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23 May 2017


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Gene O.

I care less about the Russky connection. The long suffering people of Russia need some American friends. Again, I should have said. It was fine for FDR, wasn't it?

But kissing King Salman's ring when all of the car bombs in Anbar had Saudi license plates seems a bit strange. And does he know that the gold medal presented to him was also presented in the past to Obama and Sadaam? Let's hope it ends up in the National Archives instead of a hock shop.


explain, elaine, and sorry, if I sent this before.

Distracted, surprised, wondering?

Do you have a source for Linda Sansour's 'despicable' statements about Ayaan Hirsi? Who no doubt has an impressive CV, seemingly a strong supporter of women's rights. At AEI? A Muslim feminist realizing it makes more sense to fight from the outside looking in?

Well yes, what exactly is feminism post 9/11. I am a bit confused too. She is said to have pushed pro-life women out? Is that your concern.

But what is FGM?

Her mug on thousands of placards symbolizing progress for women is a cruel joke imo.

Risen to undeserved prominence as outsider? Clinton-Obama-instigated (Soros financed) women's march on Washington member only or more? Personally funded by Soros?


Ok, I see, she was watched making Islamic State Signals. Hmm? That's no doubt worrying.



Rare guest, but someone that can tell us more on the vision of the "cherry blossom king", or the utter righteousness of alt-right maybe? I suppose. Misguidedly?


Obama was playing rope-a-dope. Trump, on the other hand, seems genuinely spooked about something, and it's interesting that Kushner, who has been described as a voice of moderation, was pushing the Comey firing and Bannon was against. I am guessing it's money. After his repeated failures and bankruptcies, no reputable lenders would deal with Trump (except for Deutsche Bank, which was having its own problems). Mueller has experience investigating money laundering rackets, so we may see.

The Seth Rich conspiracy theory has been repeatedly debunked, not least by Rich's family, and even Hannity has been forced to stand down.


And no Sunnis used IED or killed american forces in Iraq?

If that is the reason for Mattis' obsessive hatred of Iran, then he has severe tunnel vision.



It burns me every time someone brings up the Chicago shooting stat, as if they knew what it meant. I live in Chicago, have lived there off and on for over 20 years, and I've never heard a gunshot outside of a shoot range.

Most of the shootings are confined to a handful of neighborhoods, such as North Lawndale and Garfield Park. On a per capita basis, Chicago isn't even in the top 20.

Back to your straw man: Obama didn't enact any policies that overtly exacerbated the problem of violence in those neighborhoods. Now Rahm is a different story, but that's a whole nother thread.



I'm not happy about Trump bombing Syria cause of Ivanka's crying, but I'd take a one off bombing of some trucks and some buildings at an airport versus dealing with Borg Grandma.

You take what victories you can in this world.



The entire Left/Globalist apparatus who wants to import a billion more Turd Worlders who have no other skill than "blow themselves up at a concert with little girls" and "memorized the Koran".

Stop playing disingenuous.



Yah bro, cool reference to two decades ago referencing what an atheist and a Leftist bomber did. Meanwhile those of us in 2017 are dealing with Islamic terror attacks on a damn near weekly basis while our leaders are importing more of the same.

You should have reached back to the Crusades. That would have really have underlined what a historical illiterate you are.



Lmao you know exactly what I mean. You and your ilk are more than happy to agitate for more rapefugees who perpetrate this kind of nonsense.

Your entire Posting History here is sloppy logic and womanly feelz. The fact that you think you can even approach me goes to show the overwhelming sense of self importance you have.



You know nothing about me if you think I was cool with the destruction of Libya. Just the loss of the diving alone breaks my heart.



You might as well say you worry as much about alligator attacks in the arctic.

BTW how much do you weight? Calculating how much helicopter fuel I'm gonna need. Asking for a friend.



You forgot "and the Leftist/Globalist apparatus" that wants to import more and threatens people with arrest (c.f. Katie Hopkins) for pointing out that the bombers are Mudslimes.


Yes I agree, and that has changed with Ayatollah Khomaine.


No sir. All I can say is that I may be aggravating because of my views but I never threaten people with throwing them out of a helicopter or suggest they were cool with Manchester. He is unabashed abut his hatred and I don't think it suits the demeanor you seek here.

SR Wood

I think the AG clipped his own wings.

Babak Makkinejad

Since you have come back from the Dead, your English grammar has deteriorated.

Have you suffered brain trauma?


"It also means that in holy Erdoganland nowadays ACCUSATION IS GUILT when the government wants you to be jailed in, for whatever reason, real or phantastic."

Recep has learned well from your Baalim Olam.

How's that photograph coming along?



He is successfully pulling your leg. pl


What astonished me is that DJT seems to have done everything he could to facilitate their attack. Almost to the point it would be intentional were it done by any other politician. However, the most likely explanation is that he's an old man, set in his ways that proved effective in his specific business, and has no politically savvy advisors. Or at least none that he trusts more than his gut and that is not serving him well in the DC political milieu.



"he's an old man" I am seven years older than he. I yearn to quit. Thanks pl

Account Deleted

In the Known Unknowns I guess.

iowa steve

My area has been overwhelmingly democratic for decades, and Sanders overwhelmingly won the democratic caucuses in my area. I think your take that Sanders could not have won here goes against the evidence. There was always a residual dislike of Hillary that goes back to the 2008 caucuses which Obama handily won here in a nasty campaign.

Don't stereotype Iowa into your bucket of ignorant deplorables as most do. It ranks in the top 3 nationally in terms of literacy, high school graduation, and ACT scores. It also has a history of radical prairie populism and religiously centered pacifism, all of which militated against Hillary and for Sanders.



Here you go slick:
Total Shot: 4379
Shot & Wounded: 3662
Shot & Killed: 717

"Obama didn't enact any policies that overtly exacerbated the problem of violence in those neighborhoods"

No marde man. He did not enact polices .... well there was that Ferguson investigation, the "'Trayvon Martin could have been me" blah, blah horse crap for the last four or five years but none of that had any impact on the conduct of people in Chicago. Give me a break. I guess somebody else was running the executive branch, not the guy I voted for twice.

"Most of the shootings are confined to a handful of neighborhoods, such as North Lawndale and Garfield Park"
"On a per capita basis..." Thanks for confirming that some lives just don't matter. One death is a tragedy, seven hundred seventeen - or a million - a statistic.



You failed to answer my question.

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