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29 May 2017


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Tout ta faix!!

The Twisted Genius


Colonel Lang asked me about the tanks in the 800th battalion. They appear to be the T-72AV models. These are upgraded T-72s with new engines, transmissions. The sighting system is the Viper-32 thermal sight coupled with laser guided AT ammunition fired from the 125mm smoothbore main gun. The Scarab 1 and 2 protection systems have allowed these tanks to withstand attacks from our TOW-2 AT missiles. Not only do the tanks survive such attacks, but they often continue fighting after the TOW attack. They are formidable, modern vehicles. The 800th is a Republican Guards unit and has been referred to as a battalion, regiment and a brigade so I have no idea what size unit it is.


Alongside the Bill Kristol Brigade there should be a multitude of Hillary Clinton Brigades for all her numerous liberal and so-called progressive followers who cheered her on through Libya and Syria and are now virulent anti-Russians so should be quite happy to make a heroic last stand at Al Tanf to defend the jihadists.


TTG, thank you for the usual best

Bill Herschel

It occurs to me that the most grotesque insult being bandied about these days, usually by those who profited most from the reality they are denying, is the comparison of Putin to Hitler. Russia defeated Hitler (and Japan for that matter). Millions of Russians lost their lives defeating Hitler. And now Russia is Nazi Germany. The American people thoroughly deserve the buffoon they have elected President. Ignorance is bliss.


Interesting, but I'd also like to know what Putin told Macron.

Ishmael Zechariah


Do you think the female buffoon they rejected would have been an improvement?

Ishmael Zechariah


The smart way to conquer Al Tanf is not with tanks or armies but a Green March. Send 20 buses filled with school kids and nuns, broadcast it on RT Arab and the Americans will fold.

different clue

Bill Herschel,

The American persons who believe that Russia is Nazi Germany are the American persons who voted for Clinton. The American persons who voted against Clinton one way or another were doing so in order to vote against the concept that Russia is Nazi Germany. The American persons who elected Trump did so in order to defeat the Russia = Nazi Germany concept.

So Trump may be double-crossing those people who voted for him to oppose a Clintonite foreign policy. In that case, why do the American people thoroughly deserve the buffoon we elected? Are you saying that if we had been smarter, we would have elected the Free Trade Traitor WarPig Clinton?


The only salient historical comparison I have to offer is that Trump is for me uncomfortably reminiscent of Wilhelm II after he fired Bismark.

It's not making it easier for me to sleep at night.


Isn't that France sending a cue to AQ to do another chemical attack?


"It doesn't matter if we go to meet death or if death comes to meet us, as long as we are on the right path."


For me that is underlining my interpretation of Putin. He is a tough, thinking man, and pissing at him has a high price. You screw him once, and maybe you get away. The second time you will be made to pay. That's a hard and thinking way to act.

'Bad incidents' or 'bad lucks' are not forgotten. That ought to be clear to Erdogan, or other geniusses of his sort, like the formerly ultra georgian and nowaday ultra ukrainian patriot Shakashvili.

So, some time ago, some nutty jihadiised turk (at least former cop), (with or without MIT support), murdered the Russian ambassador to turkey. Alas. Perhaps that was just bad luck?

And the turks shot down a russian fighter? Alas. Perhaps, also bad luck? With so many competent officers fired for lack of pro AKP applause crap like that may 'happen'. I read that after the firing of turkish officers new turks were sent to Bruxelles. A problem in NATO communication and NATO cooperation came from the fact that many of the super turkish 'new kids' didn't even speak english. Alas.

Well, shit happens. Once or twice. But folks who tend to think will conclude that if odd things and/or bad lucks happen again, it likely was not bad luck but intent. There will be price to pay.

As for what that means, it would help to look at the fate of the virtuous ultra georgian patriot Shaakashvili (who totally spontaneously became an ultra ukrainian patriot when unelected in Georgia).

Shaakashvili had the briliant idea, and US support, when he went after south ossetia (and badly lost that war). In south ossetia the Russians gave him a kick in the butt that he probably still remembers now and handed him his sorry ass by more or less massacring the two infantry divisions or brigades Shakasvili had sent to 'to liberate the neighbour' ('liberate it' to become a part of Georgia? Seriously?) and they destroyed the majority of the georgian artillery sent.

As for prices that are to be paid for stupid ideas like that:

According to Stratfor, Russia "largely destroyed Georgia's war-fighting capability". "Georgia lost its air and naval forces and its air-defence systems". Ouch.

Amusingly, according to Shakashvili, Georgia 'saved 95 percent of its armed forces'. Ah yes. What a success. So that's why Georgia withdrew and everybody but Shaakashvili speaks of a georgian defeat? An embarassing excuse, and it didn't persuade the Georgians: This defeat cost Shaakashvili the re-election, and, oddly, spontaneously he preferred to become a stalwart ukrainian patriot then.



It's interesting that the Russians are harder to screw like, say, Mr. Trump, who, when visiting Saudi Arabia, probably just forgot mentioning 9/11 and where 15 of the murderers came from.


Use by the SAA? Ah, well, I assume thats the price the syrians demand for the US favourite Sport of embargoes, like the one on toilet paper.


the Manchester bomb isis type jerk didn't bother about murdering minors in dozens.

I wonder: Why would Isis 'in land' be any different in such indifference?


A chemical attack in Syria would also greatly help the struggling Borg-Queen Theresa May in her foundering election campaign with the Sandersesque Corbyn.

He successfuly turned attacks on him as being pro-terrorist after Manchester into an attack on Britain's foreign policy whose wars arm and inspire terrorist attacks in The West. But with a full scale chemical attack in Syria and all the associated media hysteria, with only days to go to the election he might not have time to turn it again. But I think large - and electorally significant - parts of the British electorate have simply given up believing anything they see or read in the British MSM.


Trump wouldn't sign off on that and neither would anyone else. Did/does the Pentagon not see that their position in Iraq is precarious what with the Shia dominant there? I was reading Sheuer's comments on his blog on the idiocy of arming the Kurds and the enmity this will generate in the region against the US, McMaster et al just don't seem to think things through.


- DAMASCUS, SYRIA (11:00 P.M.) – With the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advancing rapidly through the Maskanah Plains and reaching the fringes of Raqqa province, Kurdish-led contingents scored a series of important advances in the Tabqa region on Sunday evening, aimed at preventing a government offensive into rural Raqqa.-
Are Kurds stupid enough to try to prevent Tiger Force to attack Deir ez Zor from the north ? Stupid enough to think that they will be able to create a greater Kurdistan, the US Plan "B" in case of plan "A" (create a Sunnistan) failing ?
From Maskanah to Deir ez Zor , it's "open field ".
Do they think they will stop the " Tiger Fantastic Ride" ?
We will see soon.


I did not vote for Clinton (i.e. I cannot speak for her voters), but I don't think you are right.

Americans who are convinced that Russia is the equivalence of Nazi Germany are the Borgs and their followers, regardless of their political persuasion.

I've noticed that people (many posters on this forum) tend to use a put-down label for others who disagree with their viewpoint. I think all that does is lessening the quality of their arguments.

alba etie

Thank you for keeping us up to date on 'best guesses ' regarding final outcomes in Syria . And as a side bar its seems Mukhtar Donald cut a deal with the Saudi Royals and Blackstone huge private equity group) to privatize all of our upcoming CONUS infrastructure repair & replace .. ( sigh) ...

alba etie

Former 11B
and while we are at round up all the Kagan clan and send them too..

The Beaver


Look at what the PMU is doing


FB Ali

b, TTG,

Doesn't the highway pass mostly through Sunni (tribal) areas? These tribes are not too happy with the Iraqi Shia government.

May that have something to do with letting a US company maintain and guard it?



"For me that is underlining my interpretation of Putin. He is a tough, thinking man, and pissing at him has a high price."

But he doesn't let emotion get in the way of making the right decision.

- Eliot

Babak Makkinejad

You must be deranged.

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