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14 May 2017


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I have no clue, but you are still a sad little worm.



Because eastern euros lived under the communist yoke and can easily recognize the dressed up Marxism coming from Brussels.



So many rabbits up here.


Taleb’s book Antifragile is worth the time.


"So, even if the US had agreed to the truce, that would not have stopped the Russian or Syrian Air Forces from carrying out attacks."

The Russians and Syrians would not need to be part of the truce to allow its fulfillment, because, unlike the Imperial Imbeciles for Creative Reality, they understand that in Arabian culture the most hideous thing to do is break the parameters of a truce. Which is why I believe who ever order it knew this and did it on purpose. Another Neo-Con mole abusing authority.

Gene O.

Major cholera outbreak in the Yemen.


As a fellow desert rat dwelling in the lands of searing sun, I would hazard a guess that any suspicious cadre of illegals in the building trades would be found in the roofing aspect(s) of home construction, renovation and/or repair. The poor bastards.


"Don't try this at home... I am a professional Russian"

ROFLMAO... that guy is hilarious!

ex-PFC Chuck

I've just finished reading **The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story Of Espionage, Adventure, And Betrayal,** By Howard Blum. It's a biography of Elizabeth (Betty) Thorpe Pack, the American wife of a minor British diplomat, Arthur Pack. Although born in Minneapolis (the dust jacket breathily refers to her as "the Mata Hari of Minnesota"), she grew up around the USA and the world as her family followed her father, a career officer in the USMC, from post to post.

She was brought to the attention of MI-6 as a potential asset while her husband was posted to Spain in the mid 1930s, during the tumult leading up to that country's civil war. What piqued the agency’s interest was the aplomb and daring with which she pulled off several clandestine affairs, as well as the separate rescues of lovers and from the clutches of Republican incarceration, and her husband and his fellow diplomats from being held incommunicado in a hotel San Sebastian. From then on she was recognized by MI-6 as a “symbolized agent.”

It was because of Betty that Arthur was posted to Poland in late 1937, where she took up with Count Michal Lubienski, a senior diplomat at the Polish Foreign Ministry, while her husband was convalescing back in England from a collapse believed to have been caused by collateral damage from having been severely gassed during The Great War. It was then, after she began obtaining valuable information from pillow talk and documents Lubienski brought home to his apartment, that she formally became a British intelligence asset. And it was through her relationship with the count that, less than two months before World War II began, a meeting was brokered between the Polish and British cryptography teams that provided the latter with information that was critical to the success of its Enigma project. The Poles had obtained manuals for the German machine from which they built a copy.

After a restless interregnum out of the action back in Chile, where Arthur had been posted immediately after their marriage, he was transferred to Washington after the fall of France in order to position Betty to take advantage of her family’s social connections to penetrate the Vichy French embassy. (Her maternal grandfather was a successful Minnesota industrialist and her mother devoted her life to leveraging the resultant wealth into the social prominence.) Once again Arthur was totally oblivious to the real reason for his posting. “Cynthia” was assigned the formidable mission of obtaining the French naval codes, which were also used by the Vichy diplomatic service, in advance of Operation Torch in North Africa. On the last of three harrowing tries she succeeded, and along the way she succeeded in turning the senior French diplomat she had seduced, Charles Brousse.

Shortly after the beginning of the Americans’ North African campaign, during which the allies’ access to the French codes she spearheaded wss credited with saving thousands of lives, the Vichy regime severed diplomatic relations with the United States and their DC legation was packed off to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they were interned until agreement was reached for the repatriation of the American diplomatic mission in France. Betty went with them and was in the process of building a plausible legend prior to being inserted into France with her turned lover. Before the agreement with Vichy was reached, however, her cover was totally blown in an amusingly French way and her clandestine career was over, much to her disappointment.

Blum draws heavily on the notes made by her first biographer, Harford Montgomery Hyde, shortly before her death from cancer in the early 1960s. However he was not allowed to include much of this content in the book that was published soon after these interviews. Fortunately many of the restrictions had been lifted in the subsequent half century, enabling Blum to structure the book around those conversations.

As one can well imagine Betty was quite a psychological piece of work. But when she was in harness on an op, no one could be more in the groove. In his biography of William Stephenson, aka “Intrepid,” the head of British Security Control (i.e. the MI-6 outpost in North America), Hyde quotes his subject as telling him that Betty was “the greatest unsung heroine of the war.”


ex-PFC Chuck

A 21 minute under cover video taken in Idlib, Syria. No sound but commentary in English subtitles. The link was in a Jenan Moussa Tweet. Her comment: "Al Qaeda very much in control."

SAC Brat

"The videos feature Kyle Myers, an American born in Lavonia, Georgia, USA, playing the role of Dmitri Potapoff, a heavily accented Russian from Moscow."


As someone from Alabama now living in Georgia I have kept an eye on local Russians ever since Senator John McCain reported that there are columns of Russian tanks in Georgia.

No word yet if Myers was involved in influencing local Georgia voters in the last presidential elections but suspect he is likely guilty until exonerated.


Col. TTG,

Sir, just for laughs.


I don't know about your experiences in the forces.

But Jane here making strong argument.

SAC Brat

There are several products to help us older folks shoot iron sights in competition. https://www.creedmoorsports.com/ Creedmore has some products but the Euro shops like MEC, Gehmann, Anschutz etc have stuff too to get the best sight picture.

While I compete in Precision Pistol competition (we have our own points adding eyeware) I like to look over the fence at the Service Rifle shooters to see what the have and what they are doing with it. I also am fascinated by the 1000 yard iron sight competitions using Service Rifles like M-16/AR-15, M1A and M1. A few years ago two Army team shooters had clean 1000 yards targets in competition but the iron sight shooter had 1 more X than the scoped rifle shooter.

I always get a giggle at watching local shooters shooting rifles at 25 yards off a bench while thinking of what the Service Rifle and High Power rifle shooters do at 200 yards Slow Fire. Participation ribbons for everyone.


i had a lee enfield .303 with a weaver scope and rubber guard over the steel butt..shot a matchbox at 100 m.used to hunt impala and warthog with it .best rifle i owned.that and my .22 bruno my father gave me for my 13th birthday.



Post things once. Comments are moderated. pl

SAC Brat

At the gun club I belong to a group of rifle shooters like to meet to see who can shoot the smallest groups. A retired good old boy tends to gather his lunch money from the group using an old Remington 788 ($200 rifle) with a Nightforce scope ($2000 optic). The 788 was a sleeper as it was known to have a fast lock time that aided accurate shooting.

I always get a kick out of finding a firearm where all the manufacturing tolerances add up in favor of accuracy. It is very frustrating to test everything and end up with a dud.



The way I heard it, when al Nusra changed its name and assimilated other jihadi groups, the US DID designate HTS by virtue of the Nusra element within it. Then, recently, it was delisted. The reasons suggested by others include the expanded group has lots of US moles, that the CIA secretly provides it with assistance to fight ISIS AND the Assad regime, and to appease our Arab and Turkish "allies" who still back either Nusra secretly or the other jihadi groups that joined HTS. A final, even more ludicrous suggestion is that unlike ISIS, Nusra does not attack the West.

Any idea of just what is going on and why? It seems to run counter to the US-Russian agreement on coordinating some aspects of the Syria fight. Twilight Zone!


Been to St. Maria in Capitol, cp? I love the surprise on the way to the choir space. Musicians, I once discovered, may well love it for its acoustics.

It doesn't quite show here, as equivalence of the spatial experience:




So we have a fake scandal to cover for the must be fake report about a leak at the DNC. Everyone knows the DNC never leaks:




I read something amusing in the newspaper during breakfast this morning.

Apparently whitehouse press secretary Spicer saw some media folks in the whitehouse garden and, assuming they would, again, ask inconvenient questions about Comey. He thus ... cunningly ... escaped from the threat and their persistent questions ... by hiding in a hedge.

Brilliant move, especially when coming from a press secretary ... whose job it is to answer reporters questions.

"Sean Spicer hid behind bushes near the White House as reporters clamoured to question him over James Comey's sacking, it has been reported.

The White House press secretary was much in demand on Tuesday night and, after giving a TV interview on an outside set, retreated to the safety of a nearby hedge, according to the Washington Post.

After several minutes conferring with aides Mr Spicer emerged ready to provide answers, as long as they were not filmed, the Post said."


So, anwers he gave only when not filmed when giving them? Hilarious.

It was so funny I initially didn't believe it, but ... alas ... apparently it's a case of reality as absurdity.


When I post with my android tablet the comment box never works properly .with windows it does.my apologies

r whitman

Your ignorance and bad manners are appreciated by all.

r whitman

Roofing and concrete work


"St. Maria in Capitol"

I know the church, and have been there, but never had my camera with me to take pictures. I will go there in 'near time'.

I'll likely go with my prother, who is an excellent photograph, and a brilliant photo lab magician. Sadly, he now has a cataract (the one of the two that can be operated) and thus he now needs me to set the images sharp both in the lab as when taking them. He has now a hard time of doing that hinself.

When I was 16 we both developed and printed on paper some 10+ films every weekend so a weekly newspaper could print them. That was exhausting, but also teaching. It was impressive to see what excellence my brother could get out of rotten negatives.

For one I now know that reporters often are horrible photographers, and I learned how to fix the screw up shots in the lab. It was a good time. The time has come when I sometimes make better images than my brother does, because, well, I can better see. I have a habit of focusing on details that I like. He is still better at larger scale images.

So, and anway: Good luck and good recovery to him.

Well, getting distracted while I all that said - St. Kunibert has quite practical advantages for me:

* It is on my way,
* I like the church,
* I like the excellent bells it has,
* usually I have some time when I am there, and
* I now have at least always a descent smartphone with me, so taking good pictures (and sharp, good high resolution pictures) is no problem,
* and I always find details on St. Kunibert that I like a lot.

Martin Oline

It was reported this morning (Friday) that Swiss authorities have dropped the investigation of rape charges against Julian Assange. Britain still has charges of jumping bail against him. I would bet that they will find some way to charge him with the hundreds of thousands of pounds they have spent surveilling the Ecuadoran embassy. I would appreciate if the British contributors to this site could keep us posted on the news from there as to the reporting on this developing story.

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