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11 May 2017


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The Twisted Genius


It Beats the hell out of me, too. I don't think it will lead to violent civil war. It will be more of the same divisiveness with those in the streets changing places with those on the sidewalks.


Bill Bradley was best candidate this century, but stupid dems chose Gore, and he lost to Bush2.
Bradley is still quite active, but not that ambitious.


Many people believe that Comey helped Clinton. And for good reason. He gave immunity to ALL of her top aids (5 of them, including Huma) and he took it upon himself to dismiss the charges against her regarding emails.

If the FBI Director (plus CIA Director Brennan, and others) was in Hillary's camp, then who is to say that Trump is not also? Is it really possible for a money-driven duopoly to elect an true outsider?

Hasn't the post-cold war era been essentially about looting the American middle-class, servicing ME interests (for big money), and keeping Russia down via intimidation and trickery ("reset with Russia", haha)?

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For those that believe that Trump's bombing Syria was politically necessary to quell the Russian questions I ask: how do you explain Trump's silence about the dozens of children that were killed only days later by the Jihadis? Why did his concerns for "beautiful babies" evaporate so quickly?

There was a time that I thought Trump was a truth-teller - as opposed to Obama's sly mendacity. But since the bombing of Syria I've been thinking that Trump is the Republican Obama.


Sanders was a sheep-dog. He was in the race to block the emergency of third-parties/Movements that might threaten the Democrat Party.

He pulled many punches ...
>> Hillary wins 6 coin tosses in Iowa?
>> Hillary NEVER change a vote because of donations?
>> Didn't try much to attract Hillary's base of women and blacks (THAT might've required attacking Hillary's and Obama's character)
>> and more
... and ultimately betrayed his base (by endorsing Hillary - note: plenty of Republicans refused to endorse Trump). Oh and he STILL works with the Hillary/Obama DNC even after the race. He recently when on a reconciliation tour with Tom Perez, the new head of DNC, an Obama appointee that is close to Clinton.

He refused to provide his 2014 taxes despite insisting that he was the lowest-paid member of the Senate and his taxes were boring. Hillary had released 10 years of hers (even if bogus because pay-offs were masked as donations to the CF). Sanders made the press wait for his 2015 taxes.

Eric Newhill

Well then rule of law is meaningless, the constitution is meaningless, whatever ties that bind us, meaningless because the worst response from violating any of that is an impotent little protest march. The elites know this and will continue to walk all over us, manipulate us and take.

We're finished and might as well stop pretending like we're not. And, since no cares enough to do anything about it, we deserve it.

Let's all get as much for ourselves as we can while we can.



An interesting analysis:

*UPDATE* – President Trump Drops Another MOAB – Media Missing Sally Yates and James Comey Timeline…

(Keep in mind that acting FBI Director McCabe told the Senate Select Intelligence Committee in public session that the White House had not interfered in the investigation. Also, it is being reported that the deputy Attorney General told the Senate Select Intelligence Committee in private session that a special prosecutor is not required.)

Also, two unrelated items to the current topic for those who are interested:

The first is a report from the Wall Street Journal concerning the plan to liberate Raqqa from ISIS control:

Kurd-led force homes in on ISIS bastion with assent of U.S. and Syria alike https://www.wsj.com/articles/kurd-led-force-homes-in-on-isis-bastion-with-assent-of-u-s-and-syria-alike-1494522632 … via @WSJ

Also, HR McMaster gave a briefing to the media about the President's upcoming trip overseas. People can read a transcript of his remarks at the following link:

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 5/12/2017, #47


I don't know about the "hard left", but amongst the "far left" Trump was the preferred GOP candidate and was generally preferred over Clinton, which is why Trump won the midwest. As things stand, the "far left" stands with the general perspective provided by this Committee of Correspondences and has been abused thoroughly by the neoliberal/neoconservative borg. I agree with some of the contributors here and elsewhere that "left/right" definitions no longer hold up very well, whereas globalist/nationalist might be better suited.


The Gorsuch nomination counts as a GOP victory, but the mastermind, or the mindermast as the late Peter Cook would say, was Mitch McConnell, who set it up with the Republican refusal to consider the nomination of Merrick Garland.


"There was a time that I thought Trump was a truth-teller"

Well, the man is bad, has his habit of fighting reality he doesn't like and he is doing bad policy, so he should be watched closely - but he it still could be worse.

Despite all his nonsense and his 'fake news, so sad' dumb tweets, Trump is still a bit away from a king on time Erdogan's madness of making ... the openly insane telekinesis theorist Yiğit Bulut ... his chief advisor.

The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. His new chief adviser, Yiğit Bulut, said: 'There is work going on … to kill Erdoğan from afar through methods like telekinesis.'"
Ah yes, of course.
It has to be said that when the Turkish government began to flail around for the "real reasons" behind the Gezi protests, their initial conspiracy theories lacked imagination – the CIA, Europeans jealous of their economic success, unspecified foreign forces in cahoots with terrorists, Twitter, the "interest rate lobby", and, of course, the international Jewish conspiracy. What would a search for a scapegoat be in Turkey (or indeed Greece) without our old friends the Elders of Zion?

Since it was obviously inconceivable that the Turkish people themselves – knowing they were living through a golden age of good governance, piety and profit – would ever take to the streets, there must have been a plot.

Well now we have the answer – it was all a giant telekinetic attack by dark forces to discredit Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, because he had made Turkey a "model for the world". Quite rightly, the man who made this astonishing discovery, Yiğit Bulut, has just been made Erdoğan's chief adviser. No, this is not a joke.


Well, the man is probably ... astonishly overqualified ... for being a chief advisor.

And looked at it based on itself: His views are quite handy, since you cannot prove telekinesis (and you likely don't want to). Prove costs so much time, if accusation suffices you're much more ... efficient. It's one thing to kill an opponent, that's simple murder. But if you kill by execution and thus stop a dire telekinesis attack ... you ... brilliantly ... save Turkey.

Fortunately for the US, that is the level of insanity Trump still has hot reached.

Account Deleted

Point well taken Eric, thanks. I fear though that the divisions we now see in America more closely resemble the situation before that later dispute between those brave colonialists. For all our sakes I hope the Borg see sense and just let DT do his job, before the parallels get any closer.

Nancy K

Pinochet lost in the end.

Nancy K

I am a left leaning Democratic who voted for Hillary but preferred Sanders but thought he was unelectable. I quite accept that Trump won for various reasons. Trump is his own worst enemy. If he could just manage to keep his mouth shut and his Twitter fingers silent.

Nancy K

We have the best justice system money can buy.



I somehow doubt a version of the pink hat march is going to take place.

English outsider

Colonel - the discussions on your site about constitutional mechanisms made me think about the people who actually operate them - the politicians with their Praetorian Guard of opinion formers and journalists.

I mean thinking about them, the politicians, not just for what they represent but for what they are as people. There are some decent sorts among them, let's not exaggerate, but I've come to the conclusion that as a whole I don't like them very much.

One of our politicians not so long back described a rival politician as a "Creature of the Night", a phrase all the more sinister because no one could work out precisely what it meant. But that's what they all are, in truth. Creatures of the Night. As far as the most of us are concerned they operate in the darkness. None of us really know what they do there.

Sometimes they emerge from the shadows and talk to us. I think that's a bit scary for them, peeping out at us from under. They have to hold fast to the teleprompter, and anxiously debate beforehand with the PR men and the strategists what they're going to read from it. They have style gurus and coaches to prepare them for the outing. If it's an important outing they'll spend hours, days sometimes, practising for that brief spell in the open. Then they scuttle back under their stones and we try to work out what they meant by it all, secure only in the knowledge that whatever they meant by it it's not what we're going to get.

No, I don't like them very much. People acting like puppets or puppets pretending to be people, either way, it's not what we're used to in real life.

Then, into this anxiously staged mannequin show breezes - the Donald. Power tie and all, spraying gaffes around on full automatic, hell, even his own family stand around wondering where he's going to put his foot in it next. But we all know he's going to put his foot in it somehow, and once again we'll flinch but once again we'll think, here's somebody normal - well, normal for the Country Club set that's his natural habitat, one assumes - and above all we'll think, here's someone real. All over the place and sometimes a disaster but life as we know it, at last.

They'll get him, the Creatures of the Night. Course they will. This isn't a Rambo extravaganza and no one, not even the Donald, is going to walk into the middle of that circular firing squad that is the political and administrative apparatus of an Empire in self-destruct mode, not to come out in one piece.

And it's personal for the Creatures too, as personal as it gets. If you're lording it on the top deck of the Titanic you don't take kindly to some rough-assed parvenu noticing that the people down below are drowning. No more of this populist ranting, they're saying. Your'e not helping, Donald, you're really not so we're going to have to cut you up into little pieces and throw you out the porthole.

Which they're busy doing. They and the Praetorian Guard. Not a pretty spectacle, and laid out for us day after day on our TV channels, our main stream websites and, for those still reading them, our newspapers. An entire intelligentsia at work. All those wicked little knives flensing away. Can't bear to look.

Self-destruct mode indeed. If only they'd pause in their work for a minute and consider what they're doing. Trump, warts and all and not afraid to let us see him in the daylight, is their last hope. Paint him as black as you like and as long as you like but you'll never get the most of us to see him as another Creature of the Night himself. He is the last chance to do the urgently needed patching up. Take him as he is and be grateful. He's not some fascist monster trampling down what's left of the City on a Hill. That monster is what comes next, if Trump fails.


Yep, you and Tyler are the only one's with guns.

Eric Newhill

English Outsider,


Mike Whitney wrote the best rant on this topic:
It has been eight months since the inception of this unprecedentedly-pathetic and infinitely-irritating propaganda campaign, and in those eight months neither the media nor the politicos nor the Intel agents who claim to be certain that Russia meddled in US elections, have produced anything that even remotely resembles evidence. Instead, they have trotted out the same lie over and over again ad nauseam from every newspaper, every tabloid and every televised news program in the country. Over and over and over again. The media’s persistence is nearly as impressive as its cynicism, which is the one quality that they seem to have mastered. The coverage has been relentless, ubiquitous, pernicious and mendacious. The only problem is that there’s not a grain of truth to any of it. It is all 100 percent, unalloyed baloney.
. . .
But why has Russia been chosen as the target in this deep state-media scam? What has Russia done to deserve all the negative press and unsupported claims of criminal meddling?

That’s easy. Just look at a map. For the last 16 years, the US has been rampaging across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Washington intends to control critical oil and natural gas reserves in the ME, establish military bases across Central Asia, and remain the dominant player in an area of that is set to become the most populous and prosperous region of the world. It’s the Great Game all over again, only this time-around, Uncle Sam is in the drivers seat not the Queen of England.

But one country has upset that plan, blocked that plan, derailed that plan.


Russia has stopped Washington’s murderous marauding and genocidal depredations in Ukraine and Syria, which is why the US foreign policy establishment is so pissed-off. US elites aren’t used to obstacles.

Sam Peralta


"They did conduct a highly sophisticated, multi-faceted IO with disinformation...."

What was the disinformation and the "finely crafted campaigns"? It seems the MSM hysteria is all about the disclosure of the Clinton campaign emails by Assange.


I second that!


Some fun maps to go with your on-point observations...

Proof that Russia and Iran Want War: Look How Close They Put Their Countries To Our Military Bases! http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/proof-russia-iran-want-war-look-close-put-countries-military-bases.html


You might think the Khan Shaykhoun chemical weapon (CW) incident was an obvious false flag but can you prove it on balance of probability let alone beyond reasonable doubt? I doubt it, so if Trump had claimed it was a false flag and that he wasn't going to do anything, large parts of the Washington Borg on both sides of the aisle would have been screaming for his impeachment. So, to my mind, he needed to do something and what he did was the best for a bad job that could be seen to involve sending a number of messages.
1. By warning the Russians, it was saying we don't hold you responsible but get out of the way just in case because we don't want a quarrel with you.
2. By using $100 million to destroy about $2 million of Syrian kit which was mostly scrap metal, he was reminding Assad that he can't afford to mess with the U.S. I'm pretty certain that Assad clearly understands that already.
3. By destroying about $2 million of Syrian scrap metal and not even shutting down the airfield, he's telling the rebels/terrorists that he's not going to fight their battles for them.
There may be others but I haven't worked them out yet.
He also moved the discussion in Washington on from "what are we going to do to Assad?", to "did the president have the right to do that" which might take a number of years to answer if ever.
If Trump has any sense and Tillerson seems to have quite a lot, there will be a discrete inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in Syria with the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA, whoever eventually announcing that there is no evidence of SAA use and some of AQ/ISIS use if that is the case so that by the time of the next CW incident public perception is more favourable to Trump saying "it's a false-flag like all the previous events and I'm not going to get the U.S. involved".


The Russian Information Activities Operation during our recent political process has been judged to be much more extensive than prior years by our Intelligence groups as recently stated to congress by the head of NSA. As such I recently read the Russian Handbook on Information Warfare (cited below) which is an eye opener. This Russian Op is in reality an Act of War. Our investigating entities need to quickly separate out American participation, Trump and his campaign and get on with understanding how this occurred, it's effects and what our retaliation will be.
The Op worked as just look at the MSM and Democrats constant dissension.

different clue


I too was a Sanderbacker. I wound up voting for Trump as the lesser evil in November. Just enough other people in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania did the same thing to just barely tip those states against Clinton. Many of those Trump voters in these key states were two-time-Obama voters before that. The Clinton group avoids facing that fact in order to avoid making a real analysis of who/what defeated Clinton.

Clinton lost me for good when she said that "when" elected, she would put her husband in charge of the economic recovery plan. That right there proved her continuing support for Trade Treason Agreements. That right there turned me against Clinton.

All that said, if the Rs had nominated one of their main stream political pros, like Pence or Bush or Rubio or Cruz or whatever; I would have voted for Clinton. Trump getting nominated set me free to vote for not-Clinton. Clinton re-stating her firm support for the GAJ and the CLEJ made up my mind to vote FOR Trump as the best way of voting aGAINST Clinton.

(By the way, Pence is part of the biparty Depublicratican establishment. If the Dems and others can get Trump out of office, they will do it in such a way as to KEEP Pence IN office--as President-- deliberately and on purpose. The pink kitty cap community will be disappointed at that).



I agree with you that if Trump fails or becomes just another swamp rat, then increasingly over time what comes next will be a demagogue selling revolution while harboring a more authoritarian agenda. Of course it could be from either the left or right.

Trump's unexpected electoral victory was a shot across the bow from the Deplorables.

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