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11 May 2017


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Yes, there is a confusion frequent to comments here between liberals and the left.

Liberals crushed the left in the UK in the 1840s with the repeal of Speenhamland, which law was a leftist own goal, and crushed the left again in the US with the red scares in the 50s.

While the Russian Revolution kept progressive liberals aligned with some elements of the left between 1917 and 1989, post 89 and even more post 9/11, recidivist liberals, now frequently called NeoLiberals aligned more and more with the marketing department of the MIC, better known as the NeoCons, to create global corporate markets without tax obligations to to fund the military that protects them, good business for the MIC, even better for the Neolibs. Thus hatching, to my understanding, what is here abouts referred to as the Borg: the R2P, sell more arms liberals wedded to the old school MIC now funded with QE funny money by a NeoLib Fed.

The "left" figures in none of this and actually has more in common with soldierly comradery than with the "identity politics" the DNC uses as a sort of bug light for leftist causes.

Ishmael Zechariah

Beautifully written. Let us see what the partisans of the "Creatures of the Night" will say.
Ishmael Zechariah

Ishmael Zechariah

You are not holding the bar very high, are you?
The insanity we have descended into in Turkey will be resolved by the cold, dead, hand of economics. The ruling kleptocrats do need telekinesis to fund their "miracle" economy, or they need a way to divert the attention of the pious population they fleeced from the slow-motion train-wreck. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) islamist politics will be revealed for what they truly are.

As far as the USA not being at this level of insanity-I am not so sure. The US Borg seems truly insane to me. IMO, if these people stick to their current trajectory, the USof A might course-correct with a violence from which all their trillions in wealth cannot save them.

Ishmael Zechariah



I think many on here have an institutional blindness on how bad things are, and how badly they can get.



More like who let Cassandra out of her temple.



Us and the other 100 million Americans who want to give you a helicopter ride are the ones who know the sights of the gun go on top.

Good luck hoping your minority pets protect you from the blood hurricane you unleash.



Communism lost in the end, so actually he won.


I dunno, Tyler. We see it, I think. We are hoping its just a nightmare, coming here, and praying.


Barbara Ann -

Most of the perceived divisions are artificial, part of a ruling strategy, hyped by media, that drowns out deeper analysis and undermines unity.

Once was a time when those governing hoped to lead by inspiring a sense of common purpose. Last time that happened here, I think, was 9/11. And then what ends that common outrage was turned to - not some great vision, but fear was (and is) fanned relentlessly, as the nation was turned to war and the wholesale stripping of our constitutional rights. The difference perhaps between leaders and rulers?

English outsider

Yes. Three sentences and you've summed up the entire situation. But to be honest, I think some here were expecting more from the Trump movement than a warning.

The inability of the American political establishment to accommodate that movement, together with the equally summary refusal to accommodate the Sanders movement, is more significant by far than the flaws and errors of this or that political leader. All political leaders have flaws and make mistakes but that does not warrant a flat rejection of the forces they represent.

I agree with you that if that rejection is successful, if the Trump movement fails or is neutralised, worse follows. "If voting changed anything they wouldn't let you do it" is not the most inspiring motto for a democracy.

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