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07 June 2017


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Someone is simple, that's for sure.


Department of irony: what is the problem with POTUS plugging the holes in the sieve that is the WH?

Ishmael Zechariah

Thank you for this erudite and enlightening response. Could you elaborate using simple sentences so that some of us dissident deplorables can understand your impeccable reasoning?
Ishmael Zechariah



IMO you should refrain from making cryptic little denigrating comments. If you want to say something do so but don't act like some snotty kid troll. pl

David Habakkuk


Thanks for that link.

If Ritter’s grasp of the technicalities is sound, a key paragraph may be the following:

‘The classification markings on the NSA document leaked by Winner indicate that it is “originator controlled” (i.e., a foreign source) that has been released to the United States via protocols that comply with the requirements of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. The only source for collection against European-based Google Cloud data is the GCHQ-run Muscular operation.’

In an earlier discussion, I noted the GCHQ link in the claims that the metadata on documents release by ‘Guccifer 2.0’ suggested a ‘smoking gun’, implicating the GRU.

Discussing the initial claims by ‘CrowdStrike’ on 16 June 2016 – which were to be accepted without any apparent attempt whatsoever at verification by the FBI – I noted that they portrayed the Russian hackers as virtuosos. And I went on to write:

‘It was on the following day that a site called ‘Ars Tecnica’ published the revelations which appeared to indicate that, in fact, the hackers had clumsily left indications pointing unambiguously to a Russian origin – most notably, the Christian name and patronymic of Dzerzhinsky.

‘These had, apparently, been “teased out of the documents and noted on Twitter by an independent security researcher who goes by the handle PwnAllTheThings.” This, it turned out, was a certain Mark Tait.

‘On 28 July, Tait produced a post on the ‘Lawfare’ site, entitled “On the Need for Official Attribution of Russia’s DNC Hack.”

‘(See https://www.lawfareblog.com/need-official-attribution-russias-dnc-hack .)

‘The bio accompanying the article reads:

“‘Matt Tait is the CEO and founder of Capital Alpha Security, a UK based security consultancy which focuses on research into software vulnerabilities, exploit mitigations and applied cryptography. Prior to founding Capital Alpha Security, Tait worked for Google Project Zero, was a principal security consultant for iSEC Partners, and NGS Secure, and worked as an information security specialist for GCHQ.’

‘Note that: “worked as an information security specialist for GCHQ.”.

In that post, I also discussed the BuzzFeed ‘dossier’, supposedly produced by the former MI6 operative Christopher Steele.

As to his organisation, in the ‘Thirties it was utterly incompetence, whose enthusiasm for ‘appeasement’ and congenital unthinking Russophobia did a great deal to push the Soviet Union into making a pact with Germany, and thus destroying such chances as there were of avoiding the Second World War, and all the misery it brought in it its wake.

This, of course, including both the Holocaust and the disastrous Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, including the Baltics.

One had hoped that MI6 might have improved, but as far as I can see, this was overoptimism.

As to GCHQ, this saddens me immensely to say this, because Bletchley Park, out of which it came, was a great product of an older British liberal culture.

Very many indications suggest that it is now as corrupt as MI6. Among these, there has never been any convincing repudiation of the suggestion by Andrew Napolitano that GCHQ were used to allow Trump’s opponents to avoid the need to get a FISA warrant for critical surveillance operations.

As I said in my previous comment, if Americans are prepared to see corrupt former employees – and I will now add current – employees of British intelligence play a major role in the attempted reversal of the results of a Presidential election, then on your own heads be it.

Sam Peralta


This sure is a very tangled web. And Comey's testimony shows that there's more than meets the eye. Many, many cross-currents between the Clinton "matter" and Trump's "I hope.."!!

And the role of elements in British IC as well as the US IC? Are these agencies so huge and so politicized that the left hand no longer knows what the right hand does, as there seems to be many "free agents" playing their own games?

In any case, these internal games have resulted in the disclosure of some highly secret information that will no doubt setback our intelligence operations and enable the Russians and others to revamp & strengthen their secure communications. All for what? Gin up an impeachment of Trump??

As long as the "high level muckety-mucks" as TTG calls them, can commit espionage with no consequences, it is all just kabuki theater. I notice that there is no discussion of this espionage among the chattering classes as it doesn't fit with their propaganda.


FWIW, 1664RM, over all I agree with your assessment.

For many, however, it is impossible to appreciate that the MSM media is directly related to the events they cover, that the practices and priorities of news coverage reflects the intent of ownership, not at all the historical importance of events.

The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk,

"The classification markings on the NSA document leaked by Winner indicate that it is “originator controlled” (i.e., a foreign source) that has been released to the United States via protocols that comply with the requirements of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. The only source for collection against European-based Google Cloud data is the GCHQ-run Muscular operation."

That explanation of ORCON (originator controlled) is totally wrong. It means that the creator of the report controls further distribution of that report. It has nothing to do with the nature or identity of the source. In this report, it means the NSA office that produced this report whose identity was redacted. In this case the ORCON caveat is related to technical details that is often contained in cyber-related reports. Note the two caveat paragraphs at the beginning of the report. I referred to this problem in my discussion of the intelligence distribution system I had to establish for one of my projects.

If Ritter is using this erroneous definition of ORCON to reach any conclusions about the report, he is off on the wrong tangent.


"There is a simple truth about Russian and Chinese cyber operations that you and most Americans have not been able to grasp. Both these countries use vast armies of unorganized and semi-organized patriotic hackers to further their national goals. Control over these hackers is loose and unconventional and they are not supplied with government code to conduct their hacking."

Seems to me is that's what we have in our Snowflake Warriors like Millenium Winner. I'm a bit surprised the Deeply Anti-Borg populists haven't come to her defense. Isn't she just a brave little drown-it-in-the-bathtub operator?



Why not just penetrate the organizations that count the votes? Given the deep seated emotional need of some of their employees to destroy Trump and what he stands for that should be rather easy.


Thank you for your erudite contribution.

I was always more effective with a gladio in hand rather than a pen, or as in this case, a keyboard. The gladio is now thankfully put to rest forever thus you have to put up with my random ramblings.

I wonder, why this point of view should not be any less credible than anything created on Wall St or Fleet St? ...


Except or course that it contains the word 'Russia'

Our security agencies are experts at creating diversions of every kind, especially those of a "Trojan Horse" like nature whether they be leaks, hacks, 'bots' or any number of things that would on face value appear to be representing something from somewhere else, such is the nature of espionage. The problem today is that we are in mortal danger of utter fatigue ... our media is flooded with articles describing events of this nature on a daily basis.

Ask yourself the question ... who benefits? Scratch the surface, this one stinks.

The Twisted Genius


All manner of machines are being looked at for hacking vulnerabilities. Luckily all attempts i know of require close or physical access to the machines or software. Even updates to these machines are done manually without network connections. Because of our decentralized system, changing a vote count is a damned difficult thing to do. To do it remotely would be damned near impossible in my view. But I do remember there were serious questions about the vote count during the Democratic primary in California. I don't know if anything came of that.


Agree with your description of the nuts and bolts of what HRC did. Not sure if that qualifies as "treason" exactly, but at very least gross negligence. My guess is that a detailed investigation of the Clinton Foundation would reveal what they have been attempting to hide.

"It involved the disclosure of real-time positional information on friendly forces positions & future intentions, in addition to that of several terrorist networks.

This action would have directly endangered the lives of both US & allied service men & women at the very tip of the spear."

We don't know whether that server was hacked, nor by whom... so once again it comes down to gross negligence, not treason. That said, many have been punished for much less.

Cold War Zoomie

"What was Reality Winner thinking?" She wasn't. I'm not surprised. Have you worked with any 25 year old linguists lately?

And before anyone starts ranting and raving about snowflake millennials, we weren't paragons of logic and reason in my day. Each generation has had its morons leaking shite and being stupid. I've read the reports of past morons when things are slow and I'm bored at work. It's a distinct pleasure - like reading about NFL superstars who go broke gambling and being stupid.

What were they thinking?


Scott Ritter has used a very fine comb to go through the Intercept documents. The claims made in the article are simply made up. They are not backed by what is provided in the documents.

Leaked NSA Report Short on Facts, Proves Little in ‘Russiagate’ Case
Posted on Jun 7, 2017 By Scott Ritter

The Intercept journos in Question had an agenda here. The blew the cover of the leaker - maybe intentional. One of those journos had been involved in blowing the cover of Kirakou who blew the whistle on CIA torture and is still the only one put into jail in relation to Brennan's and Ayatollah Mike's torture campaign.


As for the "Russian hacking" claims.

There is ZERO evidence for that. It does not make sense in the first place. It was first introduced by Clinton as an "excuse" for her and the DNC's malfeasance and loss of the election.

Note that Andrea Chalupa played a big part at the DNC and in the campaign. The Crowdstrike company that is the only one the DNC let "investigate" the "hacking" is led by one Abromovich (also at Atlantic Council)

Chalupa and Abromovich are both part of the (fascist) Ukraine mafia. The Atlantic Council received large sums from an anti-Russian Ukrainian billionaire. It was Clinton who drove the putsch in Kiev.


I have seen ZERO evidence that would back up the claim of "Russian hacking". All that was ever presented are just rumors and hints of some spearfishing by whoever.

Spearfishing is not a "Russian method" as some journos claim. It is the most simple way of getting into an account and has been done for decades by every run-of-the-mill criminal on the Internets.


"The claims made in the article are simply made up." You entirely miss the point and so does Ritter. This document is an ANALYTIC report. It is a report to consumers OUTSIDE the SIGINT world. It states DIRNSA's conclusions and would deliberately seek to avoid giving the consumers the raw data. I guess you would need to have inhabited the system to understand this. Your fascination with whether or not the document "proves" GRU involvement in the IO against the US election is actually a trivial matter. What matters is that the document implies US ability to read GRU encrypted communications. pl

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