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11 May 2017


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I think your odds on #1 are way off... even if he calls it another medical deferment.
'Course, he could finish up like Wilson's last year, w/ the family's blanket of protection keeping him quiet...
{which would confirm he's left the building.}
My odds at this point are more like 25-33%.
It'll be fun, like a reality TV show about how to make a failed state!


I think you mis-underestimate Trump. Though the job may be inherently boring to him, the challenge of defeating an aroused opposition will invigorate him and give him purpose.

David E. Solomon

And I appreciate it very much.

Just one of the reasons I enjoy your site so very much.

I think we soured on Public Television when they stopped having you as a guest.

That was the beginning of the end for us.




I don't see how this eliminates Pence as well. More likely, he will take over if Trump goes. That would remove the largest impediment to the implementation of the most radical elements in the Republican agenda, including, along with Dem accomplices, more warmongering against Russia, Iran, etc. and everything the MIC has dreamed of supplying to carry out the mission. It will then be obvious that the ISIS/AQ drama is a sideshow to the Saudi/Israeli anti-Iran/anti-Hezbollah agenda. If Syria can be cut up in the process, all the better. This idea has been kicking around since the mandates following WWI.

What our folks don't truly appreciate about the Russian strategy is that the sooner Syria no longer needs foreign militias and their Iranian backers, the quicker they can lean upon the Syrians to say "Thank yo for your services" to the Iranian forces trying to borrow in permanently. What we don't seem to grasp is that the Russians are allergic to ALL kinds of politicized religion. They want to see Syria maintain as much of its "secular" structure and outlook, not recast it as either Sunni or Shia. How much of that goal can be realistically achieved is another matter and they may need to settle for something much less ideal.


Which part of that is unproven?


It is obvious that Trump cannot deal well with the job

Today people may think that, but by the end of the year I suggest you will be proven wrong.

You may not like what he is doing, but I submit you will acknowledge that he is competent.

Could be all wet, but that is my two cents worth on that topic.

In response to the 'Democratic' agenda, the NRA has posted the following video:

Freedom's Safest Place | S2 E2: "The Violence Of Lies" https://youtu.be/XtGOQFf9VCE via @YouTube

Not a big fan of Dana Loesch, but is there not a significant modicum of truth in what she is saying about how events are unfolding?

Some people may have heard of Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics. He is not without controversy due to a run-in he had with the law around the turn of the century. In certain circles he is known simply as the Forecaster.

His computer models are predicting that if the effort to overturn the election results continues, coupled with the deliberate agenda of undermining the Trump administration, we will likely see increased levels of violence that could easily spill over into a civil war.

While Mr. Obama is now off giving speeches, as he periodically stirs the pot, Valerie Jarrett is reported to be living with the Obama's in their Washington, D.C. residence. The claim is that her role is to establish a shadow government, designed to thwart the Trump administration.

With respect to the blame Russia canard, as WikiLeaks, (which according to the CIA Director is a hostile foreign non-state intelligence agency) pointed out in a tweet earlier today:

New book by 'Shattered' by Clinton insiders reveals that "blame Russia" plan was hatched "within twenty-four hours" of election loss.

The tweet includes an image of the relevant text.

According to the intelligence communities analysis:

- the Kremlin was behind the cyber attacks which led to the publication of the US election documents by DC leaks, Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks; and,

- the Kremlin is propagating deliberate disinformation through Sputnik and Russia Today, with the purpose of undermining faith in domestic institutions.

Can we not say that those pushing forward with the Democratic agenda, relying in part on the blame Russia canard, are doing two things:

- pushing the neo-liberal / neo-conservative agenda (which is purportedly an anathema to democratic socialists), and,

- serving the alleged purpose of the Kremlin, which is to tear the country apart?

Did Russia interfere in the 2016 Presidential election? What is the purpose of the counter-intelligence operation that the FBI has been conducting since June of last year, in concert with a number of other agencies?

Presumably the objective is to ascertain what interference in fact took place, how exactly it was carried out, and whether or not any laws were broken.

In turn, if laws were broken, to then turn the matter (s) over to the Justice Department for review, including establishing a grand jury to aid in the criminal investigation; and ultimately, conduct any arising criminal prosecutions once charges are filed.

Another issue that needs to be resolved is did the counter-intelligence operation being led by the FBI morph into, or was abused such that it became in part a political operation to help the Clinton campaign before the election and afterwards undermine the incoming Trump administration?

In turn, if that counter-intelligence operation did in fact go off the rails, as people believe, were any laws broken? While laws may or may not have been broken, the responsible individuals need to be held to account.

Lastly, what steps need to be taken to ensure the extensive powers given to the FBI, CIA and NSA to conduct such operations are not abused in the future.

One suggestion is that the entire counter-intelligence operation now falling within the purview of the FBI be moved into a separate agency.



The GOP is in a race to pass their agenda before throwing Trump overboard. I think it's more likely that the GOP will impeach him because they feel they can survive with the more conventional Pence.

The Democratic "plan" is nothing more than a fever dreams of a few lefties. Chance of Trump being impeached? 50-50. Pence? Near zero.

Bill H

Or, as I tell my very small but loyal band of readers regarding Paul Krugman, "I read him so that you don't have to." Your efforts are appreciated by a great many more people than mine are.


"Not dealing well with the job"...."I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

When does "not dealing well" become injurious to the oath of office? When do "we the people" decide he has not fulfilled his oath?

What red lines are there to be crossed?

I honestly do not know...

Bill Herschel

Everything about the Trump Presidency, everything, has shown that he is irrelevant. What is at stake is the midterm election in 2018. It is more about tarring House candidates with Trump than tarring and feathering Trump who seems to be a very useful idiot.

What is a pity is that he seems to be moving away from the Saudi line in the ME which is definitely not irrelevant, but whose ultimate value is not yet clear. And meeting with Lavrov was an astonishing display of courage. Is there anyone else even vaguely interested in the Presidency who would be doing this? And he is arming the Kurds.

He'll be President through 2020, unless the Democrats win both houses of Congress in 2018, in which case all bets are off. Call it a reverse Obama.


This we very much appreciate, sir, and pray that our fortunes allow is to tangibly show out appreciation without delay!

Thanks very much for your valuable service!

Gordon Wilson

Well Colonel, I have endeavored to stay as far away from the bickering that American politics has become, but I should point out that it is in the Democrats best interest to keep the status quo. Pence, Ryan or Tillerson would hardly be an improvement for them, and the current situation is most easily exploited for electoral gains.

As per your previous post on dissolution, I am reminded of Russian KGB Professor Panarin's prediction, http://the-american-catholic.com/2008/12/29/russian-professor-predicts-breakup-of-us-in-2010/ amongst others in that nation, on the dissolution of the United States. Whether that is wishful thinking or willful intent, I suppose we shall have to wait on history to decide, but it should not be overlooked, IMO.

Just as I would caution one and all not to not put USB thumb drives you find in the parking lot into your own computer, I would caution one and all not to play with ferro sticks you find on the internet in your own barn as well.


I would not dismiss the 25th Amendment scenario as readily as you might be doing Col. If there are GOP "weaklings" in Senate, and I believe you are dead on about that, I think the same phenomenon exists in the Cabinet. I think a deal could be cut to let President Trump go. AND PENCE STAY. I don't consider it likely, but I consider it more probable than you might.

Either removal or impeachment and conviction, if either one comes, there will be hell to pay in the US.

Peter Reichard

Trump is vulnerable due to: 1) Trump inc. is one gigantic conflict of interest with many dubious dealings that he failed to divest from. 2) His arrogant and clueless mentality as evidenced by the Comey firing. 3) The Dems desperately want a payback for the relentless Republican attacks against Bill Clinton. 4) He is opposed by the Borg/Deep State for being insufficiently anti-Russia 5) Above all because he lacks the full support of his own party members many of whom would prefer a President Pence. The man skates on thinner ice than he knows.


But does he have the capacity to rise to the job? There have been moments when he's shown that he might. His response to Khan Shaykhoun for one.


Linda Esk, I somewhat agree with Pat.

Only on the surface it is about Trump. Beneath that surface it is about a new Cold War with Russia. Preventing any type of cooperation between Russia and the US.

Random pick, from the Independent UK, May 3, 2017:

Russia is the biggest threat to humanity on earth? Seriously? ...

FBI Director James Comey says that Russia is the "greatest threat of any nation on Earth, given their intent and capability."

Mr Comey made the comments during a Senate hearing in which he discussed the ongoing investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 US election. The top FBI official told senators that Russians have been meddling in American politics and that they have continued to do so recently.

"One of the biggest lessons learned is that Russia will do this again. Because of 2016 election, they know it worked," Mr Comey said of the threat that Russia might try to influence future elections.



I'm not sure if this post was sent




All of it. pl



" ...don't see how this eliminates Pence as well." IMO they will try to say that they were both elected as a result of conspiracy with the Russian government. pl

Dante Alighieri

This would be a very poor game plan because it grossly overestimates the political effectiveness of denigration campaigns. Smearing a president or prime minister is what oppositions routinely do in democracies, and the record of this strategy isn’t at all encouraging, in fact it’s much more often counterproductive. You don’t win houses on it.

Besides, the removal of president Trump (who - both for his foreign policy and his gaffes - is possibly more useful to the Borg than is generally assumed) may not be a Democratic priority at all but just a populist rallying cry. Perhaps the Borg are not be so naive? The sensible game plan would be to keep Trump in office while constantly waving the whip of probes, and then exploit his blunders, which are as certain to arrive as the sun in the morning (see, for example, his monumentally idiotic admission to Lester Holt that Comey's firing was all about Trump's loathing of the Russia probe and nothing to do with the officially purported reasons). I don’t know of any opposition in the democratic world who has such a useful enemy. Any opposition to the Borg agenda in the USA that relies on, or defends, this president will just defeat itself.

Seamus Padraig

Sorry, that's precisely when Trump lost me. That whole Khan Shaykhoun thing was an obvious false-flag, and by failing to challenge the MSM narrative, Trump is setting the stage for a potentially dangerous escalation in Syria.

Seamus Padraig

I'm leaning towards your position, because that seems to be what has actually been happening up til now. So far, they've managed to get Trump to do a U-ee on both Russia and Syria ... so why not just keep the game going?


SR Wood

The FBI, like USMC have a wonderful PR effort that has extended over many decades. In fact the FBI is a subordinate organization of DoJ and DoJ is not IN ANY WAY independent of the president's authority. I used to testify as an expert witness in national security cases an have often watched the FBI and DoJ lawyers "collude" to imprison defendants because the presidential administration of the day wanted them imprisoned or the CIA wanted them imprisoned. pl


Seamus Padraig et al

What some of you are missing is that the hard left wants to stop ALL of Trump's agenda (internal and external) and resume control of the government so as to drive the "revolution" toward a utopian future. Turning him around on this little issue or that little issue is just not good enough. pl



They aren't missing the point - they're being intentionally disingenuous.

There's a reason why Pinochet resorted to helicopter rides.

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