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01 May 2017


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EA is. Sending several emails to push a talking points like that is insane. I would not have guessed that behavior from reading previous EA posts.

We all have different opinions about politics. I only respect peope who voice them publicly and prepare to defend their point of view in a civil discourse.



Yes, the phenomenon has emerged of people reciting talking points to old friends, relatives, etc. People I have known for forty years and who know I am not vulnerable to this do it anyway. pl


Yes, indeed, this phenomenon of stubborness arise in many places today and is very, very ominous.
It may seem pedantic and far-fetched but from the works of Ross Ashby about complex systems and homeostasis a common way for a complex system to "evolve" beyond unsolvable conundrums is to break the no more functioning parts before some new regulations emerge.
In simpler words "something has to give" but this will be people, relationships and institutions.


Lefty, As I see it, the problems are with his deficiencies...but with his lack of self-awareness and his apparent rejection of any help mitigating the deficiencies. There are books on tape, for heaven's sake!

I think we are in a "can't teach an old dog new tricks" world with this POTUS.


English outsider--I think you laid it out well. We are in dark times.


No...that was not me. The day Trump demeaned the disabled reporter was the day he crossed my Rubicon of "Presidential" possibility. I think that moment has stood the test of time--he ridicules, he hates the press, he personally likes to offend. Not the qualities I would ever choose in a President.

And, yes, we did ALL know---some just couldn't handle the truth.


turcopolier --

He didn't question the decision...he questioned the validity of the judge and the very court he sat on. Of COURSE, I would (probably...?) have questioned Plessy v. Ferguson...but not the right of the Supreme Court to rule.

Trump doesn't support our judicial system unless it rules his way...that is not supportive of the rule of law.


Col. -- Have you read this? http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/a-civilian-controlled-military-if-you-can-keep-it/

I would like to know your take as a man who served so long and well.



it is easy to exaggerate the risk in this. FDR delegated running WW2 to GC Marshall and Ernest King withoiuot significan damage to the republic. IMO the real question is the character of the men involved..Mattis and McMaster seem to have some sort of hyper-testosterone condition and a permanent grudge against Russi which is still thought of by them as the USSR. In re Iran they can't seem to grasp the idea that history moves on and your old enemies need to be made into friends. pl



Leadership and force of personality make a big difference. IMO A. Jackson might well have jaw boned them or bullied them as he had in the 1830s. pl


If you allow me to add a couple of accompanying instruments.


touches my romantic soul. Not sure though, if I would put that under the label of spirituality/metaphysics.

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