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11 May 2017


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colonel yes this game is exactly as you describe, illegitimacy as a traitor to make it easy for the weak link in the Congress.
IMO, some republicans are already on board with this plan. We shall see if "the media" can change the majority opinion. They might, especially since Trump is not helping himself.

Linda Esk

Missing in this analysis is that Trump is certifiably unserious, uninterested in the job and has no plan. What we have is endless bluster and one self inflicted crisis after another.

This is all about Trump. That's what those invested in his Presidency are missing. This President will be all too familiar to those from developing countries. The crass incompetence and endless lying on even easy verifiable things


Col. Lang,
I will rise to the bait. Your "Modest Proposal" suggests that it is possible when pigs, elephants and donkeys fly.


Colonel, BTW, in sight of what you just posted, why should DT put a proven biased enemy, democrat as the head of FBI and make it easier for his enemies. Yes he may want to keep his enemies close to sight, but not to give them a legal axe.

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang,

One of the best things one can do for peace of mind is to ditch the television set. My wife and I did so several years ago. We keep up with the news by reading a number of different news sources on the web.

If nothing else this method is so much quieter.

I wonder how many people have realized how good Donald Trump is for television news. I expect the TV execs. really love him.




He's doing it to himself.


David E. Soloman

I am sacrificing myself for you. pl



That is true. pl


He's not being painted as an "agent of influence, corrupt businessman, misogynist, crypto-racist reactionary" he is just that.


Then I don't get it, what would you have done, ignore him for four years?



That is completely unproven. I thought you were were doing better. pl



You prefer the dissolution of the Union? pl


left esk

You are making yourself sound like a left troll. It is obvious that Trump cannot deal well with the job, but if you want to depose him you will face the consequences. pl

SR Wood

Reading the posts you believe that Trump has nothing to fear from a good look at his supposed Russian connections. Well that may be, but lets have a good independent look and let the cards fall where they may. Keep the FBI independent.

Linda Esk

Not trolling. It's obvious he doesn't want the job. He is self sabotaging his Presidency. I believe he will walk away to get his old life back.


Does the following tongue in cheek tweet not sum up the current situation:

After much consideration, the President will appoint a special prosecutor to determine why Democrats are bad at accepting election results


Well, if Trump is found to have been in cahoots with Russia during the election, then he SHOULD be impeached. So, I think the likelihood of the Borg achieving this dream outcome depends entirely on Trump's alleged, inappropriate, contact with Russia prior to the election. If no such finding of fact, then no dream Borgist outcome. Personally, I think it is more likely that Trump has clean hands in this affair, and the American public will just have to sit through two years of macabre political theater before we get our answer. The Borg will be left pounding sand until their next heroine, Elizabeth Warren, rounds the bend on her warpath.


This is going to end poorly and many of you will be lucky to survive it.



Just what do the borg think the deplorables are going to do when they succeed in removing the president on trumped up charges?



What you describe is conceivable, and Trump is not helping his own case much. But if the Democrats do try to pull it off (and I think they are deranged enough to try), it will trigger madness like we have not seen since the Civil War. Can't people see beyond their own partisanship any more?


Col, The Borgist elites are running the Democratic Party, but they have only a simple majority. The primary and recent DNC chair votes are good indicators. Sanders got 46% of the primary votes and Ellison a similar proportion of the DNC chair votes. That is a lot easier balance to change than is Congress.

Reporting of 2016 votes in US counties was illuminating. There are roughly 3,000 counties. About 2,000 of them were decided by majorities of 50% or more, profoundly lopsided. Fewer than 50 were decided by majorities of 5% or less. The other roughly 1,000 were between 5% and 50%. Many of those, like mine, were in the 20%-40% range.

Almost none of the 50% plus spreads will change parties. Very rarely will one in the 5% through 50% bunch change, most often when there is an open seat. Those few with less than 5% spread may actually be in play, some of them voted Dem and often several counties are aggregated into a Congressional district. The numbers argue that even if the usual mid term losses are exaggerated through anti-Trump hysteria, the odds of the House changing hands in '18 are low.

In the Senate the numbers are reversed from '16. In '18 the Dems are defending 25 seats and the Repubs 9. Last year when the Repubs were defending 24 seats the Dems picked up 2. If anything the numbers argue for the Repubs picking up seats next year, not losing their majority.

The country can only hope that HRC and the mookies are running the "resistance". They ran perhaps the worst campaign in US history last year. How bad you ask? So bad that they lost to a novice politician whose previous career was as a real estate magnate and tv star. They have however done a good job fomenting hysteria and tantrums in the true believers.

The independent prosecutor hysteria is certainly building. If memory serves, the independent prosecutor law has expired so it will take more than a snap of the fingers to gin one up. With Watergate there was an actual crime, burglars caught red handed. Cox was fired because he was tying them back to the White House. At this point we've got no public evidence THE RUSSIANS DID IT, or indications that a crime was committed by anyone affiliated with Trump. Flynn looks like he will get strung up for taking money from the Turks without registering as a foreign agent.

All that said, it sure seems scarily possible that the scenario you have laid out will come to pass.


I think the American people would punish Congress for this action. (The Snowflakes may cheer, but they don’t vote.) They want Congress focused on fixing their problems. Like "now.”


There are a handful of politicians that keep talking that non-sense with Schumacher possibly being the biggest tool. The MSM focuses on those yahoos but it seems to be a real stretch to suggest even the majority of the Democratic party is rowing in that direction.

If Trump is removed from office it will be the Republicans that do it and if they do it, it will be because polling shows they are about to take a bath in the mid terms. As long as their numbers look strong enough Trump can stay where he is, whether he is a savant or a nut bar.


I'm appalled at the ham handed firing of Comey. The chaotic, contradictory reasons floated subsequently was just incompetent. And firing someone in the manner Comey was fired is highly unprofessional and likely to grate at many. Especially career employees. This will motivate any investigation into DJT associates instead of putting a damper on it. If Trump keeps shooting himself in the foot the Democrats actually have a chance of bringing along enough Republicans to remove him.


Trump is a deal maker and salesman, NOT a manager.
Can't think beyond the next sale.
And he's not helped by the dumbest guys in the room around him, that he hired, BTW (not a manager).
The Republicans - yes they are the STOOPID party and equally spineless.
They had SEVEN years to come up with an answer to Obamacare - nothing, nada, zip.
All about reelection - personal enrichment, limos,interns and substances.

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