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10 May 2017


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Stephanie, incorrectamundo. Rosenstein’s final paragraph in his letter to Jeff Sessions reads:

Although the President has the power to remove an FBI director, the decision should not be taken lightly. I agree with the nearly unanimous opinions of former Department officials. The way the Director handled the conclusion of the email investigation was wrong. As a result, the FBI is unlikely to regain public and congressional trust until it has a Director who understands the gravity of the mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. Having refused to admit his errors, the Director cannot be expected to implement the necessary corrective actions.

Read the entire letter here:

Eric Newhill

Perhaps a compromise. Appoint a loyal conservative as Dir. FBI, but appoint Yates as a special independent investigator for only the Russian connection thing?


Most of Trump's cabinet are corporate globalists, and these include many Wall Street multi-millionaires.

Does this allow us to suspect that Trump knows who butters his bread?

Trumpcare was designed to do the opposite of his promise of providing better coverage for his base. Trump signed a budget with little committed toward the wall. Point is: MAGA nationalism is no longer on the main track.

Meanwhile, 5,000 more troops for the graveyard of empires, and, aid for the Kurds. . . http://www.latimes.com/politics/washington/la-na-essential-washington-updates-trump-approves-pentagon-plan-to-arm-1494355283-htmlstory.html



Nice to see you post. Missed your take on things. Fascinating seeing the Dems twist themselves in pretzels. They couldn't wait to get Comey's scalp and now that happens he is the martyr.

Account Deleted

Re "If he knows that it is all a big nothingburger, then why isn't he arguing those facts?"

Countering the unrelenting anti-Trump propaganda machine is a Sisyphean task. Recognizing this fact, Bannon counter insurgency doctrine seems to counsel ignoring it as far as possible, so as to focus on swamp-draining activities & pushing the alt facts. The result so far is a feedback loop of every increasing hysteria on one side and ever more contrarian political behaviour on the other.

This is an administration that came in with the 'United 93 Election' mindset and a bunker mentality from the get go. Likewise HRC camp *knows* they won really and are out for blood at all costs. The phrase 'partisan politics' hardly does this situation justice.

Keith Harbaugh

Re Colonel Lang's comment that

I [Pat Lang} think this was a very foolish thing to do
while the FBI is in the midst of several investigations
that involve President Trump's equities.
FWIW I agree totally.

I just watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders 2017-05-10 (day after the Comey firing) 30 minute press conference:
Watching her struggle with answering all those questions
about the facts, and motivations and thoughts of President Trump,
made it abundantly clear that
President Trump needs to man up
and hold a press conference himself

to answer the questions that people quite legitimately have
about why he took the profound act of firing
a person responsible for investigating him.
Can't Trump see the problem here?
As I said, he needs to man up and face all those beastly media types.
I've certainly done my share of criticizing the media,
but in this case they really do have the right and I believe the duty
to put Trump himself on the hot seat,
and see how he responds.
Anything less will only let doubts from all sides,
even those who agree with him on many issues,

BTW, Politico has a nice story on the background for the decision:
Behind Comey’s firing:
An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia

The president deliberated for more than a week
before ousting the FBI chief
who was investigating Trump associates.
By Josh Dawsey : 05/10/17 12:02 AM EDT, Updated 05/10/17 01:06 PM EDT



Real life has been off the chain recently and SST has become difficult to navigate on my phone, to say nothing of posting.


Patrick Fitzgerald


Just not seeing the need to urgently fire the guy in the middle of an investigation. I think that is almost w/o precedent. If they had presented new evidence of some misdeed, then fire him. Otherwise let him finish leading the investigation. Once Trump hired Flynn, against advice, and then had to fire him, Trump had to accept that there would be a more general investigation. Would the Democrats have carried this out and asked for 8 separate investigations like the Republicans did with Benghazi? Maybe, but you fire Comey after the FBI investigation is done. When the Democrats decide to have another agency investigate just like the GOP kept finding new entities to investigate Comey wouldn't have a role anyway.


Ingolf Eide

I can see a kind of logic to appointing someone who is clearly not a Trump partisan. However, mightn't it be more useful to appoint someone who is not a partisan at all? If independent, professional, well respected individuals were appointed to critical positions like the Director of the FBI then maybe a slow background healing of the current partisan bloodshed could at least begin. The politics of these and other matters should be handled by Trump himself and those within the administration to whom he delegates authority.

Ron Rosenstein (the new Deputy Attorney General) may be a good example of the right kind of appointment. He seems respected across the political divide and on my reading his letter to the Attorney General regarding Comey (also raised by Valissa earlier) was calm, prudent and well argued. The points he made about Comey's behaviour surrounding the Clinton emails and the ways in which that damaged both the FBI and the DOJ seem both reasonable and important.

As for the politics, maybe the songsheet from which the administration should be singing is that they're trying to get on with what they were elected to do in the face of what looks very much like hysteria on the part of their opponents and much of the media. You can't reason with hysteria since evidence (or lack of it) don't count until it wears itself out. So, while waiting for the fever to eventually break they'll press on with the important things as best they can in this mad atmosphere. Like, whereever necessary replacing partisans or incompetents with low-key, experienced, nonpolitical and useful people who can start to rebuild a properly functioning America. Like trying to damp down discord internationally and cooperate wherever possible to fight terrorism and other ills. Like etc etc . . .

The Russiagate allegations and investigations might best be dealt with by taking a standard, simple line. Repeat as needed "there's no there there as should be apparent so much intensive, fruitless investigation" and then go on to say "however, if you're so set on pursuing this obsession we can't stop you so carry on, do your worst, get it out of your system." (Always presuming there really isn't any there there of course.)

Phil Cattar

turcopolier.In all due respect .I think the Vegas odds of Trump picking Yates would be 500 to 1 against................She is a born and bred Alantan of privilege....I watched the hearing...........Ive lived in Atlanta around these "types"..IMHO she lives in her own self reinforcing mind................She would try too hard to be a "star"............We live in an age of celebrity she could not resist the lure of it............Just my opinion...........


it's all a show to this particular head case. he is bringing himself down out of aversion to respect for his country and countrymen. so be it.


He feels better about himself whenever he can treat others like shit.


well, at least overturning Obamacare ain't goin' nowhere.

Phil Cattar

One more point on Sally.She literally" showed her colors" by showing up in a purple dress for the hearing.Read Tyler Durden's piece on Zero Hedge dated 11/12/2016.The Clintons started the "purple movement " of resistance here in the US after Mrs Clinton lost.A mumber of liberal men and women now wear the colors.With the men on TV it is usually a tie.


"Comey shouldn't have been fired in the middle of an investigation"

OF WHAT? Democratic fever dreams? Making excuses why Borg Grandma wasn't elected? Get real, people. There's a pretty good body of evidence that:

-Comey was going to use "da Russians" as a pretext to keep his job, thinking Trump wouldn't fire him if there was a hint of any sort of "investigation"
-The Democrats/MSM (I repeat myself) would have had a stroke no matter what Trump did

Put together this broken pot of a county. You can't. We are in the middle of a cold civil war.


The old mafia boys always claimed they had compromising photos of Hoover, as well as him being on the payroll. Given Hoover had the FBI deny the mafia existed until RFK started his investigations I think we can put a lot of credence in those claims. Comey was getting very Hooveresque with his obvious attempts to have the bogus Russia thing hang indefinitely over Trump's head. The agents wanted to charge Clinton, Comey overrode them. He had to go, and he went as soon as Rosenstein was in place. Bravo.




Walrus, another battle-scarred former businessman, may want to comment. there is a certain type of narcissist predatory business person who just loves being cruel aa Trump was to Comey. pl



Obama was and is just as self centered, but he lacked the personality for directly cruel action. He is more the "fine Florentine hand" type. pl


No doubt the US is not blameless in trying to influence elections elsewhere. The difference here is how it was done and the technology available. As far as I know, the US has not tried to do anything on the scale of what the Russians have done here and recently in France. To me the most important issue is finding out what they did and how they did it so that the next election cannot be compromised.



1- From a lifetime of experience I tell you that tinkering with foreign elections is a major activity of the US government and it has been thus ever since our covert interventions in western European elections just after WW2. Your accusations of Russian escalation are completely unjustified. Which is more effective social media or owning foreign newspapers, TV stations and editors as we have done for many decades. This is the game of nations. 2. There is no evidence that the Russians "compromised" the 2016 election, none whatever. This line of baloney is just left wing hand wringing. pl


Aww.. C'mon, evidence please, no kindergarten repetitive "arguments".



The Democrats failed to defend America from the Russians. We therefore need to put Democrats in charge of finding out how Democrats failed to protect the election of that Democrat who should be in the White House.


How about William Bratton for the top job at the FBI?


The GOP are stupid to try to own it. Obamacare is already imploding on its own as predicted by many. It does not need any assistance from the Republicans to collapse. Obama bekieved that all the pain would only be really evident after he left office, but Obamacare began failing within the first year as insurers experienced massive losses.


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