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07 June 2017


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"if the US government really does know the names of the people involved... why not confront Putin with that?" Unlike Australia the US has a government with three separate and equal branches at the federal level. There is no single "US government" in the sense that you imply. pl

robt willmann

The preliminary fight card to the main event tomorrow played out this morning (7 June) before the U.S. Senate "Select" Committee on Intelligence. The cable television networks carried it live. Appearing were NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, who looked as if he did not want to be there and was trying to avoid cussing like a sailor at the assembled senators; Director of National Intelligence and former senator Dan Coats, who seems to be a nice man and is still in the process of learning doctrines and methods about surveillance; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appears to be working an angle more than just covering his derriere by passing the buck to Robert Mueller for the Russia investigation that dropped in his lap after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself; and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, whose attitude fit a street slang term that should not be said in the presence of ladies.

After the witnesses said they could not talk about meetings they may have had with president Trump, and the session ended, the committee released the written, prepared testimony of former FBI Director James Comey for tomorrow, in which he talks about meetings and conversations with Trump!--



After Comey's prepared testimony was released, the performers on the cable TV networks were panting with ecstasy reading and talking about it.

But that was not all in the bureaucratic jungle warfare for the day. Trump announced that he was going to appoint Christopher Wray to be the new FBI Director. Wray had been the chief of the criminal division of the Justice Department from 2003-2005 when Bush jr. was president and was appointed by him, and his boss in the organizational chart was Deputy Attorney General James Comey! Wray then went into private practice doing the well-paying "white collar" criminal defense work, in the course of which he represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the "Bridgegate" investigation, who was not charged with a crime in that episode.--




Then, to top it off, a group called the Great America Alliance, co-chaired by Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, and designed to promote president Trump's agenda, has released a 30-second ad trying to dirty up James Comey before his appearance tomorrow!--



Although this spectacle may be fun to watch, it is a sad caricature of domestic politics and media in the face of the real problems that plague us.


Celebrations today in Israel commemorating 50th anniversary of
Israel's napalming and machine gunning USS Liberty, killing 34 USA sailors, injuring 174, nearly sinking the ship.
One of the greatest ironies is that a Russian navy ship was first to come alongside and offer aid!
Khalidi reviews how Israel became master of USA under LBJ, in contrast to Ike who had no problem rebuking Israel in Suez in 1956.

iowa steve

Well, there's no money in it for the tech vendors so it won't happen, but the best voting system is paper ballots hand-counted in public. Germany does it. Canada does it at least for their federal elections.


TTG, Sir

"If caught and tried they will all probably face prison time... that is unless they are high level muckety-mucks"

Since the high level muckety-mucks can commit espionage with impunity, do you believe that our adversaries will focus on recruiting there?

The most sensitive US secret, our ability to intercept and decrypt Russian secure communication has been disclosed. Apparently by some high level muckety-muck. Who were they an agent of? The Russians? Or was it par for the course in terms of our domestic politics and political appointees at the highest level?



Or her people were incompetent.

different clue


Legal Paper Ballots would be the most protected-in-the-first-instance system. In Michigan we have Opti-Scan. Yes it is digitally read and counted. But the actual ballot is physically cast by the analog voter on analog paperboard with an analog ink pen. If the subsequent reading of the votes or tabulation of the results is so digitally fraudulent as to set off alarm bells which cannot be denied, the Legal Paper Ballots could be gone back to and counted.

If I am reminded of all the ways that physical meatspace analog-marks-on-analog-paper elections can also be fraudulated, and have been; I would have to throw up my hands and say: very well. Let's hire the Canadians to run our election and have the Carter Center work with them and observe them at every step of the way.


You don't really think that these airhead millennials know what a library is, do you?
They're products of an "education" system in which everyone gets "A"'s and the core curriculum is hatred of "racist" America.



Thanks you for an excellent work on the ethics and morals of a difficult and contradictory part of life. The duties and loyalties necessary for an effective intelligence service.

English Outsider:

I wish to thank you for one of best overall comments to a post I have seen here at SST. While not at all denigrating the excellent original piece by TTG, your piece complements and expands the thought that makes the discussion as worthwhile as any work here.

Kudos to both...well done


TV. Your riposte is a tad on the harsh side. As with the Boomers and Gen-Xers who received scorn for one reason or another, one must realize that these are not behavioral cohorts, but age cohorts, the millenials' hipsters and snowflakes notwithstanding.

The Twisted Genius


I have written quite often about the indiscriminate surveillance of US citizens by our government. From the beginning, I thought Snowden did us all a favor even though it was clearly illegal leaking. Here's a handy guide to my obsession.



Wonderful comment; especially the "...Since information shared with a great number of people is always vulnerable to leaks that means that a certain degree of slippage has to be accepted..."
I recently have found a book by de Gramont, "Secret War" from 1963; in this the NSA first huge loss of secrets was due to two intelligent homosexuals, who fled to the Soviet Union. There is no way to fool statistics - among say 10,000 people you will find some who will spill the beans. The Brits had their Cambridge Five (or Six?), the US had their atomic bomb secrets knows to Stalin in Potsdam, before Truman told him; The Soviets had their Penkovsky. Statistics do no lie.

Harlan Easley

If she is smart then she should request a jury trial. She is plainly guilty but the politics in this country are viper poisonous right now. It would only take 1 or 2 strong willed Democrats on the jury trial to produce a hung jury. Of course we are talking about Georgia. My state. Rural jury conviction. City jury hung. I'm sure a pretty lenient plea deal will be offered because of this. I say she gets off with 3 years which at 25 probably seems like a long time.

The Twisted Genius


There is a simple truth about Russian and Chinese cyber operations that you and most Americans have not been able to grasp. Both these countries use vast armies of unorganized and semi-organized patriotic hackers to further their national goals. Control over these hackers is loose and unconventional and they are not supplied with government code to conduct their hacking. Collection against this kind of cyber target offers unique challenges. This concept is alien to Western cyber forces which is strictly hierarchical and centrally controlled.


"... 'why is the usa hell bent on demonizing russia?' it is like russia took away the usa's lollipop or something.. for that, they must be demonized 24/7..."
I think you touch a raw point here. Ukraine and especially the Crimean peninsula may perhaps be a secret "plan B" for the Israelis who will get over short or long tired of living in hostile region. More on this you can find in the chapter "California in the Crimea" in the book by Sudoplatov "Special Tasks".

Gene O.


She will get one of those country club federal prisons - teach yoga to the other cons, indulge her enthusiasm for fitness, give interviews, and write a book.

Oh, and she will be paroled after serving one third of her sentence.


with respect, Australia is Westminster system and has had separation of the powers since establishment. The government cannot give orders to the judiciary and I know plenty of judges who use earthy language should anyone try to influence them. our high court has constitutional interpretation powers exactly like the U. S. supreme court.

The Twisted Genius


DEFCON will be targeting voting machines this year as their major research project. It should be interesting.


My guess is that Trump wants to make an example of her pour encourager les autres. The Democrats will try to make a heroine out of her. Fat chance.


I would be interested to know what the Russians did to influence the election. Also how did this compare to the attempts to influence the election by other parties such as the Ukrainians smearing Manafort, Steele's dodgy dossier, the Atlantic Council, various foreign media smearing Trump etc. acting on behalf of Clinton. Surely this should be of deep concern?


Sorry snowflakes you have had months to come up with something concrete and still nothing.


If you believe, like me, that the Russia thing was invented to cover up Obama's illegal spying on domestic political opponents then sure why not, anything to save their own necks.

Seamus Padraig

Snowden first went to Hong Kong, asking for asylum. He left because the Chinese turned him down.


I am so tired of reading all this S*1T.

My own personal opinion; & like an arsehole - everybody has one - is that this is all part of one gigantic smokescreen to cover the reality ...

HRC & Obama are guilty of TREASON .... in that as SoS HRC DELIBERATELY & WILLFULLY conducted her State Dept business on private & personal IT systems using non approved software & hardware in direct contravention of the very rules & procedures that she, as SoS was responsible for implementing.

Obama as the POTUS at the time was also guilty as he, by association & by role would have received countless electronic communications from his SoS during her tenure, all addressed from her private & personal IT systems using non approved software & hardware in direct contravention of the very rules & procedures that he, as POTUS & CinC had ultimate responsibility for.

This issue is probably the LARGEST SIGINT breach of our generation - probably since ENIGMA.

It involved the disclosure of real-time positional information on friendly forces positions & future intentions, in addition to that of several terrorist networks.

This action would have directly endangered the lives of both US & allied service men & women at the very tip of the spear.

Coupled with this is the illegal military action against Libya ... HRC was a key actor in this debacle. Buried deep inside this is tangles web are the rat lines of weapon resupply & the clandestine avenues of support from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, The Emirates & most of the leading NATO States, namely France, The UK & Germany.

Then there are the nefarious actions of the Clinton Foundation, the DNC & HRC & the blatant actions against Sanders during the Democratic Primaries.

What we are seeing now folks is one humongous smoke & mirrors campaign designed to fatigue our minute attention span & divert our attention away from that which is sitting in plain sight.

Its so simple.


Thanks for those references TTG. Very good reading as a package. Just about halfway through I had the thought that we could use an updated Doctor Strangelove movie as a cultural marker--when up pops the beautiful image of that brilliant character! When faced with irrational avarice the appropriate attitude is as an "irrational hater." The phrase "paranoid authoritarianism " is ringing clearer today than then.


Leaked NSA Report Short on Facts, Proves Little in ‘Russiagate’ Case - Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter provides a detailed analysis based on the chart from the NSA document. His conclusion:

“Nothing in the document’s confirmed information links it to the GRU. The GRU attribution is presented for contextual purposes only. It is an inferred command relationship to a redacted cyberoperations management capability that is linked to the confirmed cyberoperators only through analysis (i.e., best guess), not fact.

The NSA document, both in its title and text, is therefore misleading in the extreme. There is simply no fact-based information provided in the report that confirms that the events reported on were being organized and managed by the Russian GRU, despite the document’s assertions otherwise.”

and Ritter’s overall assessment of ‘Russiagate’:

“By allegedly leaking a highly classified NSA document, Winner has provided the American public with its first unvarnished look at what the true state of affairs is regarding the specific intelligence underpinning one of the foundational accusations that have been leveled against Russia today. In short, there is no quality intelligence that implicates the GRU as being behind the APT 28-“Cozy Bear” cyberattacks on the DNC and American electoral system. The Russian threat has been exposed as a phantom menace.

It can now be clearly shown that any such attribution is purely speculative in nature, derived from the politically motivated and fundamentally flawed analysis conducted by a private company, CrowdStrike, which was subsequently adopted by the FBI before becoming a part of a national narrative that has been placed out of bounds when it comes to serious inquiry by a media that seems to have forgotten its responsibility to report fact-based truth, regardless of consequence“.

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