?

Or does that have a different meaning in the USA?


Excellent idea! I second that.


'Salon' sounds a bit like the place my wife gets her hair done - notwithstanding that you probably had Parisian impressionists closer to the front of your mind when you suggested it! Any merit in doubling up on the 'o'?

A. Pols

I think you should "dance with the one that brung you".
The current name is evocative.

Outrage Beyond

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.




Pat Lang's FOP



I don't like "maidan." This is basically an Arabic word meaning a "square," "plaza" or the "field." IMO an Arabic word in the name has a lot of bad consequences. How about "Pat Lang's Council" (A committee of Correspondence) ? pl


How about "Pat Lang's Saloon and Sausage Factory"?


Pat Lang's Parley?
Pat Lang's Parlour?


For all;

Salon has a nice ring. And no one can question the host's right to bounce anyone for inappropriate behavior. Will good whiskey & fine cigars be acceptable?

John Minnerath

"Pat Lang's Council", getting close.
Pat Lang's Camp ?

The Twisted Genius

Pat Langs's Salon or Council are fine, but I prefer salon. I strongly urge you keep the "A Committee of Correspondence" in the heading no matter what title you decide upon. That descriptor captures a defining spirit of American history. I think it's important to keep that tradition and spirit alive.

jeff roby

As long as you keep it going, I'm fine. It's my first stop every morning.


'Salon' might confuse matters with that ultra leftoid media outlet.

What about 'Pat Lang's Outpost'?


How about "Colonel Lang's Bivouac"?

That should appeal to the Francophiles.

Bill Herschel

And here we go... This is all the neocons have left. They're losing everywhere else. In order to do what they want to do, they will have to interdict (or whatever the term of art is) the SAM's protecting large amount of the Syrian military. This will be really, really bad. But it's all they have left.

"White House Warns of Possible Chemical Attack by Syria"


The only reason to change the name is a desire not to channel Johnny Depp. Probably a good idea.


Salon or Council are fine, although the existing name is excellent.

If a new title is necessary, what about a "golden oldie?": Divan.



Mr. Lang,

It is better, as it reflects the authority & seriousness of the place more accurately.

Also has the added benefit of sounding like: ""Pat Lang's counsel"...which accurately reflects what most of us come here for!

 Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel, SST;
I do like "Pat Lang's Council" (A committee of Correspondence". Might I suggest "Pat Lang's Global Studies and Observations Group" (PaLGSOG)?

I would be happy with any name as long as the Committee continued.
Ishmael Zechariah


What about Pat Lang's Tower. A tower is a visible landmark, provides orientation and, if need be, is a good place to retreat to.

Old Microbiologist

I personally loathe the website Salon for many reasons most of which have to do with embedded malicious code. But, their content is also reprehensible so I would distance myself from anything to do with anything that might confuse your site with them.

I would stick with what you already have assuming the content will be more or less consistent. Some web sites link frequently to you such as Naked Capitalism which is how I found my way here in the first place. I am sure they would adjust but you already have "brand" identification and you would lose that if you changed.

People are in general lazy so changing bookmarks might be too much for some.


I support what every you want to do with your blog.

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