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23 May 2017


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Me too, Colonel. Presidents of our age have had long political careers and experience generally serves well as we get older as we accrue wisdom. But we are also less easily adapted to different environments and this is a very different one for Trump. I wish him well. Or, more specifically, I wish America well. Interesting times.



Turkey has it's own version of the Star Chamber, or Volksgerichtshof if you prefer, especially after Erdogan's putsch. What has that got to do with Flynn's hiring and his subsequent firing?

Phil Cattar

Babak,Are Hafez Assad and his son Bashar blood thirsty tyrants?


LeaNder, Google Linda Sarsour+Ayaan Hirsi Ali or variations. There's
enough out there you'll get the idea. FGM=female genital mutilation,
a vile procedure that was forced upon Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a young girl. I hadn't even seen the link you posted.



Include them. I said here before that I opposed open borders and certainly that terrorists should be kept out after leaving the US then try to return.
I suspected that the Manchester killers farther was a terrorist and I was proven right.






He's right


Babak Makkinejad

Hafez Al Assad was.

Not so much his son.

Babak Makkinejad

Your friends be wrong.

After 5000 years in Egypt, there was a freely elected leader, who is now rotting in jail.

Kilo 4/11

BHO probably doesn't know which sides of the streets have odd numbers and which have even. I've spent more time waiting at Chicago bus stops than he's spent here. Adding up all the things I love about my birthplace and hometown and putting them against all the the things I hate about it was keeping the scale about even until he began to be identified as a Chicagoan.



Unlike others, I agree with you about Brevik. He was smashing a nest of wasp larvae imho.

Can you expand on "little usurper"?



The Alt Right deals in reality, not fairy tales about achievement gaps and diversity is ourbgreatest strength.

Eventually you'll all be AR or part of the delusional Left. And it'll be the Left that pushed you into our arms.

different clue


I heard thoughts of the Rich murder being a "warning to any others" assassination from somewhere on the left ( I forget where) many months before I heard anything about the Fox right taking it up.
It has never been debunked. It has been poo poo-ed, but never debunked.

The Rich family themseleves "debunk" it? I wonder if they were quietly visited and told they would quietly accept the "mugging gone wrong" coincidence theory if they didn't want to end up dead themselves.

I wonder if
somebody put
a horse's head
in the Riches bed.


Assad Père was also one of the astutest political minds ever to run a country in the region in the last half of the 20th C...and he kept his country out of war. You can call him a tyrant and dictator because he didn’t promote gay marriage, insist on trans toilets, or complain his country’s treatment of women wasn’t up to Ivanka/Hillary standards, but he kept a lid on religious strife, protected religious and secular minorities, and ran a tight ship when it came to civil strife.


On the other hand, at fifty-four, perhaps that could be considered late middle age

Ah, no. Medically, barring illness,BARRING ILLNESS, the physical end of middle age is generally 73; can extend beyond that. I’m not up to telling you how I know this--I just discovered this great drink called a Bullshot and I’ve had two, gonna make myself a third--and I’m not up to describing the medical evidence I was presented with by my Manhattan doctor who spent a week at some NIH Aging Conference, so believe it or not. Up to you.


Not to remove him per se, but to milk as much as possible out of Watergate 2.0 for purposes of the 2018 midterms.

Because they are such strategic geniuses. (/snark) Not like they could make their return to glory actual policy proposals. Nope.


trillions of dollars of debt that cannot be paid off

If you ‘pay off the National Debt” not one single person in this country will have a penny in their pocket or in their bank account. We will all be destitute. Don’t ¥ou think someone might have raised a red flag about “the debt”--which is public “debt,” not private “debt.” BIG DIFF.

USE YOUR HEAD. This is double-entry accounting. Ever used QuickBooks? You CANNOT have a debt on the right side of the ledger in double-entry accounting without an asset to the penny on the left. CAN. NOT.

Who owns the assets?


If Trump really feels that he is a part of the Old Money And Social Position Establishment

I don’t think he gives a shit about that.



Did your post respond to mine? No.

- I'm familiar with the statistics and they support what I said. Thanks.
- The rest of it is all BLM baiting snarkiness. I'm glad you are so concerned about your fellow man. I look forward to news of you performing community outreach in North Lawndale.



That's a lot of riding on the CTA then. Or are you a suburbanite? Sounds more like waiting for the PACE bus.



We are 96th in the world rankings of government spending as a percentage of GDP, just behind Kenya and just ahead of Ecuador. Pretty elite company.

Where do we spend all this largesse? Well, this map supports your argument that it goes to the inner cities, provided that those inner cities are in rural Kentucky.


The argument about taker states is an old one, and this 2014 article in the Atlantic does a good job of making it.


You need to stop listening to all of that fake news about inner cities and democrats.


MORE . . .

The NYC developer Seymour Durst--and father of serial wife & girlfriend killer Robert Durst--put the National Debt Clock up in Manhattan that also claimed the amount that every family “owed” as a result. He did this because he was alarmed at the deficits Reagan and Bush added (source: Table 1.1 https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/omb/budget/Historicals. You will note that the two sustaining periods of federal government surplus during the 20th C preceded the Great Depression and the Great Recession of 2008 under Clinton, which was delayed by the dotcom and housing bubbles. As an accounting fact, when the federal government is in surplus, the private sector is in deficit.)

Problem is that Durst Père was as lousy at federal finance and knowledge of the federal monetary system--which changed on August 15, 1971--as he was at parenting.

He failed to put up the necessary other side of the equation: the National Asset Clock.

Those assets are what the American people OWN.

The National Debt is a record of the net financial assets of the American people since 1791.


The Seth Rich conspiracy theory has been repeatedly debunked

Where? That’s not true.

Kim Dotcom, a German living in Australia and creator of MegaUpload, tweeted last week or the week before that he was involved with Seth Rich and made the claim that he could prove it. Hannity tweeted that he wanted to get Dotcom on his show. Dotcom tweeted back that he was talking to his attorneys and he would come forward when he was good and ready.

That remains to happen.

Everyone forgets that former British Ambassador Craig Murray said he delivered the emails to Assange. He said "Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians," said Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. "The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks." (Associated Press)

Murray "flew to Washington for a clandestine handoff with one of the email sources in September. [After Rich’s death] He said he received a package in a wooded area near American University.”

SEE ALSO: Craig Murray: Stunning Admission from Obama on Wikileaks


No shit, DC.


He doesn’t do evidence? He prefers to pluck things out of his ass; hence, the assessment?

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