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13 June 2017


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Larry M.

Col. Lang,

thank you so much. This is what I have been hoping for. SST has been my favourite blog for more than ten years. After your earlier announcement, I had begun having withdrawal symptoms.


Col: Great news. Any chance either you or one of your Turkish readers would like to post anything about current affairs in Turkey? SST's insights into "hard-hearted empathy" are really valuable.

iowa steve

Thanks. I was feeling the void.


Thank you Colonel. Good news for those of us outside the purview of crappy commenters. My hope is you gain the control that you need to keep this site under your management.
Kind Regards.


This is good news, indeed--icing on our Independence Day celebrations.

michael mccarthy

Welcome back.

Account Deleted

Col. Lang,

Excellent news, I wish you well. I did conduct some (limited) research into the Wordpress platform so please let me if this would be of interest & I'll email you. The following aspects looked attractive, considering the issues with trolling you have described:

  • Ability to limit comments to registered users only

  • User registration can include email/phone confirmations

  • Spam filter

  • Ability to import a blog from Typepad - for $49 someone will even do it for you

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Wordpress or the above mentioned import service in any way, Wordpress just looks like it has better anti troll/spam capability to me.


"Un seul ĂȘtre vous manque et tout est dĂ©peuplĂ©"


Rules are hard things (and time-consuming) to make up.

You're quite a guy, Pat! A diehard!

All the best!



Good news. Have a good holiday.

David E. Solomon

We wall all be extreme glad to have you back, Colonel.

Charles Michael

Very good news, many thanks.


I agree with Larry M. I was having withdrawal. Good luck with the trolls.

Sherry Long De Mandel

Great news! Looking forward to July 5th.

Sherry De Mandel


Great news!


All right. Much appreciated.


Great news indeed! Thank you.

different clue

Thank you for this.

If it ends up being zero comments permitted, at least when the post is from you, that is better than no SST at all. As long as you decide to try modified comment permission under new controls, I will try to keep my comments ( if any) within the spirit of the new rules.

Don't let the dead cats bounce you down.


different clue

One of the Anonymous tribe remarked here that I lack humor, that I am like a "granite wall." I can only thank he, it, she for the description. I have tried to guard the sanctity of my sensitive soul from public display. However, I should say to Anonymous-X and all of you that A-X and or all may find vicious, personally and deliberately denigrating troll attacks (however sophisticated) to be humorous but I do not. pl



Great news. Thanks


As a retired army officer, I have found Col Langs blog an oasis of sanity amidst the moral desert of crazed militarism. In his own way he is showing real leadership. I salute him for it. And for his decision to keep flying the flag of sanity even in the face of those who know of nothing but destruction. Kudos


Welcome news! Knowledge helps maintain my sanity.....



Thank you, brother. pl




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