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23 May 2017


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That seems like a standard Tyler comment, he's been doing so for some years now. It should be on a different thread perhaps but not a different forum.

"Who of any importance is "cool with Manchester bombings"" ISIS and AQ. Which is why they keep doing these bombings


On a bright note we have praise of Muslim Taxi drivers for giving free lifts:

And recommendations not to do anything different from The Independent’s US editor:

22 dead, don’t do anything different. That is the same attitude that forced the NYPD to remove their Terror report from their website because pattern recognition is “racism”.

Here’s the report “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” for those interested:

Fred - the guest author Fred



Barack said he cared about Chicago. He and Michele lived there for years. He's building his library there. In 2016 there were 4,700+ shooting with over 700 dead. He didn't say or do much about that. Did he use the people of Chicago or just act like a standard inner city politician?


Fredw....Thank you for asking about this linkage from Tyler. I'm afraid some folks just like to link stuff together to make themselves look righteous and everyone else look evil. I don't know ANYONE who is a liberal who thinking the Manchester bombings are cool just because they also are concerned abut Trump's obstruction of justice. The two issues are not in any way mutually reinforcing or mutually exclusive -- it is possible to hold two ideas simultaneously and in tension.

Sloppy logic on Tyler's part. Good catch on yours.

Babak Makkinejad

Please see here:


Allen Thomson

> the Trump cavalcade proceeded to Bethlehem by road.

Presumably these Magi, having GPS, didn't need a star. Although that would have been a nice touch.



Are you taking a break from your Talmud studies to lecture and enlighten the poor and helpless deplorables?

We are not that stupid.

If the ruling elites weren't cool with the bombings, they wouldn't force us to take refugees against our will. There would be no need for the mayor of London to tell people that getting blown to pieces is just part of modern life, sort of like traffic, bad weather, or something really kooky like that I guess. I personally can't understand this man's logic, maybe you can interpret this for us:


There would also be no need to rely on draconian censorship in the mass media across the entire Western world to hide the fact that immigration and refugee population intakes are strongly correlated with increase in terrorism.

People are waking up to the fact that there exists a treacherous element among us that has handcuffed us for over 50+ years and is preventing us from taking proper action to protect our people.

Propaganda works great until stops working one day. What do you think happens after that?

iowa steve

Don't assume I was used and need the lecture. I didn't vote for either Trump or Hillary, and figured both were snakeoil sellers. The downfall of this area economically occurred during the era of Clinton-Bush-Obama, and voters figured that better to go with the devil you didn't know than with the devil you did who promised more of the status quo. I think it was entirely rational for them to reject Hillary.

Sanders carried this area easily in the caucuses and would have carried it in the general.

Peter in Toronto

As an early Trump supporter (for his potentially disruptive divergence away from the Saudi/Israeli/Russophobic stance of the previous governments), and his betrayal of practically every election point, I say impeach away.


Yes, Sir, you did. My opinion has been informed by yours.



I admit I don’t know what is going on. The contradictions don’t make sense. Still, one thing seems fairly clear. The Trump Administration is incompetent. They weren’t prepared for a soft coup by the media and the intelligence community. I surmise it is because the Trump Family think they are the monied establishment not pretenders like the Clintons. However, due to his running as a populist and being elected President, Donald Trump has been shunned by the Elite. I don’t think Jared or Ivanka have told him, yet.

Even if the USA doesn’t get in a World War with Russia, the fiscal spending cuts, trillions of dollars of debt that cannot be paid off, and spreading death will force an existential crisis on Washington DC within the next four years. Most likely Mitch McConnell will ask the President to resign to elevate Mike Pence. If he refuses, unrest is likely. Things will have to be awfully bad for the Republicans to impeach one of their own, even Donald J. Trump.




Nobody supports those monsters expect those certain counties and intelligence agencies that created them.
I wonder if the immigrant Libyan parents of the Manchester suspect are true believers who hated Gaddafi. You do know that he was the first target of that group, don't you?

Well, he warned the public and nobody listened. Blow back or False Flag terror has become commonplace.



Robert C,

Why yes, he did.

So Trump lied before he took office about all that he wouldn't do or had no stones to stand up to the traitors around him. Which is it?



And HRC wants Trump out to be replaced by Pence.

Assange Claims Hillary, Intel Officials "Quietly Pushing A Pence Takeover"
Tyler Durden's picture
by Tyler Durden
Mar 14, 2017 3:32 PM

Clinton stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover. She stated that Pence is predictable hence defeatable.

— Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) March 14, 2017


The mighty intelligentsia have fallen so low that they lie to themselves. Once the Clintons said that we needed to end welfare as we know it. Ancient history? The Clintons do exactly what their "group" want done. Esoteric sociology? It makes more sense if you can see that the Clintons are long-time members of the Church of Self-Interest. HRC might have kept the small things (like school lunches) while strengthening the drive to strip jobs out of America to enrich her "group". The inability of HRC supporters to see the country beyond their blind faith in one couple is tragic and a complete indictment of America's bi-coastal society. Trump voters of 2016 (they are not supporters, Trump is not a cult) are merely the first wave of the disenchanted. Most likely Trump will disappear sooner rather than later but the disenchanted/disadvantaged/disenfranchised can only continue to grow.


I still think it unlikely the GOP goes along with impeachment. It would definitely be destabilizing. I guess the problem is how does he actually govern if any of these investigations turn up much? At the very least, why did he hire Flynn when they already knew he was under investigation? Who does that?



"Who of any importance is 'cool with Manchester bombings'"

Anyone who is now introducing caveats in their declarations that the worst horror would be if the idea of diversity as supreme goodness were compromised in the british isles by a mere little bomb.


"Trump never really cared for your part of the country or Appalachia, which also voted for him. You were used. To be fair Clinton would probably not have done a lot"

Except, maybe, sending some thirty thousand somalis to live next to your door, so there would be no possibility that you would ever again even think about surrendering your county votes to anyone who talks about white working class americans as if they were real people, instead of mere future opioid suicides in an overcrowded morgue.


"The Manchester attacks have produced a disgusting ‘emoting’ in Britain. Confronted by the IRA bombings, we had a good deal of ‘stiff upper lip’ left. Now, apparently, no longer. Snowflakes all."

Stiff upper lip isn't lacking. what is lacking is the ability to produce even a resemblance of a stiff lower dick. If the british are no longer willing to protect their own children, perhaps they should be left in the care of one mr. Breivik. At least he is better in selecting what kind of parent is undeserving of keeping their genes in the pool.


"Judaism is a religion of Exile. The Exile has ended."

Only when there is no one lef in the world except jews and zombies who believe in every word they say. Come to think of it, perhaps the exile has really ended.


"Fredw said in reply to Tyler... This post seems out of line in this forum."

Little usurper doesn't know the danger to any of us mere commenters in making such seemingly innocent statements.


I have lived in Appalachia, and I have worked in Iowa, in fact I traveled every mile of RR in Iowa in a big Buick with train wheels.
Hardest working people I have ever seen were welders in Council Bluffs, "stretching" freight cars for C&NW, in the middle of winter, with no heat. I would not disparage such workers for supporting Trump.
Interesting to see you (pl)mention "old time arabists". Surely you have read Edward Said, did you ever hear him play piano?
My fears from Trump's visits to SA and Israel are a newly invigorated war against Iran. Jonathan Steele sums it up pretty well here:
Dangerous Iranophobia: Trump edges towards his own 'axis of evil' moment
I have read that Mattis bases his hatred of Iran on IED's (explosive-formed penetrators) used against USA military in Iraq. He is certain they came from Iran.
I think this is unproven, but surely Mattis knows more than I do.
I think the claim that Iraqis could not make such explosives themselves is nonsense, the IRA made them long ago, and my friends in town with a machine shop could make them easily. (if they wanted to, which they do not).

ex-PFC Chuck

re Jack: "Unlike the Democrat primary voters, the GOP primary voters seem more inclined to oppose Borgist candidates . . "

I disagree. You may recall that some guy named Sanders did quite well in the primaries, in spite of the party establishment tilting the playing fields with every lever they could find. The difference was that the Democratic Party establishment was even more corrupt than its Republican counterpart, and it continues to be so. One of the main reasons that establishment and its paymasters are promoting the "Russia did it" meme and the "Impeach Trump" Herbal Tea Party demonstrations is to distract the withering rump of their supporters from doing something about said corruption.


Many good points have been made here and a few less than so. It may appear that things are truly bad, but it can be a lot worse. If you visit the central part of western Europe, you can see acres and acres of graves, cause by what happens when it truly gets bad.

If Mr. Trump is to be impeached, it will have to be done by Republicans and I will assume they will do whatever they can to avoid that. Neither an impeached president or a weakened one is desirable and can have serious political and economic consequences.

In the meantime, we will be treated to more political theater and somewhere both William Shakespear and H. C. Andersen are both laughing their butts off.

FB Ali

Yes, this is his way of referring to Shia Islam.

It is an oblique way of implying that they alone are the real Muslims ("Being enemy of Ali is akin to being enemy of Jesus...." - see his reply to Col Lang above).



I'm not sure whose "meltdown" I'm enjoying more: the MSM's Watergate 2.0 reality show, or your Mark Twain-like commentary on our first Tramp Abroad. I look forward to him climbing the Riffelberg.

Sam Peralta


Let's call a spade. There has been a concerted IO campaign to take out President Trump. This campaign to de-legitimize the election and Trump has been going on for many months. At least since Trump won the Republican primary, the Russian boogeyman has been used to tar & feather Trump's election campaign.

What strikes me is how blatant this campaign is. Take a look at what a key character from Borg central cast says.

'It should be clear to everyone Russia brazenly interfered in our 2016 presidential election process,' Brennan said..

Note that presumptive close. Neither the CIA nor the FBI or NSA have provided any evidence what exactly they mean by "brazen interference" and most importantly how that actually changed the election outcome. And of course how what the Russians did or did not do differs from what the US agencies do to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

'I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals.'

Note the innuendo here! So, meeting with Russian officials is sinister. But meeting with Israeli & Saudi officials is no problem.

'It raised questions in my mind again whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals. I don't know whether or not such collusion and that's your term, such collusion existed. I don't know,' he said.

Ah! I can make all these allegations of something sinister without having any evidence, since I know the Borg media and political establishment will run with it and amplify it as if a crime has taken place. And the NeverTrumpers will be all on board this propaganda campaign to take him down.


Keith Harbaugh

A really fascinating inquisition of former DCIA Brennan
by former prosecutor Trey Gowdy:
"You Don't Do Evidence Well I Do"
Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Trump Russia Collusion Investigation

https://youtu.be/xKrlfqWzE4c (6:10)
That exchange is included in a video of the full Gowdy/Brennan interaction:
EVERY Trey Gowdy Question To John Brennan
During Russia Interference Hearing 5/23/17
https://youtu.be/2-VNv5uFTPQ (21:24)

Brennan said:
"Mr. Gowdy, I don't do evidence"
which led to an interesting discussion of the difference between
the legal term "evidence" and the intelligence term "assessment".
I wonder if Col. Lang would feel like discussing these legal vs. IC issues.
Surely they will be significant in the weeks to come.

Nancy K

I was not assuming you were used, but voters were. I feel some responsibility for Trump winning in that I agreed with Sanders but voted for Clinton in the primary because I did not feel Sanders could win in the general. I'm not sure you are right however that Sanders could have won against Trump in your area.


You want to live in fear help yourself. I worry as much about you right wing psycho's as I do the moozlim psycho's. You deserve each other.

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